Olive oil and lemon juice gallstone cleanse works!

May 29, 2011 - This post has been up since June 2008. I am amazed at the number of people who read it. There are several hundred page views every month. Please take the time to read the various comments after my post. In addition to some success stories, I have been diligent to put up comments from people who don't agree with my thinking and/or experience on this matter. My purpose in writing this was NOT to try to convince others to do what I did, but rather to share my experience. Anyway - since doing this I have not had any further issues with gallstones or pain (knock on wood, toss salt over my shoulder, etc. etc.).
I am not trying to replace a visit to the doctor, just sharing what I did and inviting others to share their experience - even when it does not line up with mine.

January 8, 2012 - the comments and readers keep coming. I thought I should mention one more thing. If you take the time to read all the comments you will find some variations on the recipe I followed. I mention this because some people have had a terrible time trying to swallow all of the olive oil. (It is NOT an easy task.) Maybe one of the other versions will work better for you if you cannot get yourself to swallow all the oil. For what it is worth, I have had no return of the symptoms that drove me to try this cleanse.

This getting old is tough stuff. I will turn fifty shortly and have enjoyed excellent health for the last several years. My birthday present to myself was a two-fold whammy of dis-ease. Gallstones and shingles!!

Started having gallstone symptoms a couple three weeks ago. We have health professionals in the family - son James is a paramedic and his wife Jessica is a pediatric nurse. They confirmed what we suspected about my discomfort being gall bladder problems.

So I googled gallstones in search of a natural remedy to the problem. Found several sites with suggested gall bladder cleansing methods most of which involved olive oil and lemon juice. Sign me up, dude because I sure do not want surgery. Let me say here that I told Julie (who was worried about me) that IF the cleanse failed to help that I would go into the doctors to see what they suggested.
The pain was getting very intense near the end of last week. Side note: great time for a double whammy - shingles have shown up on the right side of my body between my nipple and my waist. Ouch!

Because we are open 6 days a week I decided to do the cleanse on Saturday night so that I could deal with any lingering problems on Sunday when I do not have to be at the store. I picked a cleanse and followed the instructions. I did not eat anything after 12 noon and quit drinking fluids about a half hour before I started the cleanse.

My chosen cleanse involved drinking down 1/4 cup of olive oil followed by two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. You do this every 15-20 minutes until you swallow a pint of olive oil and the corresponding amount of lemon juice. I have to confess that I could NOT get the last bit of the olive oil down. I probably drank 12-13 ounces of it, but I could tell that I was gonna heave it up if I swallowed any more.

The whole time I am doing this I followed the suggestion to stay lying down on my right side. (Of course the shingles are on my right side, but that is another subject!) Watched a couple of movies. Went to bed around midnight. Woke up at 2 am and knew I had to go to the bathroom. What followed was tumultuous to say the least. Most sites suggest catching the resulting poop from the cleanse in a net in order to see the gallstones. I figured I could do without that bit of fun. However I will report that I saw lots of gallstones floating on the water between flushes - especially the last couple of flushes when what was coming out of my body was mostly liquid. They were greenish blue (like the websites said they would be) and they floated as promised. The biggest ones I saw were maybe like a pea. I probably saw 20-25, but as I mentioned I did not trap my waste in order to better inspect it for stones.
I also threw up very, very violently. Prior to throwing up I was drenched in sweat as I sat on the toilet. After I threw up I passed some more waste/fluid/yucky stuff and then brushed my teeth, washed my face and went out to lie on the couch and recover. I drank some water, had some more water and then had a bowl of cereal. Went to bed and when I got up later that morning all the gallstone problems and pain were gone. I hopped on our little tractor and mowed the lawn - trust me I would NOT have been able to do that prior to unloading the gallstones. It hurt to ride in the Mustang, there is no way I could have handled the slaming around and vibrations from mowing the lawn. I took the dog for a walk and when I saw a storm approaching we had to run to the house to beat the rain. While I could walk when I had gallstones (in fact, walking is a way to ease the pain which worked well for me) there was no way I did any running.

If I ever do another gallstone cleanse the only thing I would do differently would be during the day or so before the cleanse. I would probably clean myself out with an enema or something and probably start fasting 24 hours before the cleanse instead of eating breakfast and fasting from noon on.

Take it from me - the lemon juice/olive oil cleanse really, really works.

Here is one site: http://www.relfe.com/gall_stone_cleanse.html


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Vivek said…
Dear Cliff,

I am also suffering from Gallstone.
While surfing for the cleansing methods, (as mentioned by you and several other sites), I cams across following ...



But, look at the facts. The tube between the gallbladder and the small intestine is called the bile duct. The end of the bile duct is the ampule of Vater. The final part of the bile duct goes through the pancreas and shares a small part of the tube with the duct from the pancreas.

The ampule of Vater normally has about the same diameter as a pencil lead. So, what do you think would happen if you make a gallstone start traveling down the bile duct? Well, if it is smaller in diameter than a pencil lead, it should pass through without any problem. But, would it be big enough to even notice in your stool? Hardly!

In fact, if you were successful in making a stone larger than that leave your gallbladder and enter the bile duct, you would immediately become very uncomfortable. The pain would start under your ribcage in front on the right - or sometimes in your back - and pass across to the other side under your ribs. The pain would typically also go to your back on the right and cause nausea as well.

But those that push the liver cleansing diet don't ever even mention any possible complications like that. In fact, there are even worse possible complications. If a stone became stuck at the ampule of Vater, the back pressure could also cause inflammation of the Pancreas. That would result in Pancreatitis - a very painful and potentially fatal condition. These people often need emergency surgery.

Do you or any reader has any comments on this ??
After reading this , I am bit scared !!!!!!!!
Hope, you or any one else can throw some light here.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Hmmm, this post does make it sound scary. All I can tell you is that when I did the cleanse it worked for me. While I did NOT want to screen what came out of me for the stones, I could see small stones floating in the water.
I also notice that this person refers to a "liver cleanse".
I can also tell you that since doing this cleanse several months ago I have had no further problems or pain.
Hope this helps.
Vivek said…
Thanks for the comments.
Just wanted to know, if you have gone through medical checkup (ultrasound , x-ray etc) again after successful gallstone flush ?
If yes, what was the report ?
Cliff Yankovich said…
Vivek- I never went through a medical check up (ultrasound or X-ray) before or after I treated my gallstones. My wife used to be married to a doctor and ran his medical office and we have a paramedic and an RN in the family. Between them, and the location of the pain, we came up with the gallstone diagnosis.
After treatment I saw no reason to go to the doctor. As you may have guessed, one of my goals in life is to avoid going to the doctor if at all possible. Not that I have anything against the medical community, but if I am able to use natural, homeopathic methods (as opposed to chemicals and/or surgery) then that is the road I prefer to take.
You should do what you are comfortable with. I do not recommend anyone take the path I am on unless they are comfortable with it. I just wanted to relate my experience with the lemon juice/olive oil method.
Michelle Oliver said…
Cliff - thanks for sharing your experience. I've heard this from another person and it helped to hear it again. I'll let you know how mine goes!
Sonja said…
Hi Cliff

A friend told me a similar story and gave me the same website. So I drank apple juice for several days before then drank the olive oil and lemon juice. Like you I woke up at 3am and threw up violently. Then went back to bed, woke up at about 6am and passed the stones. I did want to see what was there and draped cheesecloth across the toilet, spritzed it down with some water and observed the nuggets. I told a friend of mine who is a gastroenterologist and he confirmed that what I had passed were gallstones. It does work!
Cliff Yankovich said…
Good to hear from you Sonja - thanks for sharing your confirmed success. This is not for everyone, we have a friend who is opting for the surgery, she is afraid to "do it herself" and prefers traditional medicine. To each his own.
Vivek said…
Hi Sonja / Cliff,
Please share, what type of apple juice you drank ?
Was is of fresh apple (extracted fresh at home), or the bottled juice (available in market) ?
Christa said…
Cliff, I agree that I'd rather treat my gallstones instead of removing an organ that God put there for some reason. I would have it removed if I had to, but I did the olive oil & grapefruit/lemon flush last night and woke up to the green gems!I was a little skeptical because they were more like waxy pieces of soap than "stones". I have read others refer to them this way because, apparently, the apple juice softens them.
I was a little nervous about the idea of one lodging in a place it shouldn't, but I trusted God that he wouldn't allow that.
My ultrasound prior to the flush showed "sand" in my gall bladder and I met with a surgeon but called back to cancel after using a homeopathic tincture to soften the stone for easy passage for a week. I then drank as muck apple juice as I could stomach (fresh pressed and store bought) Mon- Fri. On Fri. I drank my last juice about 6 pm. I blended half a cup warm EV olive oil & half a cup grapefruit juice (Simply Fruit) and drank this. It was not as bad as I thought! Stir before you sip, though! I followed w/ anotherhalf cup of the oil and half cup of fresh lemon juice. I started drinking this at 7:30 then lied down on my rt side with my rt knee pulled to my chest for half an hour. I then had my husband bring in the baby who layed down w/ me and went to bed for the night. I woke around 2 am to vomit and had loose bowels, but didn't pass any stones until 6 ish.
I passed the Epsom salts part of the recipe because I am breastfeeding and a pharmicist was unsure of how the magnesium would affect my milk. So for about a week prior, I began eating All Bran cereal and had successfully increased bms.I think the salts mostly help move your bowels.
I plan on doing this several more times before going for my next ultrasound ;-)
Good Luck!
Anonymous said…
Hi All,

I'm curious if any one is able to share what they are using to soften the gallstones for passage? I'm very nervous about one lodging in the wrong place. Thanks!
nancy said…
Hi everyone,
Back in 2006 I was suffering from gallstones. I also had a suspicious polyp in my colon that had to be removed. When I had the ultrasound of the gallbladder, I could clearly see the stones - they settled first one way then the other. I went to a naturalpath who gave me the 'recipe' for 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice. Taken just before bedtime with two cascara sagradas. I slept on my right side and I must say it was an interesting night. I could actually feel the olive oil moving through my system! I did not experience vomiting. The next day I passed gallstones. The physician who removed 10" of my colon because of the suspicious polyp simply did not believe that I had gotten rid of the stones and he really wanted to remove my gallbladder. I refused (never know when that gallbladder will come in handy).
Well, it's been three years and I have not had one moment of gall bladder problems!!
If I ever get the pains again, I will follow the steps above glady, rather than have surgery.
Anonymous said…
Ampule vater is the size of the tip of a pencil, but of course it can be stretched when a stone passes through that doctor just says that to scare people so he doesn't lose gallbladder removal money.

I tried this last night i am 26m and I eat well and exercise but have been suffering from gallstones and was recomended for surgery but I have yet to get my appointment and I don't think i will do it now.
I drank a total of a cup of olive oil and about a cup of lime juice. I recomend only drink half cup of olive oil by small portions because I ended up vomiting oil in the morning. I only ate salad for breakfast the day of. and then I started drinking the stuff about 8pm then 12 I eliminated the salad then two bowel movements later I started eliminating stones. I passed about 200 of them. I recomend hydrating well two days prior! also I examined a gallstone this morning and was rinsing it with water outside and I noticed WORMS! attached to it and they were moving very small clear white worms attached to the gallstone. I have parasites! I read somewhere that your body creates gallstones to encapsulate these parasites. and gallstones are symptoms of parasites. So now I am looking for a parasite cleanse. I can't believe how ignored parasites are in American medical system. now I now that I have to rid the parasites not rid of my gallbladder through surgery!

Parasites! man! parasites!
green_jeannie said…
Cliff and everyone: THANK YOU so much for the info on cleansing the gall stones out! I'm about to do this myself, having know about it for years and been in denial about my own on & off, troubling gall-stone-pain (even though I am a 10-year Vegan!). I really hate vomiting, and the thought of drinking a bunch of oil and vomiting is not pleasant, HOWEVER the thought of these $-obsessed doctors cutting into my precious organs with a knife is MUCH MUCH WORSE.
I wish I could find the science part of it as to WHY it works... the oil combined with the citrus and lying on right side seems to force the stones out? It is a simple miracle, to find natural ways to heal. Praise God!
Cliff Yankovich said…
Hey Jeannie,
If you think about it, please let us know here what method you went with and how it worked for you. Your testimony can help others - as you can see there are several variations on the same theme with this method - I would be very interested to know how YOU go about dealing with your stones and how it works for you.
Anonymous said…
My doctor told me I needed to have my gall bladder removed, and reffered me to a surgeon... good thing was my girlfriend came across this article about Olive oil and lemon juice, and here i am reading this and I can honestly say that if anything is non-sugical can be done is a lot better than spending $$ I don't have and can't afford... needless to say if this doesn't work ( I pray to God it does, please let me be the other 99% successful rate)then I'll go and get a second and 3rd opinion then... BUT, in the meantime I have been fasting all day long, and it's now almost 2 pm. I'm drinking some apple juice, and continue to have more juices (maybe i'll get some pinapple juice as well, saw that on other website) and will stop all fluids around 6:30ish... and begin my process then... GOOD LUCK to me and everyone else... will return to tell my result later! Thanks again for all the inputs on here :)
Anonymous said…
I had a piece of toast for breakfast and lots of apple juice after that. I didn't eat anything else.

I finished the treated last night. I started around 7:00 p.m. I drank 1/2 cup of oil and two tablespoons of lemon juice. I did this every fifteen minutes. I couldn't finish the last 3 ounces. I knew I would throw up.

I did not throw up but I felt really nauseous. Around 11:00 P.M. I started voiding. Then around 1:00 when I voided it looked like green peas floating on top of the water. Everytime thereafter there were a lot of green peas on the top of the water.

I too didn't want to strain the stuff so I passed on that.

The thing I notice than no one has mentioned on this blog is the belching. I have had belching when I drink liquids since I have had trouble with the gallstones.

So this morning I am a bit dismayed because I am still having belching problems when I drink water. Does anyone have this?

I was hoping this would be gone.

Well I remain hopeful that as the day progresses that the belching will go away.

Thank you for all the information on this sight. Carol
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to add that I did have an ultra-sound and have been taking Ursodiol for about a year now.

Cliff Yankovich said…
Carol - I am glad to learn that the cleanse went well for you. RE: the belching - do you suffer from acid reflux? Does it burn in your throat when you belch or is it just gas?
Anonymous said…
I would say 90% of the time it's just air. I have tried to control my swallowing, eat smaller bites and chew everything very well for years now.

I did take Nexium for a week. That really made me feel good but, I don't like taking medicine on a long term basis.

This is first day after the fast and the Olive oil and Lemon and I have a lot of belching. Sometimes the Olive Oil and Lemon flavor still come up and it's 2:00 p.m. my time.

I suppose I should check the acid reflex in more depth.

I am eating small meals, when did people go back to eating regular meals after the cleanse? Carol
Cliff Yankovich said…
I don't know about other people, but I started eating the next day.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for all your support.

It's very difficult for me to switch gears and finally realize that the belching was due to Acid Reflux rather than the gallbladder.

I have been in the hospital belching deeply and they told me it's the gallbladder. Have that out and everything will be "Jake".

I ran upstairs and took a Tagamet after I read the previous post and that helped a lot. All the air dissapeared, etc.

For some 30 years I have been having this belching problem and no one ever said, it was something else. Oh yes, the one time when I belching and they gave me Nexium. But that was the only time.

Well, thanks again for everyone's support. I am eating a bigger meal tonight. Carol
Anonymous said…
Hi everyone, I hope that I can have help with this question. I was reading Nancy's statement about taking cascara sagradas with her treatment and I also did this same thing.

My question is "can someone take Cascara Sagradas everyday?"

I found that taking one at supper really helps my digestion a lot. I am a senior citizen. Carol
Cliff Yankovich said…
Carol - I have trouble with acid reflux from time to time, but I found a great way to deal with it. I wrote about it here:

Apple cider vinegar in water a couple times a day - especially if I drink it before I eat a lot of carbs (for me bread and nuts are a challenge - I LOVE toast and pretty much all kinds of nuts) and don't have problems.
Also, if my acid reflux acts up in the middle of the night or something, I take a little shot of the ACV in water and things calm right down.
Anonymous said…
Did anyone used this method and passed out the stones actually checked the success with a ultrasound?

