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The Grand Rapids Eagles

Mike Chambers & Chelsea Perry.

Dan, Nick, and Max.

We found an aerie of Eagles near the intersection of Knapp and the East Beltline in Grand Rapids this week. The Grand Rapids Eagles Disabled Sports Team holds regular practices every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the Kent Education Center (part of the Kent Intermediate School District’s campus), at 1800 Leffingwell NE. The Eagles train every week starting in October in preparation for the Victory Games held at MSU in May. The Victory Games are an annual competition for similar athletes from all over Michigan.
The first Eagle to sail into view was Mike Chambers. Chambers, who graduated from Kenowa Hills in 2004, has been a part of the Eagles for ten years and has been serving as the vice-president of the group for three years. Mike is a young man on a mission and he has ton of energy. Muscular Dystrophy might keep him confined to a wheelchair, but it cannot keep him down.
"I am not a pity party kind of guy," Mike…