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Stuff That Works: Review of Stickmen - Adrian Belew Power Trio

Wow - I could not believe that Adrian Belew AND Tony Levin (along with their assorted band mates - see poster above) were coming to my neck of the woods. What a great thing - I bought a pair of tickets immediately for the show. Even if you THINK you don't know who these guys are, you have probably heard some of their work. Between the two of them - besides their involvement in the ever changing band called King Crimson - they have done a TON of work. Belew's guitar work can be heard all over the place - Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Bowie, Tom Tom Club, etc. Lots of us have enjoyed Tony Levin when he played bass, er and that Chapman Stick bass gizmo, on several of Peter Gabriel's tours.
In addition, Tony has had one of the longest running web blogs in cyberspace. I can remember reading his reports of music he was playing all over the world years ago - when I didn't hardly know what the heck a blog was. He has taken a bazillion pictures of people who attend his concerts -…

Nevermind the provocative title - just watch.