Read this and think:
"As all first-year chemistry students learn, when you combine a fat with an acid, the fat turns into soap - a classic saponification reaction. The "broken up gallstones" in the feces are actually chips of olive oil soap, created in the intestine by the action of acid (the citric acid in the lemon juice) upon fat (the olive oil). To those unaware of the underlying chemistry, the appearance can look like a spectacular "cure," when it is merely an illusion of a "gallbladder cleanse." (Incidentally, this is probably where the term "snake oil" got its reputation, as this stunt has been employed by patent medicine purveyors since days of old. The "snake oil" that "broke up the gallstones" was really olive or similar oil - and those who perpetrated this "soapy" ruse were justifiably labeled "snake oil salesmen.")"
Cliff Yankovich said…
I put this last comment up just to demonstrate that I read opposing viewpoints.
Nope - I did not confirm with an ultrasound. I didn't have an ultrasound to begin with. My symptoms were diagnosed by son and daughter in law (paramedic and ER nurse respectively).
I remain symptom free to this day - so if it was indeed "Snake Oil", then that is cool with me, because it worked.
bhavi said…
I am not sure how the "flush" liquids can get inside the gall bladder or the liver. THe gall bladder is excreting bile into the intestine so the "flush" liquid has to travel in the opposite direction and into the gall bladder. THis is impossible !!. The body is not wired up this way. If the food you eat went into the liver or gall bladder and not into the intestine, there would be a major problem. Just think about it. So how can the "flush" then travel up into the gall bladder and soften to remove the stone ??
Well the only obvious answer i can imagine is that the huge intake of oil triggers the system to pump bile into the intestine and in the process it might push out some of the stones. So he green stuff floating after the flush is olive oil. It is also possible that the stones if large enough could block the bile duct.
Cliff Yankovich said…
I put up another dissenting opinion explaining why what happened could not have happened. I don't pretend to understand what went where, but it is October 24, 2008 and my symptoms have not returned.
It worked for me - no matter how much you want to explain it away and prove that it cannot work.
Might I ask - What brought you to this subject on my blog Bhavi?
Kim Deal said…
Kim's asking,

Dear Cliff,

I'm thinking about trying the olive oil and lemon juice cleanse tonight. I wanted to ask you if you drank apple juice for a couple days before doing the cleanse or did you go right in the olive oil and lemon juice. I've been drinking some fresh apple juice off and on today but didn't know if that would be enough time before doing the cleanse?
Cliff Yankovich said…
Kim - sorry I didn't see your question until today - 11/2/09. I did not drink apple juice to prepare, just did the lemon juice and olive oil.
How did things turn out for you?
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff,

I am Justin and come from China. I also have the gall stone problem. I tried this treatment(Olive oil and Lemon juice) and the gall stone still exist confirmed by ultrasound.
In china, some persons are success and some persons are fail with this treatment. But i believe this treatment is the best way to treat the gall stone. Because I fell better after done this treatment.
So i will try again untill cleanse these gall stones.
Sorry, My english is poor.
Anonymous said…
hello all,
have recently been diagnosed with 2 large gallstones and not keen on surgery. Naturally I'm also worried about the possibility of doing the flush and having gallstones get in my bile ducts. I'd appreciate any info from anyone whose gallstones were discovered via ultrasound (please include the size/s of your gallstones,) did the flush and it was determined (via another ultrasound)that the gallstones were no longer there.
I've read about the pros and cons of both surgery and the flush...not an easy decision at all
Vivek said…
I was diagnosed with multiple stones of ~14mm in size. I tried this flush technique as suggested at this blog and many other sites. But it did not help me....

Last month I had to rush for an emergancy operation due to severe pain due to gall stones...

I was operated to remove 7 nos of stones (approx 12 mm in size)
Anonymous said…
Just ran across your blog & some of the comments & questions here. I too started having severe bouts of abdominal pain, especially in the evening after an especially rich meal. Thought it was severe gas pain. (We generally eat a pretty low fat diet.)

Our daughter is a nurse & thought it might be a problem with my gallbladder, given my symptoms. Started doing some internet research & found several variations of the olive oil/lemon cleanse, softening things up first with pectin (apple juice). Had a Dr. appt. set up, with an ultrasound first, which showed an inflamed gallbladder with lots of sludge & a large 16mm gallstone. She suggested having it out, since it was an unhappy little sucker, but said she had heard of some success w/pectin.

Didn't want to remove any important body parts, & figured I had nothing to lose but my gallbladder, so opted for the apple juice. Drank lots & ate apples for about 2 weeks to soften things up. Cleanse day I stopped eating at noon, then did a couple of doses of epsom salts in the evening about 2 hrs apart, then 1/2 cup of olive oil mixed with 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lime juice, followed by another quick shot of the same another hour or so later. Blending the 2 makes the oil more palatable. Lying on the right side helps the oil mixture to move out of the stomach quickly. Expect oily belching till everything has move through.

The epsom salts are just a laxative to clean out the digestive tract - don't think it has anything to do with the gallbladder, though some think it helps dilate the bile duct. The fats in the olive oil stimulate the gallbladder to contract & expel bile & (hopefully) gallstones.

I didn't vomit, but didn't feel real great. By morning the epsom salts had done their work & I started passing stones - most green cholesterol, but some pigmented as well - anywhere from sand grain size to one about the size of the end of my little finger. Probably passed 60-70 of them. They were not hard, but soft like putty, & I had no pain passing them. No problems since, even with rich food over the Christmas holidays.

Doc had me go for another ultrasound about 2 weeks ago as a follow-up. The large stone is still there, but the sludge & smaller stones are gone & the gallbladder walls are much more normal, indicating little, if any, inflammation.

I plan to continue the apple juice & routine cleanses to try to soften & break up the big stone. My dr. is comfortable with that & is recommending the cleanse to her patients.

I also plan to send an invoice to the insurance co. for half of the money I saved them on the gallbladder operation! Any bets on whether I'll collect?

It is well worth the effort. All you have to lose is your gallbladder anyway. I would recommend an ultrasound first to see if there may be any more pressing problems/issues to deal with. Not sure it's something I would recommend for someone with very large stones, though the large stone I have may just be there for years (probably has already) without problem. Usually it's the little ones that get stuck & give problems.

Otto, the long-winded, from Idaho.
Anonymous said…
Just another quick cautionary note here. A very small minority of people can have severe reactions to epsom salts. Know what your risks are before trying anything. If you're afraid.... Personally, I preferred natural to knife!

Otto, from Idaho
Anonymous said…
I use this for my gallbladder problems, I also find it helps with GERD
I drink kefir almost everyday and a friend of mine began drinking it too and she finds it helps with her digestion, burping and gerd.
She also drinks the Cangest powder tea which I do when my gallbladder starts "pinging" me. she found it stopped her pain from her gallbladder in about half an hour.
There is also an herb for "breaking stones" called Chanca Piedra. Read about it at Rain-tree.com
Anonymous said…
Recently I've been diagnosed with acid reflux, as the years go on..it tends to get worse and worse. I've been to the e.r. about 3 times in the last 3 months. Come to find out..on the last visit...they finally did an ultrasound and i have 6 gallstones. Acid reflux and gallstones tend to have similar symptoms.... I was very upset to know that an ultrasound wasnt done the first 2 times i went to the hospital. Could have saved time, trouble, pain, and money. All the doctors say the gall bladder needs to be removed. Needless to say, why would I have an organ that i dont need?...ive read online about the olive oil cleanse several times. Its worth a try..I did have the ultrasound before hand. So i will start with the apple juice tomorrow and do the cleanse this weekend....I will be back with details...:)
anonymous girl
Anonymous said…
I have done the gall bladder once every ten years and know they work. The last time I did two cleanses in a row and the second night I passed a gall stone that looked like two large popcorns stuck together. I used to have a large brown liver spot on my left cheek that gradually faded after that and I believe the two are linked. Tonite will be my fourth cleanse as I am 58. All the cleanses are the same and always different. The first time I did it with a health practitioner nearby but not now.
I always feel better and the pain in my lower right rib goes away... When I passed the large one I had pain along the liver meridan in my shoulder which passed once the stone moved through. If you want more data from me I can share details.
puneet said…
Please help me, I am a woman (39 yrs), overweight and have two Gallstones measuring 10 mm and 7.5 mm each.
Should I try cleanse in order to save my organ.

pls revert if anyone has managed to get rid of large stones with the help of this treatment.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Puneet - I would NEVER advise anyone to take this treatment or any other. I am not a doctor, nor am I in any position to advise anyone about their health. I started this subject here simply to relate my experience to others who are interested in the subject. You should research all your options and choose the one you feel is best suited to your situation.
I tried this last night using freshly squeezed grapefruit juice along with EV olive oil. I was skeptical especially reading some ''scientific'' reports mentioning that this will do little to no good, but decided to give it a go anyway considering I've had cramps and pains in my intestinal region for years now (possible IBS). It took a while for anything to happen the next day, probably because I didn't fast much at all, just ate lightly the day before. Sure enough however, by lunch hour the following day my butt became a shotgun and peppered about 200 or so "stones" in the toilet. Since then I could swear I've never felt better. Normally I would get the shakes, feel cold, sweat a lot (especially in the groin area), and have bouts of upset stomach all day long, but NOT today! I'm hoping the feeling of relief will last.
i figure give the technique a shot, there's nothing to lose except a few dollars on ingredients. I have my whole family trying this tonight since they were very surprised with the results as well, and happy to see me drinking coffee without keeling over after! lol
Anonymous said…
Usually, when "good" and ethical doctors suggest operation to remove the gall bladder, it is because your gall bladder no longer works as it should. When a gall bladder fails to work, it will always have stones. Even if you flush these stones out somehow, they will grow again unless you somehow restore the gall bladder magically.
Anonymous said…
IM back!! I posted a comment on feb8.2010. Well i did the olive oil/lemon juice cleanse after drinking apple juice for one week. the next morning i did pass stones...various sizes...some real tiny and others about 3/4 of an inch. needless to say..i havent been on any prescriptions since..and have been pain free..its now june 7th. I was on 4 diff prescriptions..related to acid reflux and pain meds for the stones. I havent taken any pills since before the cleanse. Ive been able to eat whatever with no problems.....
thanks cliff for the inspiration. Ill continue to do the cleanse every so often to make sure i stay pain free........
anonymous girl.. :)
Taylor said…
I had a CT scan 2 months ago showing that i have a gallstone that is 3.5mm in diameter. The docs swear up and down that there is no viable way to pass the gallstones. they simply want me to have the surgery. I have been taking multiple supplements for 4 weeks now and will begin my flush in 1 more week. I hope that this will push the gallstone thru. I, as well as a lot of you, am scared that the stone will beome lodged in the bile duct. I am hoping for the best. Hopefully, that will not happen and I can save my gallbladder. I'm soooo nervous though!
Anonymous said…
I had my gallblader removed 2 years ago- recently I start having pains again....
does anyone know if the cleanse is still working?
Cliff Yankovich said…
Anonymous - I guess I don't understand your question. As you can see from the testimonies here, this cleanse has worked for some people.
If your gall bladder has been removed, how could you be having pains? Have you seen a doctor to explain and/or diagnose what is going on?
Anonymous said…
I also did the olive oil and lemon juice gallstone cleanse and it did work. I also passed on using a netting to collect my feces and stones. I saw the stones in the toilet and that was alright for me.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Good to hear from you Chellie. Glad to learn that things worked out well for you. I find it interesting that this subject still has legs after a couple of years.
BTW - for the record, I have not had any return of symptoms or pain.
Allan said…
Hi Cliff. I just want to let you know that this is dangerous. The "stones" You are seeing in your stool are actually olive oil soap. when you mix oil and acid you get soap. Please read this. http://www.vegsource.com/klaper/qa02.htm

And I must say that I am into as much alternative medicine as I can be but when I find something that I know is dangerous I have to say something
Cliff Yankovich said…
Allan - I appreciate your input and concern. I followed your link and the author (a Dr. I believe) wrote about chips of "whitish materials" in the feces.
This is not what I saw. I observed rounded greenish/bluish pellets.
Rather than argue about the point, all I can say is that since doing the flush I have not had any symptoms or pain.
Anonymous said…
In referrence to the people who keep posting the article relating to the combination of a fat and an acid create soap:

If you look it up, it's actually a fat and a base that create soap. The fat itself contains an acid! "The type of acid used to make soap is a fatty acid, either from animal fat or vegetable oil. The alkali used to cause the chemical reaction with the fatty acids is either made from potash (lye water) or sodium hydroxide."

I think this recipe is worth a try since we have determined it DOESN'T make soap!!
louise simon said…
hi from the Philippines! just wanted to share my husband's experience. Aug 19, 2010 about an hour after waking up, my husband felt severe pain (not the "extreme pain" as how others described it) on the upper right abdomen. i asked him to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10, he said 7...hm, so maybe he has a high pain threshold...anyways, to make a long story short, we went to the ER, he had an ultrasound done, and yes the doctors said it was gallstones and that he needed to have his gallbladder removed. we went for a second and a third opinion and they both said the same thing. he was scheduled to have the operation the other day, Sept 2, but we canceled it. last Saturday, Aug 28, my dad, who lives in Las Vegas, and i were chatting on the phone when i mentioned the operation. he said why not try using the olive oil first. he learned about it from my aunt in San Francisco who had the same problem, but didn't want to go under the knife, so she tried the olive oil. it worked. according to my aunt there were pea sized stones in her stool. my dad who was curious tried it too. he also found stones in his stool. (hm, I'm thinking i should try this cleansing method as well - just as soon as i get up the nerve to drink that olive oil!) so after we put the phone down, i googled this miracle cure and read a lot of testimonies from all over. the recipe called for 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil cold pressed and 1/2 cup apple cider. i was only able to buy Martinelli's sparkling apple cider at a nearby store here. my husband who was and still is on leave from work, tried it on Sunday night, Aug 29, after fasting for 8 hours. dad and those we've read said you'll feel something after 2 hours, but my husband slept thru the night. upon waking he went to move his bowel but was disappointed because he didn't see any of the "pea sized" thingy at all. after breakfast though, he went again, and this time he happily told me that there were a lot of the stones floating in the water and he could make out some of it in the stool. he went several times that morning, and he even invited me to take a look. and so, doing my wifely duty, i went in to check out these things floating in the water which a week ago have caused so much pain, and now brings a smile to my husband's face just to look at it. he had another ultrasound done last Wednesday, Sept 1, and the result showed "sand-like intraluminal echo", compared to the one done a couple of weeks ago which showed "multiple, mobile, layering internal echoes seen with an aggregate measurement of 1.94cm". now we are happily spreading the good news. and good timing too! an uncle of mine and my husband's cousin are both suffering from this disease. they have both said they will try this cleansing method. thanks to all who have posted and shared their experiences on the web. you have saved us, and probably a lot of other people as well some hard earned money, time and pain from going thru with the surgery. keep on posting!
Cliff Yankovich said…
Louise - thanks so much for taking the time to share your husband's story. It is really helpful that he had ultrasound taken before and after he tried the olive oil treatment.
Great news - glad things worked for the best.
Anonymous said…
cliff, I have spent the weekend with my 41 year old wife in our local hospital. On Wednesday she started having mild abdominal pain. Gallbladder has been bothering her for 3 years. She has ignored medical treatment and refused to do a cleanse. She has always used apple cider to reduce the pain, and it always has given her relief, but she has refused to cleanse. So by Friday, she was bent over with excruciating pain. I knew it was the stones, I had a similar incident 10 years ago. I had been incorporating copious amounts of grapefruit into my high salad diet, lots of distilled water, and then one night splurged with a high fat meal. The next day the stones moved with a tremendous amount of pain. Had I used the olive oil I believe the pain could have been averted. Anyway, before I took her to the er, I tried to get her to sip on some olive oil, she refused. By Saturday she was undergoing a throat procedure to remove a stuck stone in the bile duct, it failed. From 3 to 6 pm, she went through expanded gallbladder surgery to remove the "gangrenous" looking gallbladder and another unsuccessful attempt to remove the stuck stone. Can something be "gangrenous" looking without actually having gangrene? You tell me. This was the worst case both DR.s ever saw in their whole life. The worst case on the planet. During conferences, both of them avoided my detailed questions, and would abruptly end the consult. So now the first guy who failed is going back in tomorrow to do again the same thing that already didn't work. I asked him would it be ok to have my wife start sipping olive oil before the next attempt. I believe if we can get some o-live oil in her the stone may slide through. He looked at me like I was crazy, and said that olive oil was not in the medical realm of dealing with this problem, but we could do it. So far my wife refuses to take the oil, but I will continue to encourage her to give a try. It can't hurt. Also the 2d doctor has told me that he really doesn't think he will succeed and we will have to come back in 6 weeks for bile duct surgery, for now he will leave a stint in to drain the bile. So the duct will expand enough to get the stint in but not enough to get the stone through. I will let you know how this all works out. Thank you for your help. Bill P
Anonymous said…
Cliff thank you so much. I completed my cleanse last night and this morning I had several BM and nothing, then I had another BM and there they were, I'm still going to the bathroom and just about every time I am seeing several stones. I feel so much better. No more discomfort. Thank you so much.
MarkM61 said…
My wife had an Ultrasound that showed a gall bladder full of stones.
She has done two cleanses with literally hundreds of stones being passed, ranging in size from ~15mm diameter down to gravel, and she says she only collected about 20% of what were there..
A follow up Ultrasound shows that her gall bladder is still full of stone - no change according to the report. What did she pass, and where did they come from?
Seems to be a great cleanse, but not gall stones???
Anonymous said…
I finished this olive and lemon cleanse for about 2hrs ago, been vomiting yellowish oily liquid several times and still waiting for the "result" . Finger crossed it will work since I'm sick getting the pain all the time. Btw can I eat and being active normally or should I keep staying on bed until the result coming? Cheers
Ika, Perth WA
James said…
I can't help but wonder if, like many old-wive's tales, there's a mix of truth and superstition here.

