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Cancer in my throat - what is is and how it is going.

I began noticing something in my throat over 18 months ago. At first, I thought it was some kind of cold/flu thing that I just could not kick for a couple weeks. Went to the doc and did a week of antibiotics as a last resort. Didn't work so then I thought it was some kind of allergy.
Tried lots of things - acupuncture, a visit to a naturalist and herbs, massage, energy work, and lastly a series of visits with a chiropractor.
Many good things happened - I now chew my food more slowly and completely which has helped eliminate acid reflux. Dealt with some mental/spiritual issues. Chiropractor has given me more and better range of motion for my head/neck than I have had in a decade or more.
However, the "thing" was still there. I could no longer sing. Sometimes I would almost lose my voice completely - other times is was raspy and sounded nasty.
Back to the doc and then to an ENT specialist. He scoped me and found a growth.
He was not overly concerned. Told me I…

Stuff That Works: Icon Super Duty 4 Motorcyle Boots

I know the folks at Icon are not really after those of us old enough to know the lyric: "These boots are made for walkin'", but that was the first thing that came in my head when I sat down to right this. Okay - Icon does not market the Super Duty 4 as a hiking boot, but they almost could. I needed some boots to commute to work in. While I appreciate the extra protection my big boots, Combat Lites from Aerostich, provide - I do not always want to wear those big beauties on my 12 mile ride to work. FYI- I paid full price for these boots at a local dealership (see bottom). Anyway - I LOVE these boots. The fit is great and I feel they offer a good deal of protection to my feet with the steel shank, built in ankle protection, and the stabilizer strap. Said strap reminds me of downhill ski boots (my Combat Lites have them as well) and they really make your feet feel buckled in. I do not want to imagine a situation where enough force could be generated to take these boots off…