Olive oil and lemon juice gallstone cleanse works!

May 29, 2011 - This post has been up since June 2008. I am amazed at the number of people who read it. There are several hundred page views every month. Please take the time to read the various comments after my post. In addition to some success stories, I have been diligent to put up comments from people who don't agree with my thinking and/or experience on this matter. My purpose in writing this was NOT to try to convince others to do what I did, but rather to share my experience. Anyway - since doing this I have not had any further issues with gallstones or pain (knock on wood, toss salt over my shoulder, etc. etc.).
I am not trying to replace a visit to the doctor, just sharing what I did and inviting others to share their experience - even when it does not line up with mine.

January 8, 2012 - the comments and readers keep coming. I thought I should mention one more thing. If you take the time to read all the comments you will find some variations on the recipe I followed. I mention this because some people have had a terrible time trying to swallow all of the olive oil. (It is NOT an easy task.) Maybe one of the other versions will work better for you if you cannot get yourself to swallow all the oil. For what it is worth, I have had no return of the symptoms that drove me to try this cleanse.

This getting old is tough stuff. I will turn fifty shortly and have enjoyed excellent health for the last several years. My birthday present to myself was a two-fold whammy of dis-ease. Gallstones and shingles!!

Started having gallstone symptoms a couple three weeks ago. We have health professionals in the family - son James is a paramedic and his wife Jessica is a pediatric nurse. They confirmed what we suspected about my discomfort being gall bladder problems.

So I googled gallstones in search of a natural remedy to the problem. Found several sites with suggested gall bladder cleansing methods most of which involved olive oil and lemon juice. Sign me up, dude because I sure do not want surgery. Let me say here that I told Julie (who was worried about me) that IF the cleanse failed to help that I would go into the doctors to see what they suggested.
The pain was getting very intense near the end of last week. Side note: great time for a double whammy - shingles have shown up on the right side of my body between my nipple and my waist. Ouch!

Because we are open 6 days a week I decided to do the cleanse on Saturday night so that I could deal with any lingering problems on Sunday when I do not have to be at the store. I picked a cleanse and followed the instructions. I did not eat anything after 12 noon and quit drinking fluids about a half hour before I started the cleanse.

My chosen cleanse involved drinking down 1/4 cup of olive oil followed by two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. You do this every 15-20 minutes until you swallow a pint of olive oil and the corresponding amount of lemon juice. I have to confess that I could NOT get the last bit of the olive oil down. I probably drank 12-13 ounces of it, but I could tell that I was gonna heave it up if I swallowed any more.

The whole time I am doing this I followed the suggestion to stay lying down on my right side. (Of course the shingles are on my right side, but that is another subject!) Watched a couple of movies. Went to bed around midnight. Woke up at 2 am and knew I had to go to the bathroom. What followed was tumultuous to say the least. Most sites suggest catching the resulting poop from the cleanse in a net in order to see the gallstones. I figured I could do without that bit of fun. However I will report that I saw lots of gallstones floating on the water between flushes - especially the last couple of flushes when what was coming out of my body was mostly liquid. They were greenish blue (like the websites said they would be) and they floated as promised. The biggest ones I saw were maybe like a pea. I probably saw 20-25, but as I mentioned I did not trap my waste in order to better inspect it for stones.
I also threw up very, very violently. Prior to throwing up I was drenched in sweat as I sat on the toilet. After I threw up I passed some more waste/fluid/yucky stuff and then brushed my teeth, washed my face and went out to lie on the couch and recover. I drank some water, had some more water and then had a bowl of cereal. Went to bed and when I got up later that morning all the gallstone problems and pain were gone. I hopped on our little tractor and mowed the lawn - trust me I would NOT have been able to do that prior to unloading the gallstones. It hurt to ride in the Mustang, there is no way I could have handled the slaming around and vibrations from mowing the lawn. I took the dog for a walk and when I saw a storm approaching we had to run to the house to beat the rain. While I could walk when I had gallstones (in fact, walking is a way to ease the pain which worked well for me) there was no way I did any running.

If I ever do another gallstone cleanse the only thing I would do differently would be during the day or so before the cleanse. I would probably clean myself out with an enema or something and probably start fasting 24 hours before the cleanse instead of eating breakfast and fasting from noon on.

Take it from me - the lemon juice/olive oil cleanse really, really works.

Here is one site: http://www.relfe.com/gall_stone_cleanse.html


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