I can see slamming one's system with a cup of olive oil would be tantamount to opening up all four barrels on the old carb and blowing the carbon off the valves as it were.

However, why the lemon juice? I'm thinking its superstition. Any volunteers to try a cleanse sans acid and report back? Do it for science! Please. So I don't have to. :-)
Beth said…
I had several ultra sounds for my gallbladder because I feel nausea twice a year since 1999 and I've been vomitting thrice a year eversince in 2003. My ultra sound result were first it was a shadow echoing signs of polyp in 2005, then i did it again in 2007, it said the same, i did again in 2008, it said gallstones and the doctor scheduled me for laparascopy. I didn't go through. I just did the cleansing in 2008. It was successful. I didn't flushed my bowel. I just cleared it with the shower and the first 2 stones i saw were the ones being detected in my ultrasound results, 1.5mm mushroom like green stones and peaslike 60 pcs. I really counted them (LOLS). My arthritis on my right leg
from hip to toe has stopped, my allergy also stopped, the pain on my right nape went away.my vomitting and nausea has also stopped.I've read that I shoul do the cleansing at least every 2 months or until I've suspected 2000 stones have been cleansed. I haven't done it again afterwards. I feel a bit of nausea once in a while. And my nape begins discomfort again so I'm way to go and do it again because it really works for me. But remember, gallstones won't stop filling up our gallbladders as long as we eat because they were being formed because of the fats and oil produced. Then we have to really cleanse them as part of our body maintenance. My friend who had a surgey, he let his gallbladder removed complains he still feels pain. And I told him because stones won't stop coming back.now what he has to take care now is his pancreas because his gallbladder is gone to protect it. But aft
er the cleansing, I will have my ultrasound again to make sure if what I have is a stone or a polyp. If it's a polyp, the doctor said I have to undergo Laparascopy. So better have your gallbladder checked.
Beth said…
Why use lemon juice? Because it helps to avoid the nasty taste if oil. You try drinking the oil without the juice, ofcourse ! I Know you can't (LOLS). But the most important recipe is the epsom salt. Be wary! The first time I bought it from the pharmacy, the stupid staff gave me the boric acid.
Bronwyn said…
Dear All,

A friend of mine who suffered from lie-long eczema and oral herpes recently told me that she was cleansing her gallbladder and that, after 4 cleanses, her eczema and herpes were greatly improved. I could see the improvement in her skin myself. I am physically healthy but have been feeling run down lately and so thought to try this myself. She recommended this book which answers most of the questions I've seen people asking on this blog about the science behind the cleanse and ways to avoid vomiting and discomfort.

The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz

I just did the cleanse for the first time last night. I've opted against "catching" anything and have not seen any "floaters" but Mr. Moritz explains that it healthier people may have smaller stones and require 2 or 3 cleanses to start seeing results. Those of you who have been seeing stones must repeat the cleanse at 3 week intervals until there are no more stones present.

Please, if you have any more questions, look to Mr. Moritz's book.

Good Luck and Good Health!
Bronwyn said…
I just wanted to add that Dr. Ron McCluskey, the author of the buzzle.com article decrying the liver and gallbladder cleanse admits that he hasn't looked at any documents supporting the cleanse. He contends that the stones passed are not gallstones, but "a component of the apple juice or olive oil that crystallizes in the presence of stomach acid". He makes this guess after acknowledging that "I have not seen any actual chemical analysis of these crystals".

I'm not selling anything and I don't even know from first hand experience if this process is successful, however my friend has had her stones analyzed and was told that they were gallstones. But regardless, please don't give to much credence to an author who admits he hasn't done his homework. Don't subject yourself to surgery on such an obviously emotional position as Dr. McCluskey.
Chris - Toronto said…
Did the clense last night...although, smaller quantaties of oo and juice..loads of soft green stones but no hard ones...i poked some with a chop stick and they turned to mush.

I will do a few more in the next few weeks before my next ultra sound to see if the stones reduced. Am also taking apple cider vinegar and apple juice daily for 3 weeks.

Let's see what happens.
Anonymous said…
I did it and saw it out. Thank you and God bless!
Chris-Toronto said…
I did the clense again. Again, got 20 green stones that you can cut with a knife. No hard black stones.

When people say they repeat the flush until no stones com out - do they mean no more green stones or the hard black stones?
Cliff Yankovich said…
I can't help with the answer to that - only did the cleanse one time. Can someone help Chris out with an answer?
Anonymous said…
So what is the complete receipe for this? I see different things.

Cliff Yankovich said…
Kiki - as you noticed there are several variations on the same thing. There is no one answer. I am not in a position to advise anyone about what they should do - this thread started when I related what I did to treat gallstones and the results I achieved.
Do as much research as you can and then do what seems right for your situation.
Sharp said…
Had an ultrasound this morning for right upper quadrant and mid abdominal pain. Ultasound tech saw gallstones. I'm going to try the cleanse tonight and will post my result Wish me luck:) I am Irish and it's St Patrick's Day tomorrow
Kind regards!
DANI said…
Id like to share my story about this method... i have to say it happened a few years ago now - but still to this day id like to learn more about it.

I tried the above method, apple juice, lime juice and olive oil. A lot of little green emerald stones passed through and yes they are waxy and certainly a lot more than i expected.

A short while afterwards, about 24 hours after drinking the olive oil, i felt a sharp pain in my appendix region. I suspected a stone must have been lodged, so i proceeded to drink more apple and lemon, and go for a second run.

2 days later and i went into shock, i went to hospital which was in bangkok, and the untrained doctors gave me antibiotics and said it was a stomach infection.

24 hours later and i was on deaths door. Luckily a friend took me to another hospital where they immediately diagnosed me with a ruptured appendix (ruptured for 3 days) it was removed and i recovered. But always affected by such an event.

Whilst im not against the above method, im still not sure if the stones were real as some have said it could be a reaction of the bile ducts and lemon and olive oil making these green nuggets.

whatever the reasons, i feel my story is appropriate in helping others decide. maybe i was unlucky... but to this day this remedy haunts me. i never had any appendicitus before this either.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Thanks for telling your story. Sorry that you had such trouble and glad to hear you are still among us!
I am a little confused - were you having gallstone related problems before you tried the cleanse?
Chris - Toronto said…
Well...here's the final part of my tale....

As per previous posts I have gall stones and had pancreasitis.

I tried the flush 4 times (many green stones came out) and have tried 3 coffee enema's where green bile came out with the stool and coffee. All meanwhile on a low fat, ultra healthy diet..drnking apple cider vinegar etc, lots of water etc.

I had another ultra sound yesterday and the operator who did it and looked my ultra sound pics from 6 weeks ago said there was no reduction in stones at all.

I conclude that the treatments, including the liver flush does not work...I wish it did!
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff,
So glad to hear that so many people have benefited from this cleanse. This will be the 4th time I am using this method, so far, over 4 years , I must have passed about 100 stones, usually green and waxy. I am only 39 years old, but it seems to run in the family. After a cleanse, I am ok for about a year or so, but I refuse to have my gall bladder out. Many people are quick to dismiss all this as hocus-pocus but they have not been given a cholechocystitis diagnosis at the age of 35 and told they need to have their gall bladder taken out.
Hold on to your gall bladder, it's there for a reason and do your research before committing to a decision about an op.
Thanks and all the best to your readers,
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff, Thanks for starting this thread. I just thought I'd chime in with my experience. I was diagnosed with a dysfunctional gallbladder (by HIDA scan w/ CCK) with an 18% ejection fraction rate. However, the ultrasound showed no gallstones. I was diagnosed just before my insurance ran out, and now I can't get new insurance, so despite my doctor's best efforts at rushing me into surgery, my gallbladder remains intact. So... in frantic desperation I began to look for alternatives to surgery. I found this recipe pretty early on, but for months I was terrified of the potential downsides and was spending hours a day reading about different opinions.

That's the backstory for anyone who's going through something similar. So I finally built up the courage and did the flush with apple juice, although I ended up unable to complete the apple part and ate some vegetables about 6 hours before the flush. Probably a bad idea because I ended up puking a lot. Anyways I prepared using the herb treatment on sensiblehealth.com, from which I did notice a slight improvement in my indigestion but many of my symptoms were unaffected by the herbs alone (fatigue, pain in upper right hand quadrant, belching, headaches, pain along the gallbladder meridian and severe tightness in my neck, plus severe allergies every day for months on end).

So in the week following the flush, I somehow found the energy to work out. I also went nearly vegan, so I'm not sure which of the factors caused which of the improvements. But in any case I ended up with tons more energy, almost no pain in my neck/shoulder/head, almost disappeared allergies, and I finally started shedding some extra weight that I had gained when my stomach problems had become really bad, I have had IBS for over 20 years, and generally just eating much better and not as sensitive to many foods like wheat and sugar. Definitely worth the night of vomiting.

The stones that came out were mostly black with maybe a very faint tinge of dark green. Other stones were tan and white. No bright green or pea green stones. So I don't know how the soap stone folk can explain that one, since the "study" that discussed the soap stone phenomenon said that it explained the bright green stones. What about all of the other ones in different colors??

So anyways, I had been considering doing the flush again, about 2 months later, because I could feel some of the symptoms creeping back and I'm getting ready to travel for an extended period of time. Reading the stories here has given me the confidence--I realize how much better I have gotten after the first flush (sometimes you don't realize until you are reminded just how bad it was). So I just took the olive oil-lemon juice mixture, although I couldn't quite finish it (also have a hernia that can kick back some of the acid), and now waiting for the nausea.

All that said, completely and totally worth it. Is it scientifically irrefutable? Apparently not. But it makes my pain and associated pains remarkably better. And that's good enough for me.
Anonymous said…
Dear Cliff,

I followed a similar receipe and woke up about 3 in the morning feeling like I would vomit, Instead I passed about 25 small green like stones.
I passed more later and kept one large one and I am going to
have a chemist give me the chemical make up of this stone and I will post the results when I find out.
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff, I've had both an ultrasound and a HIDA scan and both revealed nothing. This pain is ridiculous and my doctor said he'll get back w/me on what to do next. I had the HIDA on Monday and my gall bladder has been angry ever since! I was considering going the cleanse even though I haven't been formally diagnosed w/stones. The Dr said there 'appears' to be no stones but the pain says otherwise. What are your thoughts?
Cliff Yankovich said…
My thoughts at this point are to do what your doctor advises! I am not a doctor nor am I in any position to advise anyone on what actions they should take.
Sorry. I started this subject to relate my experience and to open it up for dicussion - I am not attempting to steer anyone in any particular direction nor would I suggest any course of action.
Kate Davies said…
Hi Cliff and Co,

Kate from Victoria, Australia here! I read your blog and all the comments the other night (Monday) while I was in the middle of my cleanse!

I had to lay still for 20 minutes and let the grapefruit juice olive oil concoction work it's magic... trying to read all the posts on my iPhone made the wait easy-peesy!

Cliff - so glad that you have been symptom free since your cleanse 3 years ago! I hope I have the same story to tell in 3 years time. Thanks for sharing your story.

I have to say that my own cleanse was close to one of the most unpleasant nights I've ever spent, but boy I can now say that it was worth it!

I managed to avoid vomiting, not sure how, because I felt like it almost all night. In the morning the runs started, but since I had appointments to keep, I just had to hope that I could remain composed until I had opportunities to get to the toilet quickly... which I think I did fairly successfully.

I passed the bulk of the stones at about 10am Tuesday. They looked alot like medium sized broad beans to me - quite a brilliant green. I kept on having diarhhea all day. And more stones came out each time, not as big as that first lot. Interestingly, today (Wednesday) I had to go to work, and I still had diarhhea a few times and MORE STONES and SLUDGE (which I read on another website can also cause GB problems).

So, needless to say, today I am feeling GREAT! More energy already, and not feeling as queasy after food...

My husband has seen the good outcome and determined to try it now... as his father had his GB out. They say it can be hereditary.

The worst part for me was the epsom salt solution - just vile! but no apple juice in the cleanse I did - that sounds so much more pleasant to me! so I will have to do my research.

From the amount of stones I have passed, I can only assume that my gall bladder was chock full of the little blighters, as it's not a very big organ. Someone said on a previous post that the cleanse should be repeated... I don't imagine it would hurt, but if it took me 38 years to develop a problem, then I can probably wait a while before I repeat the cleanse...

All the best everyone! Happy Gall Bladders!

regards, Kate
Anonymous said…
Yesterday my wife was in agony with gallstones, she read this blog, tried the cleanse and it worked fantastically well. A whole lot of gallstones passed today and the pain has gone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hey there all. Been having pains on and off for 2 years. from sternum thru chest, and across the back. Talked to many people, read internet stories... Most everything points to GB disfunction or gall stones. Can someone throw down a good " recipe" or method for me to follow? I wanna try this. Will follow up!
Cliff Yankovich said…
I think if you read all the comments you will find variations on the recipe that I originally followed. You might follow the one that sounds the best for you.
Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff....about twenty years ago when I was about forty yrs old, I heard of such a cleanse but it involved one dose of your recipe each day for a week, but on the seventh day the dose was taken every two hours. I believe the daily doses was to allow time for the stones to soften, making the final day less traumatic.

When I went through the process, I had not been experiencing any pain. I merely did it as a maintenace precaution. Besides the nasty gag reflex that was triggered daily while drinking, I had no discomfort of any kind throughout the week....until the seventh day. Shortly after the second dose on the seventh day I began to cramp up as if I were giving birth; I couldn't even make it to the bathroom. I squated in my bedroom and passed the waste (which was absolutely void of any feces) into my hand. When I looked I was absolutely shocked. I, literally, had a handful of small green pea-sized pellets which I quickly discarded. Within minutes, I was my old self and went about my business.

