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Why I Refuse to Join The American Motorcyle Association (AMA)

I have been riding motorcycles on and off for 37 year and have never joined the AMA. At this point I have no plans to ever join the AMA. Why would I want to join an organization that spends a good deal of its time and resources in making the practice of riding a motorcycle more dangerous? Why would I support a group that considers it a job well done when the aftermath of one of their major concerns results in the death of more motorcycle riders?

Spend some time on the AMA site and their rhetoric regarding helmets will remind you of your favorite, or least favorite, politician. They are masters of the double message: "The AMA believes riders should wear all the safety gear all the time" sounds like a pretty strong endorsement for helmet use, doesn't it? Especially when you consider the results of pretty much any study of helmet use demonstrates that they reduce death rates, reduce serious injury rates and thereby reduce the costs associated with motorcycle acc…

Stuff That Works - Bob's Red Mills Steel Cut Oats are THE BEST.

A while ago, I looked into oatmeal and decided I should be eating steel cut oats because they are the LEAST processed oats in oatmeal. I have always loved cereal in the morning and I knew that it ws time for me to move away from Honey Nut Cheerios to something better for me. So, I snooped around the net and read stuff and tried Flahavan's. Loved them so much, I wrote about them on this here blog:
Here is my blog post about Flahavan's.
I happily consumed Flahavan's for a number of months. Then one day when I went in for a refill, the store was out. A helpful staff member suggested that if I liked Flahavan's, then I would probably like McCann's equally. Hmmm, I actually liked them just a wee, wee bit better. So for the next several months I was a McCann's man.
Well, then I was in the flour aisle on Sunday morning  and I spied the package of Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats.  I decided to give them a try - I REALLY liked the fact that they are "An Employee O…

ZOOM - To and From Washington DC in 48 hours

Mister Cliffy goes to Washington - a 48 hour adventure. The Alliance for Main Street put us up at some nice digs - The Liaison Hotel is just a couple blocks from the Capitol Building. This was NOT a funsy tourist trip - the schedule was pretty packed. That being said, I did have a couple hours to wander around when I got there Tuesday afternoon.

Hot and Humid - uhm, I thought I was skilled in humidity being from the Mitten. Well, DC has us beat. Above you can see one of two worker bees who were restoring/repainting a fountain in the heat. Anyone with a lick of sense KNOWS the best place to get out of the heat and humidity is to go into a Botanical Garden, right? Well, I was thinking of Julie Claire when I went in - she would have loved it. Some of the rooms were cool -but some of them, like The Jungle and a room full of orchids were about what you would expect heat wise, but they were gorgeous.
Above is an interactive display in an air conditioned room about spices from around the …

Cliff Goes To Washington DC - Politics = Strange Bedfellows

I received an interesting phone call yesterday. A nice lady named Karen invited me to fly to our nation's capital to lobby elected officials in favor of taxing internet purchases. I am to be a part of the Alliance for Main Street Fairness DC Fly In - other small business owners from around the country are being brought in to tell our stories to legislators.
At first I thought it was a gag because Karen told me all my expenses would be covered, (you know like when you WIN a cruise but they need your credit card # for "verification" and "port taxes"?) She convinced me it was legit and I told her I would talk it over with Julie. That decision took us about 52 seconds - I have never been to DC and this is an opportunity for me to share my strong opinion on an issue near and dear to my heart.

The Issue Should Michigan and every other state with sales tax require et al to collect and pay sales tax? (NOTE: something like 15 states already have legislation in…