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No Beat - No Life: A Sweatshirt For Your Favorite Drummer

Without a beat - Life grinds to a halt.
Get this sweatshirt for your favorite drummer.

No Beat No Life Sweatshirt

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No Beat - No Life: A Shirt For Your Favorite Drummer

Without a beat - Life does not continue!
Get this coolio shirt for your favorite drummer.
No Beat - No Life Shirt

No Beat - No Life: A Mouse Pad For Drummers

Without a beat - life does not work! Get this coolio mouse pad for your favorite drummer.
No Beat - No Life Mouse Pad

No Beat - No Life: A mug for the drummer in your life.

Drink the message.
No Beat No Life Mug

Stuff That Works - A review of guitarist Jon Herington

Julie and I had the pleasure of experiencing the guitar mastery of Jon Herington again this past week-end.  Jon was handing out his brand of six string fun along with the Dukes of September (aka: Boz Scaggs of Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers and his own marque, and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan and himself.)
The Dukes played at the beautiful Kresge Auditorium located at the world famous Interlochen Center for The Arts. If you have never been there, Interlochen is a gem hidden in the woods of Northern Michigan. Some 1,500 acres of campus are nestled in the pines and along a good stretch of a beautiful lake where the entertainment includes the music of loons and the cavorting of ___ ducks - who run across the surface of the water and then dive under the water to snag small fish.
The Kresge is open on three sides and it just 20 yards or so from the water. Life doesn't get much better than high quality music in the Michigan woods.

We were first introduced to the tale…

The Law Of Diminishing Expansion

The Law Of Diminishing Expansion - this law states that just about any product on uses to clean, shave, or deodorize ones person in the average 'Merican bathroom will actually EXPAND once it diminishes to the point where a replacement is purchased.
NOTE: The replacement MUST be purchased for the expansion to occur.

I first began to suspect the Law of Diminishing Expansion (LDE) regarding my toothpaste use. Like a good boy, I would brush daily and when my tube would empty past a certain point, I would buy a replacement. I began to notice that ONCE THE REPLACEMENT WAS SAFELY in the house, my old tube of toothpaste would continue to produce toothpaste for days, weeks, and months.

HOWEVER - should I fail to replace the tube it would run out of product quickly, forcing me to brush my teeth with baking soda or the little green things in the clay that keep the cat litter from stinking up the house.

 Even before the TRUTH about LDE was revealed to me, I noticed the same thing happening …

BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids - A Review: Great Bikes: Poor Service

I have been mulling this over in my head for months and I have finally boiled it down to the essence: BMW Motorcycles has really let me down. By "BMW Motorcycles" I mean BMW of North America and the local dealership in Grand Rapids.

First let me tell you that I have purchased and ridden the heck out of 3 BMWs over the last 10 years. All of them were purchased at the dealership and financed through BMW. In addition to the 3 bikes, I have spent hundreds (thousands) of dollars in the service department, bought numerous pieces of riding gear (jackets, rain suit, pants, boots, several pair of gloves, helmets, etc. etc.) over the years. I should also mention that I wrote 7 articles for publication in the BMW MOA monthly magazine over the years and also promoted the brand in a couple of articles I wrote for RIDER magazine.

I just sold the last one - a 2004 R1150R Edition 80 (one of only 200 shipped to the US) to a guy from the east side of the state. I loved that bike, but I did N…