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Throat cancer December Update

December 9, 2013 It has been two months since the end of my radiation treatments, (gosh how I miss that $%#& torture) and my taste buds still do not work or maybe I should say do not work properly or completely. I can taste some sweet things - like maple syrup on pancakes. I am told that sweet taste buds make up the majority of them, so I am holding on to the hope that taste returns. The medicos have made no promises in this department. This is by far the biggest negative, so I thought I would get it out of the way. On the plus side, even though I can't taste I am eating more every day and it helps. Two weeks ago when we had a little cold snap, I was a mess. I was wearing two shirts and a sweater and still had a portable heater going the whole day under my desk at work. My hands and feet were still cold and I was generally chilled all the time. Oh great, says I - gonna be a loooooong winter. Well thanks to packing in the calories, yesterday I bundled up and took the dog for …