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Dr. Bruce Lipton Has A Great Message For June

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a great guy to listen to and learn from. He is a cellular biologist who had a EUREKA moment as he was working with cells in his lab. He is a pioneer in the field of Epi-genetics (basically the science that proves we are NOT slaves to our genes). Here is his June newsletter: I thought it needed to be shared with no edits - rather than me trying to interpret it. :-) You can connect with Bruce on his facebook page: Bruce H Lipton PhD 
Or snoop around YouTube - he has lots of videos!
"June 2017 Newsletter
Now is the wintersummer of our discontent” 
(… with apologies to William Shakespeare)
Dear Friends, Imaginal Cells and Seekers Everywhere,

"Now is the winter of our discontent," a line from Richard III by Shakespeare, means that the time of unhappiness will soon end with the coming of summer. However, according to literary scholars, the modified phrase emphasizing the  “summer of discontent” actually means that “unhappiness” is now at its highest.

A survey of the…

The Kent County Youth Fair is Moving and I am PUMPED for Lowell.

The KCYF is going to move to a bigger, better location and they hope to open by 2020 Fair.
Here is a link to their Press Release on the subject: KCYF is Moving

Bravo says I. 
Many are lamenting the moving of the KCYF - but not me! First, the fact of the matter is that the Fair has outgrown (overgrown?) the space they have currently. That is a good, no that is a GREAT thing. Growing things are healthy things. The Fair is wonderful for a huge variety of reasons and the fact that it is growing is a sign of good health. Our kids were involved and I know firsthand the good that comes from KCYF, so the fact that it has to move from the current space is awesome.

Secondly - we now have the opportunity to realize the dream of Jim Hall and many others. Most times when I cross the bridge and look at the current fairgrounds, I like to envision it as "The Bev & Jim Hall Campground." (Or "Jim & Bev Hall" - I just thought it would be fun to put Bev's name first.) Yessi…

How About We Have a Cancer UNawareness Month? How about a HAM for the world?

First off, let me tell you I was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer in 2013, so I am not talking out of school. You can read about my cancer dance in a book which is for sale here: Otter Was A Beagle-ish Dog. Having danced that dance gives me the latitude to discuss the potential of devoting a month to being more UNaware of cancer.

Actually, this concept will work for pretty much any DISease you want to use to fill in the blank. But my target today is cancer.

All due respect - I really think we are aware of cancer - breast cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer, cancer cancer and every other cancer. We got it. The disease is out there and whacking people willy nilly.

I work, and will soon live in, Lowell, Michigan,  a small town that has elevated cancer awareness to a new level. Our high school football coach created The Pink Arrow Project, which has done a HUGE amount for folks and families fighting cancer in our little slice of The Mitten. That is why we are the only town of o…

The Theater of Terror

The time is now.  Clarity Goggles to peer though the illusion.  We are played like hooked fish. Spit out the hook.
Publicity tool/comic Whatshername performs a disgusting act of theater. Massive hue and cry. Same shit, different day. Hearken back,  Publicity tool/rocker Whathisname told 44 to suck his machine gun.

Instead of recognizing the Theater we take the hourly/daily leap. With the resulting blood pressure spikes.  (There is an App/Med for that, side effects include.........) Meanwhile the Three Letter Corporate Tools fan the flames. Laughing to the bank.
Outraged by the 8 killed in England? Yes.  Please, Be equally so that bombs kill more Syrian civilians weekly.
Forty Five a double tongued Illusionist? Equally so the Peace Prize Winning Bomber in Chief. All theater. Brought to you by Three Lettered Corporate Shills  selling, selling, selling.

The Truth? All of us are connected. ALL OF US. A little part of us dies when 8 Brits die. Ditto 8 Syrians, 8 Jews, 8 Whomevers.
Spit ou…

Reviews and Comments On "Otter Was A Beagle-ish Dog" book by Cliff Yankovich

As you may have noticed, the back side of the book "Otter Was a Beagle-ish Dog" has some pre-publication reviews that are the product of my imagination. (Yes, Joyce, I know the back cover also has the typo "1980's" which should read 1980s.)

Anyway - folks have been buying and apparently actually READING the book with the end result of some reviews, comments, and practical tips from Actual Readers. 
I am happy to share some of them with you.  The first is a copy of a 100 word review by Ruth that was submitted to Schuler Books, publishers of the book, the rest of them are quoted from my Facebook page, text messages, or spoken communication:
"Otter Was a Beagle-ish Dog is an entertaining collection of musings, from the author's younger days hitchhiking the deserts of Arizona, to an intimate and moving chronicle of the ordeal he underwent fighting throat cancer. Throughout the pages, Cliff's reminiscences of the abiding presence of his beloved dog Otter, an…