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Jane Goodall has pushed me too far.

DISCLAIMER: I dig chimps and other primates and we ought not be testing shampoo, make-up, or any other toxic waste on them.
I grew up reading about Jane Goodall - I can remember reports about her work with chimps in the National Geographic we got at the house when I was but a wee one.
Just read an interview with her in the latest Readers Digest that tripped my freakin' trigger.

"RD: Can you sum up what you have learned from 50 years of living among the wild chimpanzees?

JG: A little humility. We humans are unique, but we're not as different as we used to think. Between chimps and humans, there is only about a 1 percent difference in DNA. Our biggest difference is our spoken language, which has enabled us to develop culturally in ways that chimpanzees have not."

Okay Jane - I gotta differ with you here. I can think of a lot of bigger differences other than our spoken language.
TOOLS: Yes, I know monkeys use tools - but how does licking a stick to get termites on it i…

A review of Terro ant bait vs Raid - Terro wins big time.

We always get some ants in the late spring/early summer at our house. It is an annual tradition. Usually they are around for a week or two and then they take off for parts unknown. This year they must have decided our house is a very, very, very fine house indeed. Found them in the sugar, they massed in the dishwasher, but when I poured out a few dozen of them along with my cereal one morning, I knew I had to draw a line in the sugar.

Time to poison the little bastiges.

On my weekly visit to the grocery store I was looking for ant killer and was trying to find a bottle of Terro liquid. The ONLY thing they stocked was the Raid Ant Bait thingies pictured here:
Since I had no choice, I bought some. I bought two boxes of 4 and followed the instructions by putting them in the ant paths I could see. Put one under the sink, up by the sugars, in the cereal cupboard, one in the corner in the dishwasher (with just 2 of us in the house now we only run it every 4-5 days) and several along the co…