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OBFUSCATION: The Request To Vacate High Street - Lowell Condo Project Part 2

The word of the day is Obfuscate: Definition ofobfuscate

1a: to throw into shadow : DARKENb: to make obscureobfuscate the issue2: CONFUSE

Lowell City Council Blocking Condos? I think not.

I have been on the City Council now for a little over half a year. Still learning new things every week.  It has come to my attention that some folks in Lowell believe the City Council is holding up progress when it comes to the proposed condo project on the Riverwalk in the old school buildings.

Bull-shizzle. Not the case at all. Let me give you a bit of a time line to demonstrate how much City Manager Mike Burns, the DDA, and the City Council have been trying their best to make the condo project a reality.

1. I was a board member of the DDA (Downtown Development Authority) for a couple years before being appointed to fill Jeff Phillips council seat late last year. While on the DDA, Mike Burns came to us with the recommendation that we become a recognized Brownfield site. In short, doing so would allow anyone purchasing a building or buildings with something like asbestos in it to be able to apply for and easily receive tax credits to offset the expense of asbestos abatement. At the …