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Ian Hunter - 70 and still rockin'.

Ianspirational - he is that.
I was fooling around on Rhapsody and uncovered a gem of an album that I used to listen to alla time: "Short Back n Sides" by the one and only Ian Hunter. Been listening to it all over again along with some of his work with Mott The Hoople.
Little did I know that he is still at it - in fact he JUST released a new album last month, and the Young Dude is now 70! The new album is "Man Overboard" - if you liked Ian back when we were all a little younger....then you will probably enjoy the new one. A couple of my faves from the new one are "Babylon Blues" and "Great Escape". Way to go Ian. The picture below was taken in 2007 at a festival in England. Looking good.

Riffing on the War(s) - things to think about.

Random thoughts to ponder about the war(s) in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan:

4,359 miltary people have died in Iraq and over 31,000 have been wounded.
The number of civilian deaths range from 87,000 to over 100,000.

Cost of the war since 2001: 929 billion and climbing. (

Blackwater (now Xe) corporation has made over one trillion dollars since 2004 in Iraq.
Charges the gubment $900 a day for mercenaries - pays them $350 a day (example taken from mercenaries hired after Hurrican Katrina - maybe they pay them more overseas).
A corporal with 3 years service in the Army makes 19,980 a year.
Blackwater/Xe charges that much in 22.2 days for a mercenary.
A Blackwater/Xe mercenary makes that much for working approximately 57 days.

I met a lady in our store who made thousands of dollars a week to drive a truck in Iraq.
I have read stories where families of our troops need to collect food stamps to eat.
Eric Prince and Blackwater/Xe are making millions and millions.
Our troops cannot f…