I bring this up because I am now sixty and have been experiencing tremendous pain in the kidney area and was looking for a reminder on how to administer this remedy along with the actual formula. So, after twenty years, I'm ready to do it again.....thx....ty
Yeng said…
Hello! I am from Philippines and I would also like to share my experience regarding this topic. It was June 24, 2011 when I felt severe pain on the upper part of my abdomen and back. The paid had been there from 11am to 9 o'clock in the evening. It was before 10pm when I had decided to bring myself to a hospital and there, I was diagnosed with gallstones of which the largest measures 1.70cm.

The doctor suggested surgery but like everyone else here, I don't want to undergo any operation. Instead, I followed what my friend told me to do. I ate 4-5 apples (or apple juice as replacement) everyday and that's for 5 days. On the 6th day,I had no dinner. I dissolved an epsom salt in a warm water and drank it @ 6pm and repeated the procedure @ 8pm. At 10pm, I had a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. The next day. I excreted only 3 peices of pea look alike stones. I immediately go to the hospital to check if the stone was still there and I was amazed because from 1.70cm, it became 1.15cm that time. That practically means that the procedure was effective! But the problem is, the doctor said I really need to undergo surgery since my ducts are already dilated. It was remarked in my ultrasound that I need ERCP asap. But then again, I ran out of the hospital crying for confusion. I kept asking myself, why do they insist I need operation when I no longer feel anything bad at all? There had been no pain since the day I was confined. Actually, it was TRAMADOL the first doctor gave me that made me very sick and not my stones. One friend doctor of mine told me that TRAMADOL should only be given if there's a severe pain but I haven't felt anything since then.

Again, I opted not to undergo surgery. I did researches until one friend recommended one alternative doctor. I immediately went in his clinic and there, he told me the reason why my ducts were dilated in the ultrasound result was because of the epsom salt. But sad to say, the epsom salt that was available in our country was not the same salt I should have taken. He presented me the difference betwee the epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and magnesium citrate which is the one that I actually needed. Magnesium sulfate was for gardening purposes. I was surprised but thank God, there were no side effects. The doctor said the apples I took smoothened my stones but there's no way I could excrete it because the ducts' opening was so small. But the good news is he had given me laxative and dilator. Laxative would make me excrete everything I needed to and dilator would dilate the ducts for the stones to pass through.

After taking laxative and dilator, there's also a need to take olive oil which can be mixed with any type of juice you desire. I swear, this is the most difficult part of the procedure.

For now, I am just on the 3rd day and I will do this procedure for another 7x more. I promise to update you after my 3rd time ultrasound. Goodluck to myself! LOL...
Anonymous said…
I ate organic red apples and lime juice. Then I bought organic Smooth Move Senna tea and used for 3 days only. I can attest that you can flush gallstone away without surgery!!! You need to get a whole foods diet after the flush. I don't care about all the skeptics and Doctors posting here saying you need to cut your gallbladder out. YOU NEED YOUR ORGAN in your body plain and simple.
Anonymous said…
My name is John from LI. after weeks of pain , MRIs and barium shakes my doctor said i needed gallbladder removed . I read stories of people still having probs after removal . like constant diarrhea . i did the lemon / evoo cleanse ( being quite cynical and doubtful) much to my utter amazement ...I passed at least 100!!! first they were in my poop and green then they were blackish blue and I have been fine since(KOW). That was March of 2010 . im 41 yrs old now my main prob now is drinkin/smokin lol any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
To the anonymous who inserted the old overused argument: The "broken up gallstones" in the feces are actually chips of olive oil soap, created in the intestine by the action of acid (the citric acid in the lemon juice) upon fat (the olive oil)."

I have personally never done a gallbladder/liver flush. I have however done about 50-75 coffee enemas. And each time I get tons and tons of greenish stones floating in the toilet. They look EXACTLY the way gall stones look on photos. I also get reddish sludge floating as well. Hence, I get green stones without having consumed any olive oil or grapefruit juice. That just disproves that old argument that the stones are a result of merging fat and acid! /Maria
Richa said…
Hi Cliff,

I will be doing my flush tonight and will post the results soon. Am hopefull of getting them out of my body and have been on a high fibrous diet for two weeks now which included 5 apples a day along with apple cider vineger.

I wanted to check on the epsom salt part, whether I should take magnesium sulphate or magnesium citrate ?
Do let me know soon..n Thanks for the great work and all the help..

Cliff Yankovich said…
Hi Richa,
Sorry to say that I have no experience with epsom salts, etc. In addition to that, I do not advise people in any way on this subject. My point in relating my experience was just that - here is what I did and the results. I have no intention of offering up advice to anyone. Good luck with your efforts and I hope you share your results with everyone here.
I am NOT trying to be a smart aleck, I just want it to be crystal clear that I am not offering up advice, just providing a place for an ongoing discussion.
Richa said…

This is Richa and think this is time for payback after learning from various sources on internet.I was diagnosed with a gall stone of 1.2 cm and had a pain in my left side of abdomen. Yep, know that the gall bladder is on right side but don't know how I had this momentarily pain at times on my left side.May be the reactive forces towards the gall bladder...I did this Liver flush after two weeks of high fibrous diet and on the day of flush included epsom salt, olive oil and lemon juice.I passed close to 20 pea size stone and numerous tiny ones with yellow colour and green colour. Am hopeful of getting a clear ultrasound now which I will be taking after one more flush on the coming weekend and will post those results too..But as of now am feeling really good and would be recommending this method to everyone.

Cliff Yankovich said…
Thanks very much for the follow through Richa. Will be VERY interested to see what the second ultrasound shows. Please share the results with us.
Glad you are feeling better!
Christine said…
Hello, I did the same cleanse but as a liver cleanse 5 or 6 times a few years ago. I had no specific liver complaints except that I was frequently ill with colds, flu etc (at least once per month) and was following the general health advice of the Russian healer Malakhov. I did however have an underlying feeling that I had ruined my liver by binge-drinking as a student. This is one of the most important cleanses according to him that everyone should do, not just people with gall bladder or liver complaints (he also has cleanses for the kidneys, bowels, etc). Each time I ate completely vegan for a week beforehand, drinking a lot of freshly squeezed juice such as beetroot and apple. I also did an enema each morning. This is to prepare your body so that on the actual day of the cleanse it is not so loaded up with rubbish that it can spoil the effect. I found drinking the olive oil unbelievably hard. Most times I did not wake in the night in pain and in the morning even needed to do an enema to get the stones out. I have had small hard black stones as well as the usual squashy bluey-green ones. The last time I did it was the only time I was not able to sleep for the pain in my right side and have not done it since. I felt that I had achieved what I set out to achieve, the frequent illnesses stopped and I felt so good in myself that I opted to have a third child. Now my daughter is 4 I am thinking again about repeating the cleansing course, particularly as my best friend has just been admitted to hospital with a gall bladder that is 16 cm, apparently twice the size it should be, due to gallstones. She has been on a drip for 5 days already waiting for the swelling to go down so they can remove her gallbladder.

By the way, I always did my cleanse according to the correct phase of the moon.
Anonymous said…
OMG,I didn't believe it but it's true. I stopped counting at 20 stones. I only counted the white/yellow ones because I didn't know the green ones were stones too. But I had both colors. The only bad thing is that I feel queazy and it feels like my stomach is irritated I guess its from the yucky olive oil and lemons.
Anonymous said…
Hello Cliff

I tried the cleanse yesterday but did not fast as I only read that bit after the cleanse lol, I started at
1 pm yesterday and forced myself to drink the olive oil and lemon juice mixture.
Last night around 6 pm I felt very ill nauseous but then slept for 2 hours , I then woke up to a rumbling in the stomach was on the toilet for about an hour rested for an hour and toilet again for another hour , I noticed the blue/green pellets I passed but was too ill to count them.
Went to bed last night really ill, woke up again around 3 am passed more, I woke up this morning like a new man with a spring in my step, went to the toilet again and passed some more and collected a sample .
I decided to phone the doctor to have the sample analysed but the doctor said there is no way to test the sample , so he recommended I have blood tests instead,
Im of to do these now and will take about a week for the results, I will post back when I get the results.
I have to say I still feel great

Anonymous said…
I guess the theory behind the olive oil and lemon cleanse is that both of them make the gall bladder squeeze very hard. Lemon is very acidic and it signals the gall bladder to squeeze alkaline bile to neutralize it when it goes into the duodenum. Bile also emulsifies fat, and olive oil is pure vegetable fat.
The combination of the two must make the sucker squeeze...hard. You pass stones, albeit painfully.
I doubt the large green things are actually gallstones, but at the center of each may be a gallstone, surrounded by oil that has been turned into a kind of a soap by the bile. I wonder if anybody has actually looked inside the pellets to see if there are stones inside. They're generally very tiny and not all of them are like gravel, some are softer, made up of cholesterol rather than calcium.

Anyway, I'm having moderate problems myself with gallstones, I may try the cleanse soon, because even with diet, exercise and pills, it isn't getting any better for me.
Anonymous said…
I did the cleanse last night but I could only put down 9 ounces of olive oil and used some grape fruit also hoping for it to give it a better taste. I could sleep till about 11 then I woke up at about 2am sweating feeling nausea which I ended up throwing up green. I didnt feel any urge to use the restroom till about 230pm my stomach twisted. I eneded up going to the restroom when I looked down I saw about 8 to 10 little green balls floating. My sister which works at a surgery dept asked someone there and they said gallstones could only be cured with surgery. I dont know what to believe but in my personal experience I passed little green stones what ever they might have been i know I have never passed that. im sure we are not suppose to have green stones anywhere in our bodies.
Anonymous said…
I suppose you could say that I have a lot of experience with the OLJ cleanse. This has been my third time doing it. And as before the result was the loss of a huge quantity of stones. The problem is that they keep coming back and that is something I'd like to know more about. Because the cleanse, even though you get to keep your gall bladder, isn't pleasant. I'd like to know if there is something I can change in my diet to keep stones from forming.

By the way, the first time I did the cleanse was 10 years ago. I know that the cleanse works because I had a before and after ultra sound. Before, lots of stones, after, no stones. Simple as that.

Oh yeah, just for anyone out there who is contemplating doing the cleanse, I figured out a great way to down the olive oil that is much less offensive. Unless you have a feeding tube, this is the best way to do it. Take a mouthful of olive oil and before you swallow it add some of the lemon juice to your mouth from another cup. The lemon juice will flow under the oil and coat your tongue. When you swallow, it will seem like you're swallowing a mouthful of lemon juice. Far easier than tasting the oil.

Funny how just the thought of swallowing a mouthful of oive oil two days after the cleanse makes me feel nauseated all over again. But heck, it beats surgery hands down. Oh yeah!
Anonymous said…
Cliff I think you did a courageous thing swallowing all that stuff.I have had liver/gall bladder problem ever since I got Amoebic Hepatitis in India in 67 probably eating unwashed fruit.Emergency hospital admission on a drip for a week and due to wrong medication had to have tubes fromthe stomach draining contents.Since then on and off with liver/gall bladder problems, allergy problems to foods.Also hypothyroidism does not help my metabolism.Now I live in Australia, since 1970 I am 74 years old. Recently have had severe pains on the rightthe usual Gall stone symptoms, Ultra sound did not pick up anything,exvept a fatty liver.I consulted my doctor who practices alternative therapy,lots of it from Europe,bio electronic medicine and other therapies.He diagnoised t a blockage in the pancreatic,bile conjunction due to inflamation, put me on a 6 week diet of only meat fruit and vegetables, no dairy, sugar,tea, coffee,or Atlantic Salmon,Turkey or Pork.Honey was ok as also Butter and eggs. I lost 5 kilos on my abdomen I am no 51 kg and looking well, except for a continued nagging problem on the right. Out of the blue I had 4 bouts of yellow watery type of bowel movement and one more the next morning was told to have only stewed apples, which gave me an acid reflux, so stuck to water, next day felt ok but again pains commenced at 3 pm and continued till 2 am, as my doctor was not available went to another locally,who told me there was some inflamation and gave me Buscopan forthe pain, helped. I went back to mty special doctor who gave me 5 needles of prolo therapy to reduce the inflamation and said my pancreas was inflamed and effecting the tube to the gall bladder,He has asked me to take 2 tablespoons of olive oil with the juice of 1/2 a lemon daily for 7 days, hope it will work. He is a fully qualified doctor so is not a quack and brought me out of a period of severe blood pressure,high cholesterol problems with acute asthma and other respiratory problems, with in 6 months I became so well and full of energy and able to sustain this until recently when i let myself go and not worried about what I ate.So here we go again. Thought I would share this with whoever is sceptical, natural cures do work.
isiscowbaby said…
Hi Cliff have been perusing your website. I visited the ER the other day after 5-6 hours of excruciating pain felt like I was having a heart attack..Yep my gallbladder! Have been told I have stones and surgery is the answer. I have an appt with the surgeon on Monday. I will go and consult and I will be sure to ask to see the ultrasound, this size and qty of stones. Not sure they will be able to answer these questions. A friend told me about the Olive Oil thing and I googled so here I am. I will probably try this method before a surgery route. I have had severe digestive issues for most of my 44 years and colon/endo-scopes biopsies etc have found no reason for it. Also strange as this sounds a simple endoscope almost killed me the doctor nicked something and when he sent be home I was bleeding out internally, convulsions, etc. So an ambulance to the hospital, 3 bags of blood and 6 days later and another endo to fix the mistake, I came home. Well anyway I assume it has been my gallbladder all along. I will be sure to let you know how it goes if I go this route, which I probably will. Thanks for the info.
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff, we just found out that my husband has multiple small gall bladder stones. He has a heart condition too. So am not sure if the olive oil and lemon juice method is safe for him. I hope it is since this seems to be an effective, economical and no nonsense way to treat it.

NU, India
Cliff Yankovich said…
Nu - If I had a heart condition I would be very careful with anything having to do with my body and my health. For me the cleanse was very violent - not something good for someone with heart troubles.
Mark Winchester said…
I've read some supposed experts saying it's medically impossible to purge stones using oil &
lemon juice that it's the oil found in fecal matter but they're wrong!!!
I fasted & there is NO way the little green objects I found today are oil NONE!!!
My pain is 90% gone as is the bloating. Once this becomes well known it's gonna decrease gastro's incomes by a few hundred thousand.
Anonymous said…
What a great post! I've been seeing a naturopath for about 3 months and am finishing up an intensive colon cleanse. I've been having some questionable symptoms with neck/mid-back pain that won't go away. I suspect gall stones, so I've been reading about home remedies which led me to this site.

I'm curious as to whether anyone has had intense pain just under the diaphragm??? I thought it was gas and did a coffee enema (two, actually) and that finally brought me some relief. But I was curled up on the bed in so much pain, I'm wondering what other symptoms other people have experienced.

For the skeptics out there, I will say from experience that this same recipe is used to remove kidney stones. Believe it. It works. I worked for several years in a chiropractic office where MANY patients had come in diagnosed with kidney stones. The doctor for whom I worked would give the patient the recipe and those who actually used it said they had success. Some even brought in their stones. Major yuck factor. :)

I have an appointment with my naturopath tomorrow and will see what she says. Thanks for listening!
briscoeslochico said…
Super bummed because I really want to try this cleanse! After 2 doses I CAN NOT keep it down. Literally start dry heaving when I glance at the glass. Browsed most of the posts (so I may have over looked it) but is there anything I can do to keep the oil down? It's not that I'm nauseated yet, it's that I am unable to take the taste, texture and now thought of gagging it down. The lemon was a relief....
Cliff Yankovich said…
Sorry to say I do not know what to tell you. If you read through all of the comments, you will find some people who have done variations on what I did - one or two of them seem to be a little easier to swallow (no pun intended). I understand how you feel. I could NOT bring myself to down the last of the oil when I did it.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Sorry to say I do not know what to tell you. If you read through all of the comments, you will find some people who have done variations on what I did - one or two of them seem to be a little easier to swallow (no pun intended). I understand how you feel. I could NOT bring myself to down the last of the oil when I did it.
Anonymous said…
For the poster above:
mix the olive oil with hand squeezed pink grapefruit juice (strain out pulp & seeds). Much easier to get down this way!

