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Stuff That Works: MUTEMATH, a review of my second experience.

Once upon a time I came across MUTEMATH while channel surfing. Palladia was playing their Armistice concert video. (You Can Buy It Here.) I was hooked at the first song - I immediately bought their music and the concert DVD. Low and behold my wife and I were fortunate enough to see them live in Grand Rapids Michigan about 2 months after my cable tv experience.
You can read my review of that show here.

In the months since, I have become a devoted fan - keeping up with their touring, etc.   Every once in a while my son in law, Randall, will come over and jam on his guitar whilst I hit the drums. On one such day, I sat him down to watch MUTEMATH in their concert video. He loved it. So for his birthday, I got us a couple of tickets to see MUTEMATH at The Loft in Lansing - just 45 minutes up the road from my house. Randall was in for a treat.

A word about the venue - the Loft is on the second floor of some historic buildings in the Stadium district of Lansing. Place holds 400 people - MUT…

The Memory of Running: A Review - READ THIS BOOK!

I am mad at this guy - Ron McLarty. (If he looks familiar it is because he has been seen in tons of movies and tv shows. I recall seeing him in Law & Order over the years.)
Anyway - Ron has ruined my reading for the next couple of weeks. How? Because he wrote such a great book, The Memory of Running, that I am fairly confident the next book or two I attempt to read will have a very hard time measuring up to his work.

The book is written from the perspective of Smithy Ide, a former runner who returned from the war in Vietnam full of bullet holes to become a "fat ass drunk" according to his sister Bethany. Her lifelong struggle with mental illness, aka The Voice, has broken the hearts of her loving brother and parents.
Click here for relaxing music while you read.
When Mr and Mrs Ide are killed on the highway, something inside Smithy shifts and he hops aboard his trusty Raleigh bike to pedal from Rhode Island to California where the body of his deceased sister awaits the c…

No to the Donkeys - No to the Elephants - Yes to The Crustacean Party

Are you sick n tired of the Elephants and Donkeys?
Fed up with the increasing power and arrogance of the 1%?
Time to join your brothers and sisters in the Crustacean Party - the antithesis of the 1%! Sure, there a lot of big fat whales swimming the political seas - some of them are feeding on us! We need to band together and STICK IN THEIR COLLECTIVE CRAWS.