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Letter to State Representative Thomas Albert About Line 5

Representative Albert,

I would like to know where you stand, and plan on voting, on a very important issue.
Where do you stand on Pipeline 5 under the Straights of Mackinac?
Governor Snyder seems content to ignore the clearly stated will of voters of all ages, political party affiliations, and other demographic make up regarding Pipeline 5. Every poll I can find indicates clearly that the citizens of Michigan no longer want to risk our freshwater in two Great Lakes that supply drinking water for millions, to say nothing of the potential damage to recreation, fishing, tourism, and everything else we enjoy from Lakes Michigan and Huron.
Where is your vote on this issue?
I would urge you to ignore the needs of a Canadian Oil Corporation and heed the will of the voters in Michigan and vote against any effort at a tunnel under the straights.

Cliff Yankovich
208 E Main Street
Lowell, MI 49331