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Seven Reasons Why Obama's Farewell Does Not Get Me Misty Eyed

First - I voted for Obama.
Secondly - the crap he has had to put up with from the Republican Congress is mostly horseshit.

That being said, here are    reasons why his farewell week left me dry eyed and unmoved.
Pick a progressive issue - any one of them and see how Obama stacks up.

1. Immigration Reform: This president has deported more people than any previous president. If you think they are all criminals and nasty folks, you got it wrong.

2. Give Peace A Chance: Obama has overseen the death of more people by drones than GWB. Do you want to discuss how obscene killing with drones is - some kid in an air conditioned room in Utah is playing a video game that ends in the death of innocent men, women, and children - all done with no possible harm to himself, save for the gnawing mental anguish that is sure to surface. If blowing oneself up while taking innocent lives is cowardice, then how exactly would you classify drone killing?

3. Legalization of Weed: President Obama paid a lot of …

The One Thing I Learned From Donald Trump Is A Life Changer

Gotta thank President Elect Trump for giving me a Life Lesson, for hammering home a truth that I have been studying and attempting to apply for the last several months of my life. His getting elected POTUS is proof positive of the efficacy of the principle I have been trying to wrap my head around for the last few months in an effort to put the hardships of the last three years behind me.

The Principle goes by a lot of different names. Basically it boils down to replacing the negative thoughts and words in your life with thoughts and affirmations of a positive nature. You are taught to ignore the current symptoms or evidence or conditions and focus your thoughts and words on the desired goal. Need money? Then stop telling everyone how broke you are, ignore your bank balance and speak your way to prosperity. Health problems? Speak to your body, right down to the cellular level and correct things. Hate your job? Visualize that position you have always wanted. Declare that you will be __…