Now for my story ... which is still ongoing.
I started to have attacks last July and eventually had an ultrasound done in August. I have numerous stones 1 cm in size and, like many who have posted here, was told that I need surgery to remove the gallbladder. I had surgery booked for early October and then cancelled in order to try the gallbladder/liver cleanse I read about online. Between then and now I have done six separate cleanses & each time have gotten rid of many many stones. I will keep doing the cleanses until I get no more stones. I have read that it is best to continue until no more stones are expelled. This is the procedure I follow:

Each time I eat a small breakfast and drink plenty of fluids but STOP drinking at 2:00 pm the day of the cleanse. I have read that eating or drinking after this is responsible for the nausea and vomiting that some people experience.
At 6:00 pm & then again at 8:00 pm I drink 3/4 cup of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of epsom salts. These 2 doses of epsom salts and water usually will trigger my bowels to empty but if nothing happens I have given myself a fleet enema to get things started ... & that usually works. At 10:00 pm I drink 1/2 cup of grapefruit or lemon juice mixed with 3/4 cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (organic if possible). I immediately lie down on right side and stay still for 20 minutes. Then I may roll over and go to sleep until morning. The first few times I did the cleanse I took 2 more epsom salts doses the next morning at 6:00 am & 8:00 am. Around mid morning the evacuation of many many green floaters began. I would say I have passed at least 400 of the green floating kind of stones in total. I have not opted to collect the stones so have no idea if the heavier calcified stones from the gallbladder have come out too. I hope so. From the online reading I've done, I understand that the majority of the bright green waxy stones that float are likely coming from the liver as well as the gallbladder. I figure this must be so, because given the number of these stones that I have expelled it just wouldn't be possible for them all to have come from the small gallbladder organ. The liver is much larger, with many ducts & In have read can become clogged with these waxy green stones. (I have also read other articles that dispute this!)
I have a second gallbladder ultrasound booked for early march and will post here again when I get the results. In the meantime I will continue with the olive oil/juice cleanses. I am also going to take some herbs that are supposed to help the calcified stones visible in my gallbladder ultrasound break up. Will post again in a few months. I really have appreciated reading what everyone here has posted. It's comforting to know that others out there are on a similar journey.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Thank you Janet - Please remember to post the results of your ultrasound here. I think it will be very informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing your method.
Carol said…
Hello everyone, I took this cleanse in 2008 and I was successful.
I wanted to add some things that will help, in my opinion, and the first is "a heating pay". If you are in pain put a heating pad to the area below the right rib cage. This will help loosen the bile and allow it to flow.
Amazon.com sells olive oil in 1000mg tablets for $18.00 for 100 pills. This should be an easier way to take the oil.
I have a peppermint hard candy that I keep handy and after downing one treatment I put the candy in my mouth for a few seconds to take the taste away.
Good luck to all of you, I wish you all the best. Carol
Carol said…
I also wanted to add, that mixing the olive oil and the lemon juice, or with grapefruit juice helps tremendously. Carol
Anonymous said…
My name is Allen. I did the olive oil and lemon juice cleanse and had an altra sound done. I had been suffering greatly and been told by doctor I must remove gallblatter. Well I still have it. After years of pain I can now sleep on my stomach again.The altra sound was clean, no stones. Nay sayers everywhere. I passed one five eighths inch long and quarter in wide. It worksd
Richard said…
I just tried this procedure on Sunday. It was almost a mirror of Cliff's experience, even down to not being able to quite manage the last one third of a cup - in fact just the sight of that last small amount started the vomiting which occurred around 10.00pm, 2.00am and 5.00am. First BM at about 7.00am with not much of a result, but the next 5 BM's during the day were amazing with loads of stones, black, green and greyish. Slept from 10.00pm to 7.00am without waking once. (How long since that last happened?) and woke feeling good, painfree, though tired later in the day. Without doubt the worst part was getting that one and a half pints of oil/juice mixture down and if this ever crops up again I'd have to find a way of mellowing that bit which, I understand, is possible. I live in Thailand, and had 3 diagnoses at a private hospital in Bangkok (where I went for the first, urgent visit), at another private hospital in Surin and then a public hospital in Buriram. At all three hospitals I asked the doctor's the same specific question - "is there any alternative treatment for this or is GB removal the only way?" Each doctor made the same reply which was that gallbladder removal was the only way. Well now, I'm not sure that I will ever place such trust in the words of a doctor again.
Mea said…
I am an ultrasound tech and I have seen the results of this cleanse first hand. I know that it shouldn't work, I was taught the only way to rid the body of stones is to remove the GB. BUT I saw a guy and he was FULL of stones, I rescanned him a couple of months later and there were none. I showed the Dr the pictures and he was as shocked as I was. It does work.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Mea - thanks very much for sharing an Ultrasonic View of this cleanse. I have included posts here from people who claim that it cannot work - nice to hear from an objective third party offering a medical perspective that it does work.
sjansen said…
It Works!
My first trip to the bathroom was not until 10:30 am but yielded about 30 gallstones that were mostly larger than a large green pea, some about the size of a dime. I am not counting the very small ones.
Each new trip to the bathroom produces more, somethimes many and sometimes only a very few.
I am doing this flush because I've had gallstone symptoms off and on, but no attacks. I have Hashimoto Hypothyroidism and have read that this condition makes it likely for a person to develop gallstones. I'm hoping to avoid a future, full blown gallbladder attack by doing this flush.
Here's what I did:
8:00 am Drank Coffee and ate baked potato chips, not my usual breakfast (I am super health conscious and can't believe I ate chips, even if they were baked, real potatoes), but I was rushing to the doctor for a physical. I am healthy, so no reason not to proceed with this flush!
11:0am Last meal of the day: I had Progresso italian wedding soup, no special reason, just all seemed soft enough/not to hurt if I did have vomiting during the process later in the evening.
Afternoon: drank apple juice and carrot juice throughout the afternoon. I had a HORRIBLE headache...not sure if it is related to the apple and carrot juices breaking down the stones already or if it was something else. Also, I was nauseous, but this happens to me when I've had bad headaches. I suspect the carrot juice, because I felt sick thinking about the carrot juice all through the night(but initially really liked the taste)
6:00pm ate a small container of greek yogurt
7:00pm drank 3 teaspoons of epson salt mixed into an 8oz glass of water. YUCK! Then squeezed the juice out of about 5 large lemons until I had 1/2cup of fresh lemon juice.
8:00pm mixed the lemon juice with a 8.5 oz of extra virgin olive (Gem brand that was $2 at Walmart) DOWN the HATCH. Not gonna lie, I didn't measure, just drank about 1/4 of the mix which I had put in a quart jar with the lid on it so I could give it a hard shake to mix it up in between "doses." Use a straw to drink it down!!! So glad I saw this tip and used a straw myself!
8:00pm Went to bed and got comfy on my right side, knees pulled up in fetal position.
8:15pm another big couple of swigs...drank too much this time and threw some of it back up immediately.
8:30pm yep, another dose
8:45pm again with a couple big sips through the straw
9:00pm OK, couldn't do it! I finished half of my Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice mix. In all, I got down about half of my oil and juice mixture.
Slept through the night for the most part, but woke up feeling nauseous and the headache had moved to right side over my eye, very intense.
Upon waking, no headache! No nausea either! To my surprise, no need to RUN to the toilet!
10:00am ate an orange and drank coffee
10:30am time to GO! But not the aweful, flu-like experience I expected, just a very watery bowel movement with lots of green gallstones floating on top! No pain at all passing the stones. They are squishy.
1:00pm I am going to have a healthy, but light lunch of homemade chicken and vegetables soup I made and canned last week.
Good luck to all who try this! Please make sure that you are healthy and get a physical first!
MY HEALTH STATS: 45 year old female, 5'4", 130lbs, normal blood sugar and cholesterol, have low thyroid: Hashimoto Hypothyroid disease.
Jomae98 said…
Can you do the flush, while having a gallbladder attack?
Cliff Yankovich said…
I am hesitant to offer any advice since I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. I certainly would not advise anyone to try this while having an onset of pain and/or discomfort.
FAMGG said…
You all have got me thinking - been reading through this whole post... I have been having attacks for the past week whenever I eat, so I stopped eating solid food. I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to review my ultrasounds and discuss treatment. The US tech told me that my gallstone was 2cm. Sounds pretty big to me so I'm a little scared of doing the flush. And everyone I know who has had the surgery says it's well worth it. But it is ridiculously expensive. So I'm on the fence, leaning slightly to the natural side.
Anonymous said…
I just completed a four-day kidney/gallbladder cleanse and praise God it was the best thing I have ever done for my body. I had been experiencing quick spurts of sharp pain below my right rib cage for many years, but chose to ignore it. I had just completed a liver cleanse using liver cleansing pills, which proved to have great results. I decided to do more research on the pain below my right rib cage and self-diagnosed the possibility of gallstones. Ew! I would like to keep all of my organs, they were given to me for a reason. There is a website called "Cleansing or Surgery" which outlines the proper way to cleanse the kidney/gallbladder. It is very thorough and everything that is said there was, in fact, true. If you follow the details, you WILL pass stones. Mine were as large as the tip of my thumb. I ended up passing about a handful. So disgusting, yet so rewarding to see these finally out of my body. I admit that I did want to eat food, although the apple juice does keep you full. I talked myself out of eating every time by reminding myself that it would only be four days of my life. The only uncomfortable part was vomiting the night I drank the olive oil and even that was less worse than vomiting from a hangover. I read that I may become nauseous so I had prepared myself with a puke bag by the bed, alongwith a bowl of ice water and a towel for patting myself down. I broke a cold sweat and puked the olive oil up. My assumption is the cold sweat has to do with toxins being pushed out of the gallbladder and into the stomach. I puked, rinsed my mouth, patted my face and neck with a cool cloth and back to bed it was.

I swear by this site and am so thankful that I found the cleansing information before I ever needed emergency gallbladder surgery. The surprising fact is that the average adult, having never experienced gallbladder pain, will complete the cleanse and pass up to 100 gallstones. The lesson - Don't plan on having a healthy glalbladder for llong if you live a traditional American lifestyle (coffee, artificial sweeteneers, fast food, chocolate, red meats, etc.)

Best of luck to all who try! I assure you it is the best thing I have ever done for my body.
Anonymous said…
Hi all,
I have a 14mm stone confirmed by ultrasound that has caused me daily intermittent pain for a yr and a half. I've been eating ultra-healthy and drinking fresh-pressed green apple juice for a week. Also taking liver/GB cleansing herbs for a few days now and just added magnesium malate to help soften the stone. I am planning to do the olive oil/lemon juice flush this coming Fri and Sat nights but am nervous about complications arising, like getting the stone lodged in the tubing or appendix bursting. It is great to find you all so I know I have company. I do not have a medical professional to support me through this so feel some trepidation, but also hopeful. I appreciate all your sharing and welcome words of encouragement. Thanks.

Fred said…
Hi-da, My hida test is this friday. It has been 2 yrs. since I first complained of pain under my right ribcage. An xray at the time revealed nothing and no further tests were ordered, duh. Finally 2 wks ago after a CT scan ordered for what was probably gastritis from gallbladder, upon reading the report, I wondered why no one had told me I had a gallstone. So, back I went and demanded to speak w/ someone about why I wasn't told. After another appt, another xray was taken (for which I have yet to hear the results) and now the hida test is ordered. I will complete the test to confirm the extent of the stones, and offer not to have surgery right away. I am seriously considering an alternate method; ie, the cleanse.
The medical profession has already dropped the surgery bomb after initially ignoring the fact that I even have a stone(s). Will keep you posted (pun intended).
clairebelles said…
I totally endorse the Gallstone Flush!!! I tried it many years ago (was very skeptical) but it worked incredibly well. I too saw many gallstones and was thrilled to get rid of them. I suggest you fast on fruit juice for the day prior to starting. The lemon juice breaks down the crystals that have formed around the gallstones then the olive oil softens them so they pass out easily. AMAZING and natural and easy peasy!! I'm going to do it again very soon!!!
clairebelles said…
This remedy really works. The lemon juice breaks down the crystal that surround the gallstones then the olive oil softens them to be able to pass out easily!!!! Simple and easy and natural with NO surgery required. I have done it and it was very sucessful. Am going to do it again soon!!!
davidgolfpro said…
This all sounds inspiring to say the least.
I am 44 and have gained waist size of 10 inches inside 6 months.There has been a nagging pain in my upper right adbomen area and the doctors are flummoxed, I had a scan and nothing showed up except gas. Now my colonoscopy has been postponed indefinitely(British NHS !!!), and I am left to fend for myself.
do you recommend me this flush? if so I will perform immediately.
This situation for me is depressing.
Thank you.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Sorry to learn of your discomfort. However, I am not a doctor and do NOT dispense any type of medical advice. I would never want anyone to do something because I told them to - this post just relays the experience I had (and some others) with gallstones and a natural clense.
kastuff@yahoo.com said…
Okay Cliff, i am a firm believer in natural remedies. I also have faith in some actual medicine. My thing is, if it works and doesn't cause more problems then go with it. Ok, this remedy for gall stones does it address the cause of the stones. If not, it'll just happen again. And, what about a dysfunctional gallbladder? Anyhoo, just wondering? My wife has a swollen gallbladder/ She has constant diarrhea. Pains in her side. A PA told her that her gallbladder was swollen and probably infected. She would most likely need it removed. And, she's hesitant about going to the doctor for treatment.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Hi kastuff - Will do my best to respond. You asked if this remedy addresses the cause. I cannot say for sure, but then how many remedies address a cause? I can tell you that I have not had any problems since I did this in 2008. Does that mean I will never have any problems in the future? I don't know. I constantly try to eat better and maintain an exercise regimen. Do you know what speciffically caused your wife's problems - did the doctor advise her in that regard? If so, then changing the causation would probably go a long way to avoid a repeat of the problem.
Anonymous said…
Well, I am going to try to do this myself! I'll let you all know if I am successful in my endeavors! I am going to drink juice of fresh limes, and apples for 24-48 hours before beginning! I have to think about my work schedule hardy har har,so I am going to shoot for moon- hopefully it works! Thanks for the info, I am a nurse and have never heard of this until today.
Cliff Yankovich said…
Hello Anonymous Nurse - please take the time to share your experience, your methods, and the results.
Anonymous said…
Hi from Carol,
I did this cleanse back in 2008-2009 and I had an Ultra-Sound before the cleanse and there where a lot of stones 2mm in size. I was given Ursodial and took that for awhile. Recently, having problems as I mentioned before with burping I had another Ultra-Sound to check the gallbladder. I am happy to say "they didn't find anything". I use Cliff's recipe for burping AC and water and that helps a lot. The doctor recommend I use Phazene an over the counter medication. So this does work, at least it did for me.
Anonymous said…
Hi from Mark
Had gallbladder out 3 months ago and still having upper right abdominal pain that radiates through to the middle back as well. Thinking that gall stone may be stuck in the common duct? Question, anyone completed the cleanse after having gall bladder removed? Your thoughts and experiences are greatly appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Hi everyone. I tried this apple juice followed by olive oil and lemon juice cleanse back in January of this year. Wow, worked like a charm. I felt great and full of energy after I passed my gallstones. But now, July of the same year I am going thru this again. My question is, if anyone knows, is this normal?
Anonymous said…
I read the entire posts to date. Wow there is a lot of data here to say this works. Several people had ultrasounds afterward and had the stones gone.

I did the flush. No prep, just downed 1/4 cup olive oil with 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. I did it at 1pm as Ididntwantto beep all night. By 10pm I passed everything in my bowels and then the stones. Mine were mostly yellow. Some green that floated. Afterwards I felt great like I had won the lottery.

That was a week ago. Since the flush my hip pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain and all gone. I thought those pains on murky twice were from a car accident. But they vanished after the flush.

I also read above that someone had a liver spot on their cheek that faded. I too have a spot like that. Would be great if it disappeared.

