A review of Terro ant bait vs Raid - Terro wins big time.

We always get some ants in the late spring/early summer at our house. It is an annual tradition. Usually they are around for a week or two and then they take off for parts unknown. This year they must have decided our house is a very, very, very fine house indeed. Found them in the sugar, they massed in the dishwasher, but when I poured out a few dozen of them along with my cereal one morning, I knew I had to draw a line in the sugar.

Time to poison the little bastiges.

On my weekly visit to the grocery store I was looking for ant killer and was trying to find a bottle of Terro liquid. The ONLY thing they stocked was the Raid Ant Bait thingies pictured here:

Since I had no choice, I bought some. I bought two boxes of 4 and followed the instructions by putting them in the ant paths I could see. Put one under the sink, up by the sugars, in the cereal cupboard, one in the corner in the dishwasher (with just 2 of us in the house now we only run it every 4-5 days) and several along the counter tops.
The Raid did diddly squat. I would be willing to testify that the ants flourished and multiplied with the Raid bait. Sometimes we would go to the kitchen to get something, come back and sit on the sofa and we would have ants on our hands and arms. On my next visit to a local hardware store I looked and all they had was Raid baits.

Happily about 5 days ago I was in a Target store and they had Terro ant bait:

Problem solved. I bought a six pack of the Terro and put them in the same places I had put the Raid bait. The first thing I noticed was that the dishwasher got almost totally cleared of ants within about 36 hours after putting the Terro bait in there.
5 days later and you have to look pretty hard to find any ants in the kitchen. Sugar and cereal are free from their little selves.

If you have ants, don't waster your time with Raid - go for the Terro.

July 12, 2012 Update - I had a big problem with little ants all over my desk at work. I took everything off and wiped it down, still the little buggers were all over the place. Bought some liquid Terro and followed the instructions. That was yesterday - the ants were feeding on the Terro like crazy all day. Today - no ants. NOT ONE.


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Justin Tiemeyer said…
i know i'm probably supposed to be too young to notice, but i loved the csn(sometimes y) reference!
Brian Smiley said…
In our apartment bldg. we get these tiny little red ants everywhere. Each month I regularly have called the exterminator, and I have also made up the homemade sugar+borax mixtures. Nothing has worked. The ants are not very interested in the stuff I have put out so far. I went across the border and picked up the Terro bait stations as well as the 1 oz. bottle. It has been 6 hours and there is a feeding frenzy at the bait locations. They are having a good old time at the feast. One has to be patient as the cycle has 4 stages. When the unhatched larvae comes out looking for food again, there will be another infestation. So as long as I can kill off the recurring ants I'm happy with that. I have been told the Terro is not available in Canada. Something to do with the high fatality numbers in the colony, haha.

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