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Stuff That Works - a review of State by Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren State: 1. Imagination 3. In My Mouth 4. Ping Me 5. Angry Bird 6. Smoke 7. Collide-A-Scope 8. Something From Nothing 9. Party Liquor 10. Sir Reality Todd Rundgren is turning 65 this year. I have been a fan of his for 40 years - back when he looked like this.
These days Todd looks like this.
On his new album STATE - he looks like this. Who cares what he looks like - lets talk about the music. After listening to State for most of the day - on my PC's system, on headphones while walking Otter and even in Julie's truck whilst we ran some errands - I am floored. This is a wonderful collection of music. Once again TR has come through and blown me away. The music is beautifully textured, layered lush sound from a master craftsman. The first song sucks you in slowly - we don't even hear him sing a lick for over 90 seconds. I would highly recommend your initial listen be done with head phones - TR makes the most of synthesizers for crazy bottom end and for lovely m…