Here is a business doing the right thing.

Recently a really great thing happened here in Lowell, Michigan. Litehouse Foods announced they are letting the workers of the company become shareholders.
Why is this so great?
First, let me give you a little history. Around these parts Litehouse Foods used to be known as Chadalee Farms. They made horseradish to begin with and then branched out into dressings and dips. Cahdalee was a small(ish) family company that began in the kitchen and expanded. They built their reputation by using fresh, natural ingredients and sales grew. Meanwhile out in Idaho, Litehouse Foods was rolling along much the same path. A few years ago the two companies merged thereby offering more products to a larger area of the country.
There were constant offers from huge corporations to buy Litehouse. Wendell Christoff and the other owners could have added millions to their fortunes by selling the company to the highest bidder. In case you live in a cave, what usually happens in such a case is that the corporation is buying the good name AND the recipes for the products. They usually re-locate production to existing facilities to save money and the little towns are left with empty buildings and people without work.
Not Litehouse Foods! They are allowing employees to purchase into the company which not only gives them a chance to share in the profits, but it allows the workers in little Lowell Michigan to keep their jobs, homes, and lives intact.
Bravo for Litehouse! (

ps - they have WONDERFUL dressings. Julie Claire is hooked on their chunky Bleu Cheese.
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