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Mark up at jewelry stores.

Since we weren't open today, Julie and I went out for a nice Sunday brunch. A couple of tables over some guy with a loud voice - why do pontificators always have a loud voice? - was sharing his knowledge on everything with the people at his table and everyone else in his half of the restaurant.
He started talking about the jewelry business and how there is such a big mark up in jewelry and he knows that jewelers sell things for three times what they paid for them, etc. etc.
Hmmm, at the time he said that I was eating an omelet that was $7.50 and drinking a glass of juice that was $1.50 and Julie and I were splitting a large pancake that cost $3.95. The Expert and his crew were eating much the same thing.
Lets examine my food. Pancake - 4 bucks! Lets see, what goes into a pancake? Flour, water, some form of fat, egg. So what does the restaurant make on a 4 dollar pancake? Ten times what they paid? Twenty times?? My omelet had 2-3 eggs in it, maybe 1/16th of an onion, bell pepper, and …