I admit I have had fevers on and off since the flush. Low grade ones that do feel bad, just aim sweating for no reason. This could be unrelated. I am 39 years old, female.

Hope to check back in later,

Cliff Yankovich said…
Thanks for telling your story Leanne. Please let us know how things turn out with the low grade fever - if it hangs on very long you should probably get it checked out.
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to recommend a book that has a great section on long and short gall flushes..
"Healing with whole foods" by Paul Pitchford
Anonymous said…
Hi My doctor has just told me that as my two tgallstones detected through ultrasound scan, are not giving me too much trouble, I should consider leaving them alone as many people live with gallstones that they don't even know about. This accords with the UK NHS website that says that they now offer a 'watchful waiting' option. I tried the 'liver flush' for the third time in about 5 years, tonight and though I am also doubtful if those were gallstones that came out of my body I must say I feel better. The area under my right rib and my left rib are no longer tender after I passed out not that many green and beige looking bits this time. I plan to try again in 2 to 3 weeks' time. Just to tidy up my intestines if not my gall bladder. By the way I find that the lemon juic mixed with the olive oil masks the uncomfortable taste of olive oil.
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff,

I have been doing this cleanse (Dr. Hulda Clark's) once a year for the last three years after I too, developed symptoms of gallbladder trouble and numerous members of my family had their gallbladders removed (some with very terrible results). The first year, I got a significant number of green and tan stones out, followed by the smaller "crystal" stones. I have repeated the process every year with fewer and fewer stones each time. I have been very pleased with the results. No more gallbladder symptoms.

I would like to let some of the readers know that not everyone has these issues. After my first success with this, my mom tried it, even though she has never had any issues at all with her gallbladder. She did not have any gallstones. If you don't have the symptoms of gallbladder trouble, don't bother with this.

Before I tried this cleanse, my feeling was that the worst thing that could happen was that I lost a few pounds, and flushed out my system. But I know that this is what has been keeping the gallstones in check.

I thank you, Cliff for continuing this post. I am happy to report that it was a success for me too!
Anju said…
Hi Cliff,

I have delivered baby 15days back (cesarian)and suddenly last week i developed a severe pain below my chest which i mistook for indigestion .Ultrasound report confirmed it to be gallstones.I m diagnosed with gall bladder stone measuring approx 35 mm ,which may be a single large or multiple small calculi stuck together ,also there is liver enlargement with small calcification in right lobe .The doctor has suggested surgery for gall bladder removal after 3 months .I do not want to undergo a surgery.

How safe is it to try olive oil & lemon juice cleansing method.How soon can i try this
Cliff Yankovich said…
Hello Anju - I am not a doctor, so I do not advise anyone about this procedure. It can be fairly "violent" in terms of stomach cramping, diahrhea etc. So there is no way I want to advise a new mom on the safety factor. I suggest you read all of the comments here and read other places and make a decision. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
hi! my name is david valentin and i was suffering with this problem for more than 20 years of pain and discomfort in my gallbladder and for all this years i was refusing to get my gallbladder out because god put it there for a reason so i went on line and find you website read the whole thing fallow the step and this thing really works i couldn't believe it there was more than hundreds gallstone omg!! thank you so much mr cliff's riffs god bless you thank you!!
Anonymous said…
G -

I apparently have had these symptoms for years, maybe since my 20s and now in my 40s. I went for a physical and my panels were high and I had an episode recently which is what made me decide to seek out a doctor's opinion. I did a saltwater cleanse a over July 4th weekend and it helped a lot and started eating better - one meal a day as I wanted but the rest of the day I would freshly juice vegetables - cucumbers, lettuce, kale, celery - mostly for the rest of the meals and throughout the day, lost 20 pounds in a few weeks but also have more energy and my workouts and running are much more explosive. Then I had the physical and the doctor thinks I should have my gallbladder out. I decided while watching the Olympics Friday night to just do a saltwater flush on a whim at around 7:00 p.m. a couple of hours later, I decided to pour a glass of about 8 oz. of virgin olive oil (that was what was left in the bottle I have at home) and some lemon juice according to one post like a chaser. I did not have any issue with the consistency or taste of olive oil. I actually liked it. Slept on my right side while watching the swimming finals (Phelps did well). I fell asleep and woke at 3:00 a.m. and some of the oil came up. I'd hardly say I threw up but more regurgitated a bit and it had a little blood stream in it which I understand may have been a bit of bile with something stuck. I can't remember but I read something about it along the way. Then I fell asleep. I was constipated and did another saltwater cleanse around 6:30 am. I expelled a lot around 10:00 a.m. Went out to do a couple of errands when I felt I was going to have a repreive from feeling bad and my friend the toilet. Then I came home, more Olympics but mostly stayed in bed, fell asleep for a few hours and felt a bit queezy and a little bit of softness and pressure/hurting around where my gallbladder is but mosly around the right side back. I went to a party and ate normally and felt some pressure but managed to stay for about 4 hours, went home, had a bowel movement. Fell asleep to the Olympics, woke up a couple of times with fairly intense gass but slept well ultimately. I did not feel up to snuff all day yesterday but better late in the evening but still drained. Thien, I woke up this morning and no symptoms, no tenderness. I feel better than I have around my front and back right side in a long time. I need to have an ultrasound probably this week and I hope it shows a surprise that it's clean. I was a bit concerned doing this but it's done something postive. Thanks. Cliff
Deannedidit! said…
I did a similar recipie 5 years ago after being diagnosed with gallstones. I was on the waiting list for surgery and decided to seek a more natural way of relieving the pain. The tonic my naturopath made helped to quell the attacks but they never really went away. No more big nights or curries for me! Then a girlfriend who'd recently returned from visiting some friends in nimbin- Australia got in touch with me saying they'd given her a recipie for me to try. They recommended that anyone over 30 should do this once a year to remove all the toxins. It has oil and grapefruit juice as the emulsifier but you only have 2 tablespoons of each. The yucky bit is the Epsom salt solution. 4 tablespoons into 3 cups h20. Drunk at various intervals just before bed and the last 2 when you wake up. Told to sleep well (a sleeping tablet is recommended). When I woke up nothing really- then all hell breaks loose! Make sure you do it when the loo is all yours! I used a sieve - later disposed of.. And was thrilled to see so many amazing looking brilliant green pellets! In the end it was pretty much no poo- just discoloured water and the pellets. I saved some and took them to my G.P. He was interested but not convinced. And said if it works for me great, but I'd have to be prepared to do it for the rest of my life. I said no problems, please cancel my surgery! I'm doing it again tonight- in fasting mode now. This will be the 5th time and always had the same result. I have discomfort in my gallbladder as we speak( or I write) so I know the time is right! Good luck to anyone who is looking for this. It works! And it's easy. You just need to go into lockdown for 24 hours... Then you can curry on! Pun intended. Best wishes, Deanne
Anonymous said…
Gall Bladder Flush:
for 3 days: fast as much as possible. You can eat apples, pears, steamed white fish, steamed vegetables with sea salt. You can use red pepper and garlic. no black pepper, butter or oils.

*Drink 1 qt.(32 oz) of unfiltered apple juice each day.
*Take 5 hydrangea root capsules 3 times daily.
*The evening of the third day drink the following: 1/2 c. virgin olive oil 1/2 c. fresh lemon juice or pink grapefruit juice (the olive oil and juice can be mixed together) 3 tsp. of epson salt in 3/4 c. of room temperature water.
*go to bed and sleep on your right side ALL NIGHT LONG.

A dr. gave me this. Going to try it starting tomorrow! I pray it works for me.
Anonymous said…
I was told gallstones don't float. This article is helpful in that it describes what is probably happening but does not rule out the possibility of passing a gallstone.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for this post!

I was exploring the internet this morning after injesting last night what seemed like an inordinate amount of olive oil and lemon juice (1/2 cup of each - shudder). Judging by the above comments, I can see I'm not alone.

A little over a week ago, my husband took me to the E.R. with what seemed to be appendicitis. Well, after spending three days hospitalized and experiencing the biggest three ring circus ever, I finally got them to send me home (you can read my story here: http://therohmansroad.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/the-fun-never-ends/)

Still sick, still in pain (with pain I had had for years, with no diagnosis despite nuclear imaging tests for the gall bladder, CT scans, ad nauseum), I decided to make my tried and true bone broth to try to heal what was ailing me. After consuming two bowls of the broth (which is very fatty), I had to 'sprint for it'. Imagine my suprise when checking my stools for blood or worms or ANYTHING, I think to myself, "I don't remember eating any peas. In fact, I haven't had anything green since the day before going to the hospital." And then realization dawned: gallstones! The bone broth had aided their expulsion.

Still in some pain, I chose to do the cleanse. I fasted for 24 hours drinking only Simply Apple, then wound that up with a Simply Apple and epsom salt chaser. Two hours later I did the olive oil/lemon juice thing. Oh, boy. I then laid on my right side despite bad shoulder pain (another gallstone sign) and tried my best to sleep. So far so good this morning. I am praying the rest of those buggers get out of my body.

I am also going to do some maintenance by taking a special herbal mix containg dandelion root which keeps the liver and biliary organs clean.

Anyway, that is my story. And I appreciate the lighthearted spin on yours. What a topic!
Cliff Yankovich said…
Thanks for sharing your experience. I followed your link and read about your hospital visit. Talk about a light hearted take on something!!
Please let us know how everything works out for you.
Anonymous said…
I have read this post and many of the comments with interest. I was searching for stories of people who have completed this type of gallbladder cleanse successfully, as I have done it twice myself in the past few months but am not completely convinced that what I passed were gallstones. I have also found many sites that dispute this eg this one in the Lancet Journal of Medicine:


This posts pictures of the green stones produced by an olive oil flush and gallstones removed from the same patient via surgery, and they look quite different. Though I suppose there could be explanations for that. In fact the first time I did the flush I did not pass any "stones", just a lot of frogspawn-like stuff, which my naturopath said was fatty desposits from my liver, but the second time I did it two months later (after a month on a serious cleansing diet) I did pass about 25 pea-sized stones. That was a week ago and I was very pleased with the result initially. Now feeling discouraged as I am still experiencing intermittant pain in the gall-bladder region. But I plan to follow my naturopath's suggestion and continue the cleanse for another two months, with one more flush. At that time I will do an ultrasound to find out for sure if this regime has made a difference. I am really hoping to avoid surgery! On the plus side, many of my other symptoms are better, I believe as a result of the healthy diet.
This is how I was told to do the flush: to give it the best chance of success you should cleanse for a week beforehand, eating only fresh fruits, veg and grains: no fat, sugar, processed or refined food, caffeine, alcohol etc. Also drink a litre of pressed apple juice (not from concentrate) each day for 6 days beforehand. Ideally organic juice. Drink only warm or hot drinks (herbal tea, hot water with lemon).

The day of the flush, don't eat any fat or you will make yourself ill. Have plain oatmeal (with honey ok) for breakfast and rice with steamed veg for lunch. Do not eat anything after 2 pm or it may not work.

At 6 pm mix 4 tablespoons of oral Epsom Salts with three 8 fl oz glasses of filtered water in a jar. This makes 4 servings of 3/4 glass each. Drink the first portion now. It tastes really bad but you can brush your teeth afterwards. The Epsom salts dilate the bile ducts to make it easy to pass stones, so this is important. Take the 2nd serving at 8 pm. At 9.45 squeeze 3/4 glass of fresh grapefruit juice, or orange and lemon juice mixed. Put this in a jar with 1/2 cup olive oil and shake hard about 20 times until watery. You may need to visit the bathroom several times.

At 10 pm stand next to your bed and drink the olive oil and juice mixture straight down. Mixed with the grapefruit juice it tastes fine and is easy to drink. LIE DOWN STRAIGHT AWAY. This is essential to release the gallstones. You can lie on your back or your right side but make sure your head is higher than your abdomen. Lie still for at least 20 minutes and do not speak. You may feel the stones travelling along the bile ducts like marbles. I did feel this the 2nd time I did the flush, or at least I assume that's what I felt! You may feel nauseous in the night, but I found it wasn't too bad.

to be continued....
Anonymous said…
part two:

6 am next day drink your third serving of Epsom Salts. You can rest, read or meditate but stay in an upright position. At 8 am drink your last serving. You will spend most of the morning in the bathroom so don't plan on going anywhere until later in the day!
At 10 am you can drink freshly pressed juice, 30 mins later 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit and one hour later regular but light food. Eat light meals for the next few days.

I hope this is helpful as a detailed description of how to do the cleanse, even though I am not completely convinced it has worked for me, but hey it's definitely worth trying before surgery. I will post again after I get an ultrasound and report the results. I was very enouraged to read here accounts of people who did have an ultrasound scan and had actually got rid of their stones.

Best of luck and thanks Cliff for starting this discussion! Catherine
Brandon said…
Part 1:

Thanks for the post Cliff.. I only have one comment for you.. and that is, please stop apologizing when someone has a post that doesn't agree with how you've gone about things. You owe them nothing. There are exceptions to anything and everything.

And on to some of the other items that I have been confused over...

Firstly, there are many posts here where someone will say "I'm getting these stones examined, I'll let you know" or "I'm getting a second Ultrasound" yet these people never return to post their results. I would think that by this point someone, somewhere would have had stones from a flush examined.. No? Especially those looking for answers..

Secondly, the argument that they are not stones but soap deposits from the Olive Oil / Lemon juice.. If this is true then how do you argue around:

1). If you use an oil that isn't green, then why do you still get green stones?
2). How do you explain the fact that after many cleanses the amount of stones drop significantly and sometimes no stones are experienced?
3). How do you explain cleanses that use no oil yet stones are purged?
4). How do you explain the removal of pain after a cleanse and a return to normal digestion?

I see NOTHING other than the beginning argument but no conclusion to any of it. No facts, no proof.

I'm not a fan of removing organs because they are non-essential. That type of medicine is lazy and haphazard. However, if you desire to undergo surgery so bad then that choice is yours, no other person, article or statement can make that choice for you.

There are also many people on here who post scare tactics.. and that's ok because that's how they do things. In the end you have to do what you are comfortable with, however, just remember that traditional medicine can be just as dangerous or even more so..since losing a gallbladder because it is the quickest solutions can leave you damages the rest of your life.. But hey, at least you went to a DOCTOR right?

And to those who have done the cleanse? Well get some proof people.. If you are going to a lab to have that stone examined then DO IT, and post your findings. If you have an Ultrasound before and after than post it. The only way for people to feel more comfortable with this is to actually work with traditional medicine to get the facts straight. I think it's ridiculous that almost every single post, website, forum, etc touts the glories of the flush but almost ZERO proof which leaves it open to speculation from the other side and you know what? It's warranted!

Brandon said…
Part 2:

That being said... My research brought me here because the past two weeks have been pretty miserable from a Gallbladder standpoint. I do not believe I have a chronic issue.. I believe my stone issues are related to an extended fast (90 days) on top of a fair amount of weight loss. As I interpret it, during extreme weight loss the liver will dump cholesterol into the gallbladder. Also, not using the gallbladder for an extended period of time can cause the bile to form stones and that is how I believe I have developed them..

I'm unsure of the flush however I am definitely not in favor of the way traditional medicine handles this. I'm not going to have it removed because it has stones.. If this were kidney stones would they yank your kidneys? Doubtful... So, I am reading through all the mash and back/forth statements and just shake my head sometimes because it would be pretty simple to get some facts out of this..

So it looks like I may have to be the person to do this..but you know, in the end people will believe only what they want to believe. Simple as that.

So on to a question.. In my situation, I will have an attack when eating anything laden with fat. For me, laden with fat can be almost anything. If I stick to fruits, veggies, almond or coconut yogurt, quinoa, lentils, hemp or flax milk and mushrooms than I am ok. Anything outside of this and all bets are off.. So for those that have experienced attacks like this, were you able to sit down and properly digest fat content without an attack after performing the cleanse? Was it immediate or a gradual thing? Reason I ask? I am fairly active and coming off of a fast has left me requiring more sustenance which I cannot seem to get at the moment, so I am doing what I can until I figure out how to remedy this gallbladder. Any feedback would be great!

