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Lexi Reedy - Another Cool Artist From Lowell

Lexi Reedy -  the picture her mom wanted me to use.
To hear Amy Reedy tell it, her daughter Lexi has been dancing to a slightly different drum beat than do her five older siblings. Part of her dance has involved picking up pencils and brushes to sketch and paint since she was a wee one -  not that Lexi is all that old - she is currently working her way through her 15th year on the planet.

I had an opportunity to see some of Lexi's work a couple of weeks ago and they blew me away. The first one I saw was this guy:

You how it is when something speaks to you? My wife picks out gemstones to set in the jewelry she makes when they talk to her. Lexi's work was hollering at me right off the bat.
According to Lexi, she has been drawing things "as long as I can remember." She enjoys being able to think of something, visualize it and then see what she can create from that visualization. She went on to say, "Its also just really fun and helps when I'm bored or can'…

Mild Depression - For Me It Is All About The Bs - B Vitamins That Is

Before I go any further, let me make a couple things very clear. This is a post about my experience with minor depression and the use of B vitamin supplements. I am merely sharing how in my particular case, I have found sublingual B12 to be a wonderful thing. I am not suggesting B vitamins are a cure all and that all forms of depression are related to B vitamin intake. Nor am I suggesting that therapy and other methods be forsaken in favor of taking B vitamins.
Whew - lotta work covering one's ass, eh?

Overheard at a recent meeting of the Sub Substance Group:

Hi - my name is Cliff.
Hi Cliff.
I have been using sublingual B vitamins for about 20 years now.

I found sublingual B vitamins while channel surfing on a sleepless night a couple of decades ago. I am normally a pretty high energy kind of guy, but I had been feeling out of sorts. Not much enthusiasm for life or projects or or or. I kind of felt tired, but was not really tired.

Anyhow, the guy on TV was talking DIRECTL…