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Looking For Cosmic Warriors - Getting Mindful For The Mitten Every Day

I am looking for some Cosmic Warriors  to do battle in the ether for our favorite state: Michigan.

Looking for people who will commit to FIVE MINUTES of daily prayer/meditation for the good of Michigan. I don't really care what your faith rests in - not interested in building anything here except a statewide network of people who will harness the power of speaking and thinking good things - blasting our state with positive ENERGY for 5 minutes a day. No dues, no membership cards, no T-shirts. Just imagining a Michigan where everyone is thriving, healthy and happy.
NOTE: This is NOT an effort to truncate or replace any political action you may be involved in - this is SUPPLEMENTAL!

Interested?  Read on. There is a basic framework.
For the first 3 minutes of your 5 minutes, I would like you to concentrate your prayers/thoughts/visualization on  people that you would consider to be enemies of your community  or Michigan as a whole. Bless these people - with sincerity.
Take a cue from the "T…

Lessons From Otter - A Beagle-ish Dog

There has been a lot written about the love of a dog. You know, how they love us without limits or conditions and all that. Lots of folks use that as a launch pad to tell us that we need to love each other in the manner in which dogs love us. Nothing wrong with that message at all, but that is not the one I received shortly after Otter left the planet.

As is the storyteller's wont, how about we back up to make some sense of the opening paragraph?
Otter was a mostly beagle brown dog of the first water. She joined our family back in 2001, when our youngest Amy decided she wanted a dog of her own. She would NOT have been my first pick of a dog on account of my being 6'3" and feeling kind of silly walking such a short unit. You have probably figured out that Otter grew on me. Big time.

Why did we call a dog "Otter"? Well, originally Amy started calling her "Jewel". Then I saw her in the water and at the time her tail was longer than her body and I said, &q…

Calling All Michiganders: We Need To STOP Nestle NOW!

Do you live in Michigan?Do you believe that water is our most important (valuable) resource?Do you get upset at welfare abuse?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then you might want to join me in doing what ever we can do to put an end to the welfare that Michigan has been extending to Nestle, a Swiss Corporation that enjoys profits - PROFITS, not sales - in the billions of dollars every year.

Nestle has been pulling 212 gallons per minute (gpm) from two Michigan freshwater aquifers for the cost of an annual licensing fee. They are extracting that water 24/7/365. In case you live on the moon, Nestle takes the water and puts it into plastic bottles and sells it back to us at huge profits. It is sold under the Ice Mountain label as well as a host of other labels.

LEFTIES: If you are a tree hugging lefty, consider the environmental impact of draining 12,720 gallons an hour or 305,280 gallons a day from our aquifers. Pretty upsetting huh?

RIGHTIES: Pissed off about…