And Cliff? Stop apologizing! We know you're not a doctor but neither is anyone else here. :-)
Anonymous said…
I've read through this whole thread, but didn't see any mention of substituting walnut oil for the olive oil. Walnut oil has virtually no taste. When you add it to fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, it merely tastes like grapefruit juice with a hint of nuttiness. I didn't find an easier way to ingest the Epsom salts. I dissolved 4 tablespoons in 3 cups of water (drinking it in the required doses before and after the grape/walnut concoction.) The first dose was okay, but I seriously was not looking forward to the second dose or the rest. If anyone knows a better way to ingest Epsom, I'd love to know it.
Anonymous said…
Hi every one,I was came to know about a month ago abt my gallstone,After i came to kow i have started my weightloose because i cud not eat much due to gallstones .to get rid of this i was going for surgry..bt one day my family frnd told me olive oil treatment ..and i used that treatment and i was surprised that it really works....Now m absolutely fine..today m going for ultrasound n i hope result will be positive...after that i read thi article..jst for my knowldge i wud like to know wht is the functioning of olive oil n lemon in removal of gallstones.pl if anybody knows pl tell me ...
Anonymous said…
From what I can tell the cleansing process does help, and sometimes lasts for many years, but in most cases, it does not eliminate the presence of gallstones in the actual gallbladder. Even if the pain and symptoms are gone.
Unknown said…
I did a successful lemon/olive oil/Epsom flush about 7 years ago, repeated once after a week...more gravel and smaller stones. No more attacks! A few days ago I had a sonogram of my heart. I asked the technician to slide the instrument down to my gb. There was a 1 cm. stone in view. I will do another flush next week and, frankly, I think I will start doing them semi-annually. Immediately after the flush seven years ago I was offered a greasy sandwich. I said "No thanks" whereupon I was asked if I'd refused because of gb attacks. When I said "Yes" my acquaintance said his grandpa had gb attacks 50 years ago and cured it "by drinking olive oil!" It validated what I had just experienced and shows that this self-therapy has been around for awhile.
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff and others,

I have not been diagnosed with gall stones or any other gall bladder symptoms. My sister told me about this cleanse because she is doing medical missionary work and keeps me updated with loads of natural remedies for all sorts. I thought i would try this one because i was curious to see if the "stones" that pass out are actually bright green!

I reduced my fat intake gradually to virtually zero the day before the "flush". I didnt eat a lot of apples but i made a few apple smoothies (with pear & kiwi sometimes)and drank about a litre of apple juice a day (cloudy is best, not from concentrate - but doesn't matter too much) and did the epsom salt doses (magnesium sulphate heptahydrate - dissolved in apple juice) at 8pm & 10pm with the olive oil and fresh lemon juice at midnight(shake until frothy), laying on my right side going to sleep. I just finished another (double) dose of epsom salt in apple juice about 7.30am when i felt the need to go to the toilet.

Since my main reason for doing this was to see the bright green "stones" i did collect mine. 40 fairly small and yes quite soft stones that reminded me of play doh none larger than a small marble, passed out. I had no nausea, no vomitting, no pain and the need for the loo stopped by midday. I'm looking forward to eating again (i fasted from 2pm yesterday) and I think that if people are going to do this cleanse, you just need to cut down on the oils/fats in your diet to reduce the amount you pass each time. It took me an hour and a half to read through all these posts and to be honest I skipped the last few and read the 3 latest ones to finish off.

My friend has been diagnosed with gallstones and she is in a delicate position for surgery because the procedure itself coudl kill her due to her existing health issues but she is going to try this method first. She has to go back to the doctor for another scan in mid jan so i hope i will remember to come back on here and let you know the results. She said she'd do the flush each month until the scan (not long).

And yes, I agree with Brandon - Cliff, stop apologising. I realise you may be doing so because people have not been able to read through all the posts to see what you have said many times, but just for the record guys, CLIFF IS NOT A DOCTOR AND CANNOT GIVE YOU MEDICAL ADVICE! But it is great that you have set up this forum to shar eyou experience and so that we can all share and make up our own minds.

If anyone has any other symptoms with other illnesses, just consult your doctor first and weigh up the risks in your own mind. A lot of doctors these days are mainly taught how to prescribe drugs so may not actually be that "up" on natural remedies! Plus, have they tried it themselves!? I feel fine, but like i said, i've not been diagnosed.

PLEASE PLEASE continue to post the results of your post-cleanse scans. Those are the most inspiring testimonies. Congrats to everyone who has gotten rid of their stones and symptoms. Long life & good health to you all. God bless.

Anonymous said…
i was disapointed to read after quite a few people wrote on here that they would post a before and After ultrasound but never did

thats the way forward to helping others make a start on helping themselves

if no-one brings the information then no real steps can be made forward for some..

PLEASE post some Success stories after a flush with a recent ultrasound
Anonymous said…
i am fifty five yrs old. iam taking medicine of high bp. i hve 3-4mm stones in my gall bladder. doctor asked me for the laproscopy. bt suddently smbody told me about this olive oil treatment. nwow i decided to do it firstly. i want to know about the diet and all that? what quantity should i take? please expalin it properly.........

Cliff Yankovich said…
Anonymous 55 year old - what do you mean by "explain it properly"? If you read my initial blog, you can do what I did. If you take the time to read all the ensuing comments you will see that different people have done different variations in terms of diet/fasting/methodology. There is no "proper" way to do this. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
I was in pain, read the first few postings and had a cup of EVOO with lemon juice. By the time I read 80% of the page I was already feeling good. Without being to the loo yet.
You need to realize a few things. Big stoned do not cause harm as they are too large to enter and block the bile duct unless they break down. You can diagnose the gallstone bile blockage from urine and poop color, urine will be dark tea color and poop light fair color because the dark bile will be blocked from entry to the digestive system and will be separated from the blood stream into the urinary system. I had a bile stone dislodged during an ultrasound-rare but it happens. The flush is a good practice and needs to be done by healthy people. It does not harm you. If it fails then you need to be careful because a block of the pancreatic duct is a serious issue. If symptoms do not indicate pancreatic issues then there is no life threatening risk. Educate yourselves on the difference between both. I have managed to dodge surgery since 1996. I have two doctors agreeing with my approach too.
Salim from Jordan
Carleen said…
I by necessity had to have an ERCP, removal of a gall stones from the bile duct. Not realizing I had a stone lodged, I used Andreas Mortiz's recipe and advice. When the GI dr. took out the stone, he found a ton of gravel behind the stone (from the liver/gallbladder flush) and cleaned that out as well. When I did get home from the hospital, the next weekend I redid the entire flush - drinking apple juice (32 oz) for 6 days and then the flush. It continued to work in ridding my body of gallstones and I'm feeling so much better! I consulted with the Dr. that wanted to do the surgery to take out my gallbladder after the billyrubin and pancreas settled down. I told him what I had done and what I was going to proceed with and try and stay away from surgery. He told me that if more people knew about this, he would be out of business! When I was about 30 yrs old, now 60 yrs old, I was diagnosed with gallstones and once again, a dr. could hardly wait to take out the gallbladder. At that time, I followed Adele Davis' advice in her book, "Let's Get Well" and went on Virgin Olive Oil for three weeks, morning and night, followed by a fresh squeezed lemon drink at the end of 3 weeks. I hadn't had any trouble in all of these years. Will now follow information I've found and repeat the flush every month for about 6 months until I see no more gall stones - but this works great and there is no pain when passing the gallstones at all. The apple juice does indeed soften them. I did have an ultrasound previous to the ERCP procedure and do not plan to go back for another unless needed. Feeling great and so looking forward to this Christmas and New Years! Thanks Cliff for this website and the testimonies on it!
Peggy said…
I tried the cleanse two days ago. Didn't see anything, but do feel better only a tight feeling on my right side. I used 1/2c olive oil and about 3/4c apple juice. Did not fast either. Did not vomit felt a little queasy. Going to try again tonight with evoo and lemon lime juice mixture.
Carleen said…
Peggy, look up Andreas Moritz's site on Google and read and listen to his information. This is what I followed and with his info, you prepare for 6 days previous to the flush. I saw much much more the second time and third time and feel like I'm 20 yrs old again. In fact, I read this can also help suffers with eczema so my husband has done this too.
des said…
I was told about the olive oil and lemonjuice remedy back in 2000 by a friend of a cousin of mine,we were on holiday at the time and by the time i got home i had forgotten the proportions recommended,i tried to contact the woman in question but they had split up.i started mixing three spoonfuls of olive oil (virgin of course)with the juice of half a lemon taken last thing at night, every night. needless to say the regiem lapsed, especially when i found my wife was using concentrated lemon juice instead of fresh. ugh! and again ugh!. In of feburary of 2012 i got a severe blockage in my bile duct that had me hanging over or sitting on the
W C for the best part of two days, this coinsided with my annual visit to my G P who had taken a blood sample, i told him i was in a
little discomfort but typical male i did'ent make a fuss, he telephoned me in a state of panic two days later to rush me to hospital,my liver function results were off the scale, i explained to him that i knew what had happened,he did more tests and they came back clear,since then i have been taking my jollop as i call it every night and so far i havent had a recurrence. it was only when i read this blog that i wondered whether i should be taking more "jollop" or is the regularity of my small intake sufficient to ward off further attacks?.I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said…
Well, after doing weeks of research on the gallbladder I am thankful I stumbled upon this site. I have been plagued with stomach problems for years and the older I get the worse it gets. So much for "the golden years". After a colonoscopy showed no problems I had a gastroscope which showed I had Barrett's Esophagus caused from GERD. After taking Nexium for the acid reflux for years it has not progressed, but other problems have developed. After eating or drinking anything I would have severe abdominal pain--bloating, intestinal gas (which could not be expelled) and a cramping pain in the right side. The pain was not necessarily up under my ribs, but just my entire right side was tender to the point I could hardly stand up straight. I assumed it was my reflux and have dealt with it as well as I could. After a friend had a severe bout with her gallbladder and described her symptoms I started researching.

Now for my results---I drank apple juice, water and only ate apples and steamed vegetable for 3 days prior to my cleanse, which all caused me pain. On the day of my cleanse I drank the apple juice and ate a bowl of oatmeal midmorning. I quit drinking any liquids at 5 that day and did a fleet enema. At 6:30 I started the yukky cocktail--1/4 cup EV olive oil and 1/8 to 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice. I did this every 15 minutes for 5 doses but couldn't make myself drink anymore for fear of it all coming back up. I also kept a piece of peppermint handy to put in my mouth just long enough to rub my on tongue to quell the gag reflex. And believe me it does help. I did as everyone recommended and sat up only to drink it down and back to laying on the right side. After that last dose I fell asleep and woke around 2 ready to go get rid of some stones!!! I never vomited, but it was a miracle I didn't. I did use the net to see if it worked and I was totally shocked. Lots of green and black "stones"-most the size of a small grape. I didn't count them, but there were plenty. No more movements the rest of the day until that afternoon, but there were lots more. I can't say I felt wonderful the first day but since then (3 days later) I feel like a new woman. If it wasn't stones, oh well. Whatever it was that came out sure has improved my "gut" problem and for that I am thankful. I plan on trying it again in a couple of months if the problems don't return just to make sure they are all cleaned out. Thanks to everyone who has posted their results because it gave me the courage to try it and thank you Cliff for starting it!!
Cliff Yankovich said…
Thanks very much for sharing your experience with all of us. I am sure someone will benefit from reading it.
Anonymous said…
While doing some searches on the web re gallbladder problems I came on this site, after I have an ultra sound I will try the flush, can't wait to feel better.
What no one mentions here but I have read is that some people believe that gallbladder disease can be related to celiac disease. On a different site than this one there were postings of (quite a few)people who's symptoms did not disappeared after gallbladder removal. Many went on gluten free diets and got some help from that. Also it seems that new evidence suggests that people can be misdiagnosed as having IBS which can actually be celiac disease. I've had a lot of stomach pain for years and hope to find what is wrong. Now I have gallbladder pains.
I don't really want to have surgery so I'm sieving through the net for good info. Your stories on this would be great. Thank you for your blog Cliff.
Lucille on the coast of Canada
Hi Cliff,

I started having problems in February of 2012. I became very ill, feeling kind of like I had the flu and was very sleepy. Then I started having pain on both sides of my rib cage, kind of in a V shape just beside the stomach. I ended up at the ER because I thought it was related to a mesh surgery I had had several years before. They immediately honed in on my gallbladder. Had a test done at the hospital that didn't show anything and they wanted me to go have some other test. Like many other people these days, I don't have insurance and could not afford to get the test, AND I did not want to have surgery. So I started doing some research and found this cleanse. The first time I did the cleanse I drank the olive oil straight and mixed the fresh squeezed lemon juice with a bit of water. (I just couldn't drink it straight). I did this before bedtime, woke up the next morning and nothing happened for a few hours. The first trip to the bathroom didn't show much. The next few definitely did and I am not kidding when I say I felt wonderful afterwards. I have not seen one post that showed anyone having similar symptoms to mine. I became ill again in August of 2012, same as before. Before the pain had time to set in I did a cleanse, this time mixing walnut oil and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Much easier to get down and very, very little taste of oil. Much, much easier to handle than the EVO. Again, I felt great after passing the stones.
Well, the last few days I started feelin ill again, sleepy, (slept 10and 1/2 hours last night, usually sleep no more than 6 or 7)felt flu like, thought I might have a slight cold or something. Then I remembered thinking, why do I seem to feel worse after I eat...duh..so tonight I am going to do the flush again, only adding fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with organic apple juice after ingesting the walnut oil and grapefruit juice. I know I will have good results and look forward to feeling better. As a note, I do have a history of high cholesterol and I'm pretty sure this is why I have the problems I do. I am also a nurse, one that avoids surgery at all cost..had my appendix removed when they didn't need to be, but they had me consent to surgery after giving me two pain meds and phenergan for nausea and another surgery for uterine prolapse that sent me home with MRSA. I am terrified of surgery and would recommend that before having surgery, give this a try. If you are afraid of the duct getting blocked, get an ultrasound. I believe all of our organs are in our body are there for a reason, and I'm not letting anyone take another one if I don't have to. Good luck to all.

Pam said…
Ok - I am giong to give this a try tonight. Have been to the doctors and they thought I had an ulcer - so put me on Proton blockers - which did not help, so I stopped taking them, and I am loath to go back to the dr to be put on something else to see if that helps!! I have been having problems with pain in the right side for a while now, it does come and go - but also about a month ago had severe pain behind my right sholder blade, which I went to an oesteopath for. Also was wondering if anyone also had a referred pain sometimes under the right hand molar when they are having an "attach". Also I have urine that is just slightly irritating and my skin feels more sensitve too, ie. whelts easier when I scratch and also I a little "itchier" than normal.
My throat seems restricted too now and I have a funny feeling in it.
Now I am sounding like a hypocondriac, but these are all the symtoms that I have (although the throat one could now be from anxiety perhaps as you do get worried when something is going on with your body and you just don't know what!)
I just had to put these symptoms on here and see if anyone can relate?
And I will defiantely come back with the results of my cleanse in a few days!
I am just about ready for the first dose of Epsom Salts, and am not looking forward to the next 24 hours - but here's hoping!!
Gallbladder and liver "flushes" are widely advocated as a way of treating gallstones and helping with medical conditions ranging from allergies to cancer [1-4]. In the usual “flush,” half a cup or more of a vegetable oil is consumed together with citrus juice and Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate), usually after a brief fast. Many green, brown, yellow or black blobs of various sizes may later appear in the bowel movements. Some bear a slight resemblance to gallstones, but they are not stones. They are merely bile-stained "soaps" produced by partial saponification (soap formation) of the oil. A recent demonstration found that mixing equal volumes of oleic acid (the major component of olive oil) and lemon juice produced several semi-solid white balls after a small volume of potassium hydroxide solution was added. After air-drying at room temperature, these balls became quite solid and hard. When formed in the intestine, these objects absorb bile and become green [5]. It has also been shown that red dye will appear in the interior of the “stones” if consumed with the oil [1]. for more ..... http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/flushes.html
Anonymous said…
Hi Cliff, I have done this same cleanse several times and it does work. I find it better if you eat very light a day or 2 before the cleanse and also do a coffee enema the night before the cleanse. To keep down vomiting, I take 2 Pepcids just before starting the olive oil and that helps alot. I too had a gallbladder attack in August and went to the emergency room thinking it was something else. I left and went home and did a cleanse that night and around 3am felt the problem stone drop from the gallbladder into digestive track and the pain went completely away and I continued to pass stones until noon the next day. The cleanse really does work.
Arianne said…
Hi all,

I'm really nervous about doing the gall bladder cleanse but I am far more scared of having the surgery.

