Lexi Reedy - Another Cool Artist From Lowell

Lexi Reedy -  the picture her mom wanted me to use.
To hear Amy Reedy tell it, her daughter Lexi has been dancing to a slightly different drum beat than do her five older siblings. Part of her dance has involved picking up pencils and brushes to sketch and paint since she was a wee one -  not that Lexi is all that old - she is currently working her way through her 15th year on the planet.

I had an opportunity to see some of Lexi's work a couple of weeks ago and they blew me away. The first one I saw was this guy:

You how it is when something speaks to you? My wife picks out gemstones to set in the jewelry she makes when they talk to her. Lexi's work was hollering at me right off the bat.
According to Lexi, she has been drawing things "as long as I can remember." She enjoys being able to think of something, visualize it and then see what she can create from that visualization. She went on to say, "Its also just really fun and helps when I'm bored or can'…

Mild Depression - For Me It Is All About The Bs - B Vitamins That Is

Before I go any further, let me make a couple things very clear. This is a post about my experience with minor depression and the use of B vitamin supplements. I am merely sharing how in my particular case, I have found sublingual B12 to be a wonderful thing. I am not suggesting B vitamins are a cure all and that all forms of depression are related to B vitamin intake. Nor am I suggesting that therapy and other methods be forsaken in favor of taking B vitamins.
Whew - lotta work covering one's ass, eh?

Overheard at a recent meeting of the Sub Substance Group:

Hi - my name is Cliff.
Hi Cliff.
I have been using sublingual B vitamins for about 20 years now.

I found sublingual B vitamins while channel surfing on a sleepless night a couple of decades ago. I am normally a pretty high energy kind of guy, but I had been feeling out of sorts. Not much enthusiasm for life or projects or or or. I kind of felt tired, but was not really tired.

Anyhow, the guy on TV was talking DIRECTL…

The Economic Case For Strong Schools

Last week I sounded off about the importance of compensating teachers from the MOST important standpoint of the well being and potential future of our kids and grand-kids - YOU KNOW, the students that interact with the teachers. (Click Here to Read That.)

Please allow me to switch to my Business Owner Hat for this short piece in which I will demonstrate the economic power of kick ass schools like we have in Lowell.

Julie and I own our building. It was built in 1868 and there are two more floors above Chimera Design, the full service jewelry store we have operated here on Main Street in Lowell since 2002. We, along with four other building owners, would love to put some apartments above our retail space for a number of reasons.

This morning I met with Ryan Fitzpatrick from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. He has done extensive work of this kind in downtown Grand Rapids. He oversees grant money from the State that could help little operators like Julie and I afford to put…

A Little Story To Illustrate Why Teachers Need To Be Well Compensated

I live in Michigan. When it comes to public school teachers, the majority of the focus and energy in the Mitten is to cut teachers off at the knees - build more subsidized for-profit Charter schools that will use standardized testing and other methods to justify hiring "teachers" who will work for slightly above minimum wage.

Join me as we face DC and give a big thanks to our Secretary of Education for such goings on.
Because of the fact that my mother was a teacher and I watched how much work is done behind the scenes, I think teachers need to be well compensated - and by that I mean a living wage, healthcare benefits and a pension. What follows is an illustration to support my position. I am not naming names for a variety of reasons.

A friend of mine is a public school teacher. She is an extra effort kind of person. In the course of her work at a public high school she came across a student - how about we call him Dan - who was on the verge of dropping out. Dan was from a …

All About The Bait - Alan Teelander is Not A Racist

Alternate title for this might be: Controversy - A Tale Of Two Baits.

In my opinion the only thing Alan Teelander is guilty of regarding the name of the Lowell Showboat is that he took some bait from a group calling itself Progress Michigan. They sent out an email about the name of the boat to a few people in Lowell - Alan made the mistake of answering the email.

I know how difficult it can be to NOT answer bait - be it on social media or an email. Many times I have gone ahead and jumped into a fray that was pointless. One of the best things I ever read in Mindful magazine was the advice to pause and breathe before hitting the "send" button. I cannot tell you how many times I have typed in a response on social media and then either not posted it or else have gone back to wipe it out. That is why bait works - it is tempting!

The other Bait in this tale is that tossed out by MLive is brought to you by what used to be a bunch of newspapers. Disclaimer - I used to wr…

My Support For Allowing A Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Lowell.

I recently had an opportunity to address the Lowell City Council and their consideration of allowing a medical marijuana dispensary to operate in our town. Here are my remarks:
My name is Cliff Yankovich. Business owner since 2002 - Chimera Design - soon to be resident, moving to the corner of Monroe & King while we refurbish our 2nd floor. I am here to support allowing a dispensary in Lowell. I am speaking as someone who has benefited from Medical Marijuana.
2013: Diagnosed and treated for stage 4 throat cancer. 7 weeks of daily radiation with IV cisplatin chemo administered at the beginning, middle and end of the radiation. Lost 40 pounds, landed in the ER twice with complications, spent 3 days in the hospital, and had a feeding tube installed when I could no longer eat or drink.
I could not eat because I had no appetite and because of the pain. In addition, the treatment killed my sense of taste. My post treatment anxiety was through the roof - hard time sleeping.
Never had much use …

Stuff That Works - "Made With Soy" - New CD from The Preservers

Thanks to Ted Bergin for use of some of his pictures - his are the good looking ones! Full On Truth On The Interweb Disclaimer: For a variety of reasons, I love this band. They are talented beyond their years, they are from Lowell - my favorite town in Michigan,  and they are really nice human beings.

BREAKING NEWS 10.6.17: You can purchase your own copy of Made With Soy
and their first CD aptly titled "The Preservers" on Ryne Clarke's new website:
Click Here To Go ToRyneShyne
I have enjoyed The Preservers live five times in the past year-ish. A very musical friend suggested that I lend them my ears (thanks for the heads up Lindsay Bredin - she told me about Emma Loo & Sam as well). The first set was played when they were all high school students - three of them about to become seniors and one a sophomore. Holy Waaa! they knocked me down with the complexity of their music and the delivery thereof.  Like the parrot from Monty Python's famous skit - I was STUNNED…