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I get tired of the crap on the net.

I posted this money making opportunity on CraigsList today under the heading:
Get Paid For Breathing - even just a little.

Forget making phone calls. Forget networking with all your pals at church or in the Rotary. Say good-bye to all those MLM schemes that clog the internet. New company will pay you for breathing. Yes; you read it correctly Mister, Miss, Missus, and Ms. America (which is not to forget our transgendered and non-gender specific brethren and cistern or any combo of the aforementioned) YOU can collect (up to)thousands of dollars every week by simply existing.
No more late nights.
No selling.
No need to take pictures of the trashy crap in your garage or basement and try to sell it to other people by misrepresenting it as something that really works.
No more dealing with emails offering you MORE than your asking price.
Absolutely no hassles or regrets.
Sound too good to be true? Read these testimonies:
"I done it." from Steve in CO.
"Works for me and my son." Edn…

Seeing a yard sign I like

In the last couple of weeks I am seeing a yard sign with a message I like: Support Our Troops / End The War. I like the message on both levels - it says, our troops are worthy of our support and prayers AND it still sends a message that we need to end the war.
Also it suggests to me that the best way to support our troops IS to end the war.
Bravo to whomever came up with this.