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Kindness Rules - 38 Years, the internet - a story of Heidi, Christie and Jo-ann.

Once upon a time I was a freshman in High School - moving to a new school two thirds of the way through the year. Anybody who has ever been subjected to that will know exactly how I felt. Husky High (aka Forest Hills Northern outside Grand Rapids, MI) was as clique ridden as they come. It was not a very welcoming environment for a hippie wannabee coming from sunny Tucson.
My parents divorced when I was a wee one and after the death of my older brother Doug, (the middle of three sons), my mom decided she needed to be in Arizona. We landed in Tucson after my mom finished her Masters Degree at ASU. I have some good memories of coming of age in Tucson - home of the U of A. I got to attend college football games with the other kids in my YMCA group - we had to get by all the protesters at the game against BYU (they did not allow black kids in their school then!). Speaking of protests - I actually marched in an anti-war protest and wore a black arm band to school in the 8th freakin' gra…

Stuff That Works - DLPA (DL-Phenylalanine) Supplement for Neuropathy

After undergoing an intense but  successful treatment regimen of radiation and chemotherapy for throat cancer in 2013, I found myself happily alive but with some baggage (i.e. side effects) from the treatment. FWIW, I was not a smoker nor do I drink enough for it to have been a cause. Your can read more about my time at Cancer Camp by clicking this HERE link.

One of the bothersome side effects was Neuropathy - especially in my legs/feet. It has not made its way to my arms or hands at this point. You can read about Neuropathy symptoms andlearn more at this site.

As a partner in a retail store with my wife I am on and off my feet all day long - I also enjoy walking the dog for a mile or so every day so the weird sensation in my feet and lower legs really bugged me. One of the results of my search of the subject informed me that some people experience relief from or lessening of the symptoms by taking the amino acid combination DL-Phenylalanine or DLPA for short.

Even though I was doing…