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Rock n Greed

Wow. Have you checked out ticket prices for some of the major acts on the road this summer? Give me a break. My wife was interested in seeing Steely Dan in Chicago - $220 to $370 per seat. Bite me boys.
While I am not stupid enoough to expect to see Genesis for $7 (my friends and I were fortunate enough to see Peter Gabriel and the lads do the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway show. We were absolutely blown away.) like I did when I was in high school, I am sure not going to shell out $150 plus per chair to take in their re-union tour.
Speaking of seeing The Lamb show, within two days of the concert all 4 of us who attended went out and bought the double album the show was promoting. We also bought albums from their catalogue and new ones as they came out. That was how things used to run I think. If you liked the band/artist, then you went out and bought the music. Maybe the outrageous ticket prices have something to do with the fact that CD sales are waaay down and everybody and their mother i…

How about the Mayor of NYC.

Wow. A political leader of a huge metropolis that is getting things done.
Just read that Mayor Bloomberg is going to have NYC full of hybrid taxis in the next few years. Good on him and good for New York. I have also read that the general health of his constituants is getting better every year. (Our country's awareness of trans fats got a huge boost from the actions taken in New York.)
Consider this: "As Mayor, Michael Bloomberg has implemented a comprehensive citywide public health policy known as Take Care New York, a program of 10 preventive health steps that every person can follow to significantly improve his or her health. Since being introduced in 2003, Take Care New York has successfully increased New Yorkers' access to health care, reduced smoking rates, increased HIV testing and colon cancer screening, and further reduced childhood lead poisoning and infant mortality rates to historic lows. For the first time since World War II, life expectancy for the average New…