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Happy Feet - Ol Dude does The Shuffle.

He he he

These days the young people call this style of Happy Feet "The Shuffle". If that is the case, then I have been doing a version of the shuffle since 1972 - just ask any of the poor girls who had to try and dance with me in High school.

Stuff that Works: A review of Flahavan's Irish Oatmeal

I decided to see what all the fuss about "steel cut oats" would boil down (sorry) to when it came to becoming a part of my breakfast. Steel cut oats are whole oat grains that have a very minimal processing before we eat them - the whole oat is cut into two or three pieces as opposed to being rolled out and having the fiber crushed out. Steel cut oats help in stabilizing blood sugar.
As of this writing, I am on my 4th container ofFlahavan's Irish Oatmeal.
Simply put - I love it. I use the 5 minute variety - I believe they have some you need to cook for 30 minutes, but I do not have that much time to devote to preparing it in the morning - but 5 minutes works great. It actually takes about 8 to 10 minutes to bring the water/oats mixture to a boil and then simmer it for 5 minutes.
Why do I like it so much? Well, for one thing I have a feeling it is good for me. Some folks even put this kind of oatmeal into the "superfood" category because of the many benefits. D…

Stuff That Works - Part Two of Hawaii visit.

Oahu continued - the Pinders told us about a sunset sail from the beach at Waikiki. 2 hours sailing for $40 each. DONE! I spent most of the time up on the bow looking for whales. Here is the lot of us captured by one of the friendly crew guys (they did flips over the bow of the boat just to keep us on our toes). NO - I am not trying to audition for Look Like A Pirate Day - I am trying to keep the sun from frying my scalp.
One of several gorgeous sunset shots Julie took on our sail. (Note: The underlined, LARGE printing below contain LINKS to places mentioned.)

Duke's has been a staple in Honolulu since before Hawaii 5-0. Julie was thrilled to eat here because she had a menu from Duke's that her folks brought back from Hawaii way back...when a steak was two bucks. We had a great meal - more fresh fish - after our sail.
Tom and Vick enjoy a pre-sail brew at Duke's.
One more shot of a "crowded" beach on Oahu that Vic took us to visit. I decided NOT to swim here o…

Stuff That Works - a visit to Hawaii.

What I Did On My Spring Vacation - Part 1 of 2 Hawaii beckoned (it used my sister Vicki and brother in law Tom to do so). Having only closed our store for a week on one other occasion and being in need of a vacation, Julie and I responded in a positive way and booked our flights and made the appropriate marks on the calendars. NOTE: I have provided some links for your edification. Click 'em and learn more. Flying To And From Flying to Hawaii from Michigan is no biggie. C'mon - we can get all the way to the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a little more than 1/3 of a day's flying time. It was 2 hours and 5 minutes to Denver and then supposedly 7 hours to Oahu. Leaving Grand Rapids at 8 am allowed us to arrive on the island at 3:00 pm - so we had some daylight left when we got there. Here is a tip for fooling the TSA. I was able to carry on a months worth of shampoo, 3 months worth of shaving cream and enough water to share with most of the people on the plane by making some v…

Stuff That Works: A review of Duluth Trading Ballroom Jeans.

INTERNET DISCLOSURE: In case you are wondering - I paid full price for these jeans. I have not received anything from Duluth Trading Company for this review. I found out about these jeans while looking for something else. Just wanted you to know I am not a shill for DTC!

My wife and I have a little jewelry store,
please click to take a look.
A couple of years ago I heard about some jeans that were going to be manufactured in Michigan - in Detroit. I was excited - until I learned the price was going to be almost $200 a pair. Motor City Denim broke my heart. I was prepared to pay more than the $35 I pay for Arizona jeans for something made in the US, but $175 for jeans is NOT in my budget. (I Riffed about Motor City here)

I am happy to report I found an excellent alternative - jeans made in the USA for just $84.50 a pair. I found them at the Duluth Trading Company. Not only are they made in this country - by a 5th generation family run operation using domestic cotton - but they feature a…