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What is the difference between Mel and Charlie?

Without a doubt Mel Gibson has been digging himself into a pretty deep hole with his racial comments and misogynistic comments. Women all over the country are outraged - vowing to never again watch a Mel Gibson movie. 
Meanwhile Charlie Sheen remains the highest paid actor on TV. The same Charlie Sheen who:
"Accidentally" shot his girlfriend Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990.Knocked his girlfriend Brittany Ashland to the ground so hard she lost consciousness.Was accused by his second wife of threatening to kill her with a knife. (Should we mention the affidavit signed by the nanny? Nah.)Was arrested and taken to the slammer on Christmas Day in 2009 for assaulting his wife Brooke Mueller.Who is not only a tad rough on the women in his life, but also is very big in the 9/11 Truth Movement, those folks who think the Bush administration was actually behind the attacks on 9/11. Ladies - why aren't you tearing your hair out and threatening or boycotting Mr Sheen with the same am…

This new financial stuff is so cool.

WARNING: My sarcasm light is lit!

I am so glad that our government has taken control of banking so that things are much better for small business owners like Julie and I. The evidence of the crystal clarity and great deals directed at small businesses is arriving in the mail.
Just today I received an exciting offer from TransFirst/On Deck Capital which contains "Unique Solutions to Enhance Your Business". What it boils down to is a business loan - IF I use them for my credit card processing. It is a bundle deal. Because of our excellent credit history and business performance, we have been pre-approved for anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 bucks.
NO INTEREST - that's right. Interest is a thing of the past. This new, deluxe offer informs me that "the cost of borrowing is referred to as cents on the dollar". That is way, way better than interest, right?
So here is the deal they offered: The cost of borrowing is only 19 to 30 cents on the dollar. Oh - and it is a fi…

Happiest Drain in the whole USA.

One night as I was flossing n brushing before nigh-nigh, I noticed that our drain seemed to be smiling at me. I thought it was unusual, so I snapped this shot.
Of course, once I had taken this step, there were many times when the drain was smiling up at me. Over the course of the next several days I began to check the drain for smiles when I would shave or brush my teeth. These pictures are PROOF that our drain is the happiest drain in the whole USA.
Sometimes the drain manifests a nose -
Sometimes the smiley face is wearing a patch -
Our drain seems to be telling us to smile - and the whole world will smile with us.
What is your drain saying to YOU?