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I am done with - here is why.

Anyone who knows me knows I try to spend my money locally, regionally, or at least so it benefits the State of Michigan. We need to capture as many dollars for our state as we can. In the past I have had an account at Amazon. I used it primarily to get shaving supplies - I shave with a brush and razor and was not able to find any place to purchase nice shaving creams and supplies.  But I have also bought a couple of books and some music there. No More.
Two things pushed me over the brink. First it was the way in which Amazon and other online retailers are fighting the efforts of Michigan and other states to have them collect and pay sales tax. Why shouldn't anyone who sells something to Michigan residents collect the 6% tax and send it in? Why should online retailers have a 6% advantage over a brick and mortar location that adds to the local economy and collects sales tax?
But the last straw came with Amazon's campaign to have their customers go into brick and mortar stores, l…

Justice for Bank Robbers named Mike and Mark: What did Michael Vorce really do?

Ahhh, the Justice that money can buy - even here in sleepy West Michigan. Once upon a time there was a white collar criminal named Michael Vorce. Mr. Vorce came from a fairly well off suburban family. Mr Vorce used a variety of methods to dupe several banks for MILLIONS of dollars.

While doing so, Mr Vorce lived the proverbial life of Riley. He owned what some called a mansion outside Grand Rapids as well as a nice pad in Florida. He drove around in one of several decked out luxury vehicles (you know anybody besides James Bond 007 who drives an Aston Martin Vanquish - with a price tag near 250,00 bucks?)  as well as being a part of the "boating life" on Lake Michigan and in Florida.

One article I read related that when he was busted, law enforcement recovered about 9 million bucks from Vorce, but at that point 16 million dollars was unaccounted for. The dude was living the life.
You can read details of his 2009 conviction here:
Details on Vorce circa 2009

So after defraudin…

Stuff That Works - The Infatuations perform Blame it On You.

Julie and I really enjoyed this group when we caught half of their set at Arts, Beats, and Eats in Royal Oak in the summer of 2011. The just released this video for one of their catchiest toons.
If you ever get a chance to see them perform - do it. Great positive vibe and musicianship.