From what I understand everyone uses a different method of olive oil and lemon juice. What do you all use to soften the stones so it causes as minimum pain as possible? Does it hurt when it passes through? I've heard apple cider vinegar is one way. And how much of the olive oil and lemon juice do you have?
Cliff Yankovich said…
Arianne - I think if you read the comments here, you will see there are many ways to attempt this cleanse. There does not seem to be any "right" way to do it. Many folks seem to have accomplished their goal without all the violent reaction that I experienced. That being said, I can deal with some vomiting and quality time spent in the bathroom if it means I can avoid surgery. Good luck!
JD said…
I don't want to say whether or not this works, maybe it does for some people, but I have an alternative hypothesis. I have been having terrible upper abdominal pains and the like for the past few months. I went to the doctor and had a lot of tests done, but he couldn't find much. After reading about it online, it sounded exactly like the symptoms of gallstones. I read this site and tried it myself, low and behold getting lots of small "stone" looking things in my poop and feeling MUCH better. However, when I visited the doctor and told him this, he laughed and said, "What!? You didn't have gallstones at all! I would have seen them on the ultrasound." He thought for a minute and said, "I bet it was impacted feces. The olive oil removed it. That's why you feel so much better. I didn't even think of that but it was possible." (or something to that extent, i live in Japan so it's hard to translate directly). I'm thinking the oil balls (for me) were just a symptom of injesting large amounts of olive oil. But after reading, Olive oil is an effective treatment for impacted feces. Read about it if you want more info. I think a lot of people who self-diagnose gallstones might just have this instead!
Hi Cliff,

I can see that the comments have been passed for so many years. So i give it a shot after seeing all the comments. I am gonna try the Olive oil and Lime juice method this week on saturday. Will get back on Monday to post my comments again. Thanks every one for sharing your experience. I got some push to attempt this method.

Hey Cliff,
I am gonna try this method this Saturday. Will get back with the experience. Thanks for all your kind comments
Barb V. said…
Dear Cliff,

Thank you for keeping this information available. I had been suffering for 8 months when I finally read it. The attacks had gone from every three or four months to every 3 or 4 days. The flush worked for me! OMG! It has changed my life. I blended the olive oil and lemon juice the way one person suggested, and had no nausea. Since three weeks has passed and no more episodes and digestion has returned to better than three years ago when it all started to go bad.
So grateful, hope the disbelievers will just give it a try, and get healthy again.
And, yes, I'm sticking to a much healthier diet from now on.
Thanks again,
Barb V.
Anonymous said…
I was scared to do this because believe it or not, l hate to throw up. So much so that the pain from the gallstones was preferable. However, l cannot afford to take time off of work to get cut open, so . . . I followed the walnut oil method with the lemon juice starting at about 7 pm last night. I did indeed get the whole pint down, the lemon juice was worse. I was sick to my stomach all night, but managed to keep it in, had nothing happen until about 3 this afternoon, then l think two or three trips to the loo did the trick. Several white, green, and then black at the last. I too ate lightly all week, drank apple juice, avoided soda pop, and did not take epsom salts, or have an enema. It was all the previous comments, as well as the original post that convinced me. But do your homework, read up, make your own choice.
cherowie said…
is it safe to anyone?
to a diabetic person?
need your answer asap....
Cliff Yankovich said…
I do not advise anyone in either direction. If you have diabetes you might want to consult with your health care provider. I am not a professional - do not advise people in any capacity. I started this blog as a record of what I did for my own situation. I wish you all the best.
Anonymous said…
A friend did the cleanse 24 hours ago, very successfully and got rid of about 50 stones. He is now getting some more pain and is going to do it again tomorrow. Is it OK to repeat the process, and is there a time limit?
Cliff Yankovich said…
As I have mention many times, I do NOT give anyone advice on this cleanse. While I am glad your friend feels some relief, I am in no way qualified to advise him or her to do anything. Sorry if you think this is a cop-out on my part, but do you really want to take medical advice from some guy you do not know on the internet?
bonnie said…
Hello, did this cleanse a few years ago and it worked for me! After the journey of docs and tests and nothing showing up I found this site and another confirming success via the same method. I had the neck,shoulder pain, nausea and the pressure under the ribs. I had racing heart (one time thought I was having a heart attack) and a depression and crazy feel in my head sometime....no doc contributed any of this to gallbladder issues! A nurse at a seniors home mentioned it to me when I visited a family member, then the internet and several goggle searchs confirmed it! Docs don't know everything, each is as good as how much research he does and how open his mind is...my opinion. Anyway I am back for a look and for encouragement by reading the many posts as I prepare to cleanse again, discomfort in my right side and all tests say nothing else going on! xrays ultra sound ct and a mri...came to me when my daughters symptoms sounded like my old ones and I recommended the clease for a try and thought hey! I better do it too, fogot about it and im sure it is what I need! had to laugh that I have felt so good after the last time I actually fogot! As far as diabetis, avoiding the applejuice part would take the sugar factor out...but what do I know. Thank you for keeping this info available, recommended it to may people! bonnie
Anonymous said…
I had known I had gallbladder stones for five years. Surgery only when needed was my doctors view. Now I am 60 and a little afraid to try the olive/lemon treatment at this age. Doctors of course will not stand by. Need encouragement.

I have a secret to share. If I wake up in the night with acidity reflux I take a table spoon of Fenugreek seeds and swallow it with water. I sleep well till next morning with no burning sensation.
Lawrence from Sri Lanka
Anonymous said…
I had stitching right upper quadrant pain. GP thought possible gallstones.
This was first article I read. Ate apple compote and white bread and drank apple juice all day from 8am till 5pm. Then nothing till 11pm. Drank 6x1/3 cup of olive oil and 2 table spoons of lemon juice over 2 hours. Went to bed lay on right sie. Very nauseated but not vomiting. First bowel movement 6 am nothing special. Second at 9 am produced a host of little kernels. Salvaged 8, biggest 1cm diameter. Look exactly like online gallstone pictures. Maybe not all gone but no more pain for 5 days now. Awaiting ultra sound in January.
Jaap, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Shine said…
Thank you for sharing such amazing info and the comments are full of good advice too!
diane said…
Hi, I want to share my story. I am a firm believer of natural ways verses medication and surgery. All last year I had several gallbladder attacks. I have past experience with GB attacks and the cleanse. But last year was more frequent. I would do a cleanse after an attack. Well the last time in November. I tried the cleanse, which have always been successful. This time something went wrong, A large stone got lodged in my appendix. It burst in December and I had to have emergency surgery. Dr said it was a stone lodged in the appendix. Anyhow I am not sharing to scare anyone away from the cleanse. Because I still intend to do twice a year cleanse because I am prone to gallbladder issues. In fact what I feel I did wrong is skipped the week long apple juice/apples prep before the cleanse in which it helps dissolve the stones. I had attacks then dealt with them with just the olive oil and lemon juice and epsom salts. I wish I had done the prep the week before because I do feel it would have dissolved the stone and it would not have lodged in my appendix. I was so upset that I had to have surgery. Still no completely recovered from it. My abdominals are weak now and I am limited on what weights and exercises I can do. But better lodged in the appendix than in the pancreatic duct. So if you have large gallstones it would be wise to spend the week before doing the apple juice/apples and or malic acid prep before the actual cleanse. I hope sharing this will help some one avoid the issues I ran into and was not aware could happen. Before doing cleanses I did lots of research and I was aware of the pancreatic duct a stone getting lodged there but not a stone lodging in the appendix and it rupturing.
Anonymous said…
I had a self diagnosed (I am a chiropractor) gall bladder attack 3 years ago after losing 35 pounds in 5 weeks doing a protein shake cleanse diet. Apparently rapid weight loss can cause gall bladder attacks. I juiced some veggies (beets, celery, cucumber I think) in the wee hours of the morning when I googled juicing for gall stones. Then I remembered my grandmother's cure of olive oil and lemon juice for kidney and gall stones. So I mixed some olive oil and lemon juice and added a little honey. I drank it but the honey wouldn't mix in and at the end of the glass the little bit of honey laded on my tongue taking away any bad taste and was actually pleasant tasting. I did not fast or do epsons salts because it was the middle of the night and I was in pain and just went with what I had on hand. I slept on my side and several hours later went to the bathroom. My pain was gone and has never returned. I just wanted to mention the honey because some people mention having a hard time getting down the olive oil. Try a little honey in your glass.
Anonymous said…
The only acceptable proof that these gall bladder flushes work would be a before and after ultrasound. After an extensive search of the web and medical literature, I find no such data.

The only conslusion is that you are creating oil. Reports of people passinf hundreds of gallstones then flushing again and hundreds more is nonsense. The gall bladder cannot hold so many stones.

Anyone studying anatomy knows that the size of these stones claimed being passed also is incomptaible with the plumbing!
Cliff Yankovich said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cliff Yankovich said…
I understand your argumnents and they have been made in numerous places. However, there are still many people for whom this has worked - me being one of them. I do not pretend to know why, but it has been several years since I had problems and dealt with them in a way that "science" seems to suggest cannot and will not work. Well, it worked for me. Sorry I did not go to the expense of getting ultrasound before and after, but I somehow doubt any claim of such would be believed any way.
Anonymous said…
This entire blog has intrigued me. My story began in 2012…dull, sometimes sharp pain under my right rib cage…as everyone else here, I have had Endoscopy, Stool Samples 2 Ultrasounds, Hyda Scan, even CT scans….thankfully, all shows normal. Yet, the pain remains. Last March, my Husband and I had a bad case of the stomach bug….not to be to graphic, but it was from both ends. Afterwards, I noticed the pain and pressure were gone. GONE! I'm wondering if there is a connections between the vomitting and diarrhea…perhaps our bodies are getting rid of something. I had been pain free for almost a year, when the same nagging pain has returned once again. Again, I've had CT and U/S which still show normal, and no stones.
I've also had numerous friends whom have had the same tests that showed, "normal", only to have surgery and be told their Gallbladder was in terrible shape. Anyway, I'm thinking of trying the cleanse…after all, my relief came after a massive amount of "cleansing".
Anonymous said…
Hi I came across your blog today and I want to relate my experience to your readers.
Way back in 2005 I was told I had gallstones. Like many people, I didn't want to go under the knife so I did this liver cleanse every three four months initially. Unfortunately, the gallstones remained and in fact increased in number! Of course, some stones did come out.
I didn't give up, but continued to drink the olive oil concoction regularly.
Finally, about four years later, I was told by the radiologist that there were no stones in my gall bladder! She didn't believe me when I told her that I had lots of them earlier. [I had gone to a different radiologist]
So, those of you who wish to try this cleanse, don't give up after one round. Sometimes, it takes a few times,
I am drinking this concoction tonite to make sure any stones that may have formed since then are expelled.
Anonymous said…
Hi ,
I am a surgeon myself who has done numerous Cholecystectomies(Gall bladder removal) in my last 9 yrs of practice in India . I must admit that the olive oil, lime juice epsom salts therapy works well as i have learnt from many of my patients , who are totally symptom free for many years after the flush.
I have repeated the USG on a few patients to find the gall stones still seen on sonogram, but surprisingly they were free of symptoms. ( Medical science is still arguing if asymptomatic gall stones need to be treated)
So I believe it is unethical to operate on patients when they can get relief from a simple domestic cocktail.( I know this is against the interests of my community :) )
Anonymous said…
sorry I am an a R.N. doubt that what you are passing are stones.. stones sink they don't float you are seeing gobs of oil mixed w bile from ur bowels..

Arthur Steele, India said…
Hi Cliff,
I am 59 yrs old and have been having gall bladder problems for the last 4 years or so. If I ate rich foods would almost always end up with a hard pad like upper abodemen and pain. I had an Ultra sound scan which showed 2 stones of around 7mm. I have been using Homeopathy for many years and decided to try to disolve the stones using Chellodinum majus tincture and China. This kept me in reasonable good condition with very little symptoms/pain. Last week however I seemed to have a flare up of the pain without having eaten any rich foods. While looking for alternate remidies came across your blog and after reading all the pro and con letters decided to try the cleanse which I did yesterday. I did not use the epsom salts as I feel it is to harsh. I fasted [ no solid food only apple juice] for the whole day yesterday and took the last drink at 5.30pm At 6.30 pm I started on the Olive oil/lime juice and managed to consume a full pint [2 cups] of OO and a cup of LJ by 8.30pm resting between the doses,lying on my right side. I ha very little feeling of nausea and did not vomit.Had my first bowel movement at midnight and was surprised that it was almost normal. Next was at 2.30 am and it was very liquid and full of "floaters" Third movement was at 5 am again liquid with floaters. I am posting this at 8 am and will update later as to my other observations and if my complaint gets better or not
Arthur Steele
Jenna Wade said…
Other than nausea and vomiting that some people report experiencing, is there any other unpleasantness I should look forward to during the cleanse? I’m am worried all the oil will give me a painful gallbladder attack and I’ll be up all night in excruciating pain.
Big Red Dawg said…
Jenna - if you are worried at all, then don't do this procedure. This is NOT a medical advice forum, I am not a doctor. I merely reported my results and if you have anxiety, then seek relief through a method that gives you peace of mind.
Jenna Wade said…
I did it! I was really nervous, but I did it. It was pretty easy. I drank 2 gallons of apple juice and ate nothing but Granny Smith apples for 2 days prior. The day of the flush, stopped eating apples at 2:00 (but I did have apple juice after.). 6:00 and 8:00 took the epsom salt and a fleet enema. It’s pretty bitter, but I immediately chewed on a piece of Dentine Ice peppermint gum afterwards, and it helped a lot. 10:00, mixed 3/4 cup extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil with about 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Gulped it down with a straw, and immediately laid in bed. It was surprisingly easy to get down...I didn’t mind the olive oil taste—but I totally craved some fresh baked bread to go with it! Lol. Laid on mulch right side with knees up to chest for 30 minutes watching YouTube videos, then went to sleep. I was very, very mildly queasy. Not bad at all. It did make me belch a couple times, and I probably could have thrown up if I wanted to, but all in all, pretty easy to get down. I didn’t experience the feeling of marbles rolling around in the fut that some have mentioned, which was kind of a bummer, but I slept great. No pain whatsoever. Woke up around 7:00 and took the epsom salt and then back to bed. Got out of bed around 8:00 to use the toilet. The green waxy balls were there as promised. I don’t know if they were gallstones or what, but they were there. Took the last epsom sat at 8:00, and have been laying around and using the bathroom probably about 10 times. Each time, more green floaters came out. Less each time. I was feeling a little sluggish this morning and mildly queasy, but I am starting to feel really good already. I did retrieve one of the bigger green balls, and it squished like play dough. Again, I don’t know if these were gallstones or just bile covered oil globs, but with so many people reporting feeling so much better after the cleanse, I don’t care too much what they were. I ate some vegetables around 2:00, and they stayed down fine. I’m really hoping tomorrow I get the great feeling of health that so many have described.
All in all, I was nervous to try this and was afraid I’d spend the night puking violently or with the excruciating gallbladder pain, but I’m happy to report, I had none of that. Instead, I had probably the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while. I’m going to take it easy on diet for a few days, and then maybe I’ll try a piece of pizza-a big trigger for gallbladder attacks in the last. We shall see!

Thanks for all of the comments and for everyone who shared their experience here!

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