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Some random thoughts.

1. Now that we have put Don't Ask, Don't Tell behind us in the military - we should allow gay people to serve openly in our Congress...on both sides of the aisle. No more wide stances needed in airport bathrooms.

2. We have some expensive, futile wars that are crippling our economy: Afghanistan, Iraq, and the War on Drugs - especially marijuana. I was in high school in the 70's and after 30 plus years of the War on Drugs it would seem that pot is as available (more avialable?) now as it was when I was a kid.

3. We also need to stop kicking the crap out of the Middle Class. The War on the Middle Class needs to ratchet down. The cost of higher education, medical care, and other fundamental parts of the American Dream need to be brought in line.

4. Some one has to explain to me how millionaires can cash government subsidy checks while begrudging assistance to poor or sick people.

The Amish and The Constitution.

Who decides when progress becomes evil? Who gets to call a halt to it?
I have often wondered who in the Amish culture decided at which point progress became evil. How did they pick a point at which it MUST stop? Why have nice, round, metal clad wheels and spring suspension on your buggy - why not be dragged between a couple of poles or ride in a chariot standing up with no suspension or just freakin' walk?
I would like to apply this same question to the members of Congress who allegedly are all about the "intent of the Constitution" and what those who wrote it meant and wished for our country WHEN they wrote it. Well, the document has been amended 27 times. These amendments providided clarification, more detail and sometimes (GASP) made outright changes to things that were going on.
In 1865 we did away with slavery - why did we screw around with the INTENT of the Founding Fathers if everything they wrote was sacrosanct? How on earth did we decide to create/define income …

Mayhap we can agree on this one thing?

I was wondering if it might be possible for us in the US (be we Left, Right, Centrist, Independent, or Undecided) could MAYBE agree on one thing when it comes to guns.

First let me say that while I am not a hunter or gun owner, I really don't have an axe to grind with either of those groups. As a motorcycle rider who resides in the county that consistently leads the entire State of Michigan in deer-vehicle collisions, I am all in favor of the ladies n gents who enjoy hunting deer. More power to you. Feed the hungry with the deer you kill - from what I understand it is getting increasingly easier to do just that, but I digress.

With that being said, how about we put a Nationwide ban, with the exception of law enforcement and the military, on the sale of guns that hold more than six bullets? I don't want to take away any one's "right" to own a gun, but how about we make it harder for someone to tote around a gun that is capable of firing off almost three dozen rou…