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Throat Cancer Week 2.5 - a BIG mental break through for little Cliffy.

Just had a wonderful "Eureka" moment as I was washing up some dishes after dinner. (Really, I do dishes - if Julie is going to spoil me with the great food she prepares, I am more than happy to do some clean up. Ask her.)

This is a photo reproducing what happened in my brain over the sink.
Okay - don't know if you have snooped around my blog here at all, but the BIGGEST attraction on here is my account of dealing with gall stones using an alternative method. If you google - "gallstones olive oil" the #3 link that comes up is to that very blog post from June 2008.

(Read the gallstone post.) Say what you will about it, to date it has been viewed over 93,000 times and it gets over 1,000 views a week. Nothing compared to an "oops" video of some actress getting out of a car, but certainly the big hitter on my blog. In summary, my whole point of view in that post is that I eschewed the traditional medical method of surgery for a somewhat different approach.…

Throat cancer week two - more bat, less ball.

No bad stories to tell this week.
5 more days of radiation under my belt.
No more vaso-collapso ER visits.
Felt much more like that bat than the ball:

In fact, I even teamed up with one of the nurses at the Center and had a little fun with my radiation doc - Dr. Bott. Every Thursday is Doctor Day in which we all meet with one of the docs to review the week, check weight, etc. Well, you might recall LAST Thursday was a mess in which my meeting with Dr. Bott consisted of her calling 911 and getting me into the ER.

So this week I conspired with Myra - one of the nurses. Once I was in the patient room and waiting for Dr Bott, I put my feet up where my head should be and arranged myself sprawled upside down on the exam table. When Dr Bott tapped lightly and walked in I said, "Help me Dr. Bott - you need to call 911." Her reaction was really cute - it was worth the effort.

So anyway - that is the news from Lake Cancerbegone, where throats are sore and mucus is thick.

Currently …

Throat Cancer Week One: More Bug Than Windshield

"Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug,
Sometimes you're the Louisville slugger baby, sometimes you're the ball."
                                                                  Mark Knoppfler

I was mostly the bug n the ball.
WHEW - So we started Chemo n Radiation this week.
Monday - Chemo - didn't seem so bad. I was there for about 5-6 hours. They put saline in, then some other stuff, then the BAJ (Bad Ass Juice). Felt fine when I left.
Hmmmm - that night I gave back a lot of what I had eaten, but still went to work on Tuesday.
By midafternoon I had Chemo hiccups and some nausea. (Did I take my meds? Nah - not me. I don't need no stinkin' meds...)
That night the world started spinnin' - but I was NOT in love. Up every couple hours with hiccups - ever try to sleep with hiccups?
Oh, did I take my meds THEN? NAH - it tasted bad and I did not want to put ANYTHING in my yapper. New spelling of "dumb" is C-l-i-f-f. FW…