Stuff That Works - Bob's Red Mills Steel Cut Oats are THE BEST.

A while ago, I looked into oatmeal and decided I should be eating steel cut oats because they are the LEAST processed oats in oatmeal. I have always loved cereal in the morning and I knew that it ws time for me to move away from Honey Nut Cheerios to something better for me. So, I snooped around the net and read stuff and tried Flahavan's.
Loved them so much, I wrote about them on this here blog:


I happily consumed Flahavan's for a number of months. Then one day when I went in for a refill, the store was out. A helpful staff member suggested that if I liked Flahavan's, then I would probably like McCann's equally. Hmmm, I actually liked them just a wee, wee bit better. So for the next several months I was a McCann's man.

Well, then I was in the flour aisle on Sunday morning  and I spied the package of Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats.  I decided to give them a try - I REALLY liked the fact that they are "An Employee Owned Company". He started the ESOP plan on his 81st birthday and essential allowed his employees to own the company. The website assures us: "You can rest assured that every Bob's Red Mill employee is committed to sourcing, milling, testing, packaging, labeling and selling the finest products available. After all, it is our business"
One reason I love this is because I own a business in a small town that has a company that has done the same thing. Litehouse Foods in Lowell, MI could have sold out to one of several large corporations that wanted to buy it. Instead, the head man decided to go ESOP with it. WOW! I love that - these guys could have taken a truckload of cash and walked away and their products would probably end up being made in who-knows-where.
I have written about Litehouse many times:
Anyway - here is why I like Bob's Steel Cut Oats the best. Last year I battled with throat cancer (you can read about it on the blog if you want to). As a result, my throat is still very sensitive and it is smaller because of the combo punch of surgery and radiation. ANYWAY - Bob's is the smoothest going down of all the steel cut, cook in 5 minute oatmeals I have tried. Not by a huge margin, but by enough of a margin that it makes a difference to me!
Also - and I have NO CLUE why this could be - but the clean up in my little oatmeal pan is WAY easier with Bob's compared to the other two. It rinses and scrubs out much easier. I just figured since oatmeal is a "stick to your ribs" kind of food, then it would naturally stick to the pan!
I prepare my morning feast with 2/3 cup of water brought to a boil. I pour 1/3 cup oats mixed with some chopped nuts (I mainly use raw almonds or walnuts or a combo) some raisins and a dollop of brown sugar. A couple times a week I pull out all the stops and slice a banana on top of everything else. Yummage to the max.
DISCLAIMER: I have never received anything free from Bob's nor do I or any member of my family, close or distant, work there. All the oatmeal consumed for my reviews have been purchased from my own wallet!


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