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Crossing Main Street In Lowell - 15 Years of Frustration

12/7/17 - UPDATE - There is a general consensus of customers, business owners, as well as the City Manager and Chief of Police that in addition to a cross walk with a light that requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians, we also need to bug MDOT to put in dedicated left turn signals at the light where M-21 intersects with Hudson Street. (You know, where the Shell station and the Historical Museum are.)

FYI: City Manager Burns would like to see a HAWK system installed. They have them in Fenton, where he was Asst. City Manager.

With the HAWK system, when a pedestrian presses a button, the red lights flash and traffic stops to let folks cross. Can you imagine how nice that would be in Lowell??

So, our MISSION people is to keep polite, but insistent, pressure on Jason Cole - he is the person from MDOT who is assigned to work with the City Of Lowell. He does return calls - Jason can be reached at 616-464-1781. Call him and ask that he do what ever he can to get us a cross walk that stops tra…

Life In My Favorite Small Town Is Shaping Up Like I Hoped It Would - Saturday Night PHUN

Many of you know that Julie and I sold our house and relocated to a place in Lowell about 4 blocks from the store. I could not be MORE pleased to be living in my favorite town in my favorite state.

Here are some immediate happy thoughts:

Walking to work more often than not. Living one block from the Flat River - which relates to the above.Julie and I took advantage of the kayak launch with our new to us kayak. How about this for a cool, small town Saturday night (last night): We walked about 5 blocks to one of the new restaurants in Lowell - the brewpub Big Boiler Brewery. They are about 2 blocks east of our store and have a really cool set up in part of a former furniture factory. (You can learn more about Big Boiler by clicking THIS HERE LINK.)

I enjoyed a 10 ounce glass of their Hefeweizen (me n wheat beers are tight) and after my meal sipped a 5 oz sample of their Saison. Yum on both accounts. Julie and I split an appetizer and the split worked well - we had the Beer Cheese thingam…