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There are some positive things happening in Michigan. is one of my favorite websites. (So much so that I recently researched and wrote a story for them about Litehouse foods in Lowell:

Lisa at BuyMichiganNow is one of the driving forces behind getting people to understand the economic impact spending our money on Michigan produced food items has. If we all spend just $10 of our weekly food budget on things produced in Michigan, then 37 Million dollars a week stays in our economy! So get out there and buy food, beer, wine, dairy products, cereal, vegetables and other Michigan consumables.

Anyway, Lisa just put up some GOOD news about Michigan on her website:

Hmm, no one was at the park today....

It was a blistering 24 degrees today, so I steered Newt toward the park by the river so we could cool off. Hmmm, no one else was there so we had the picnic tables all to ourselves. Wish I had brought some charcoal and animal parts to grill.
We scooted around the paved trail down by the Grand River. No swimmers or fisherman.
Checked my mirror and no one was behind me either.

No too many soccer players on the field today.
Tried to make it up this hill through a drift of snow. When we came to rest in the deep snow it was coolio - the heat from the engine and exhaust melted the snow and I was surrounded by steam. I crab-walked the bike back down the hill a little to get the shot.

We do not give up. Made it on the second attempt. After about 45 minutes of horsing around it was time to head home - my feetsies were getting cold.

Want to "fix" Michigan - don't look to Lansing.

I read the story about Republican legislators visiting Lowell last week with ideas on how to fix Michigan with some interest. I could not attend because I had to work.
Might I suggest that the answer is not going to come from Lansing? These gentlemen are members of the same Republican party that voted themselves the biggest pay raise in history when they were in control of the government in our state. Our legislators are the second or third highest paid in the country while our state economy has been in the bottom 5 for the last 5-10 years. When our economy officially tanked at the end of 2008, these same legislators (both parties) took the "impressive" action of a pay cut - to take effect in 2011. What joke. How nice to have a guaranteed salary while the state economy goes down the toilet.
Before any democrats reading this get too smug, let me remind you that your lady has been running our state since 2003. Enough said?
My point is this - I am not looking for answers from …

Chelsea Winkelman demonstrates focus and consistency.

When Grand Haven bowling coach Patrick Mitchell talked with us regarding Chelsea Winkelman the words “focus” and “focused” entered the conversation numerous times. Mitchell even went so far as to say that her focus was the strongest part of her game.

“Chelsea is a competitor,” Mitchell said. “When she gets locked in it is like watching a robot. She is probably the most focused one on the team.”

Focus and consistency are two attributes that separate great bowlers from the good ones. They have paid off for Chelsea, a junior, in the fact that she rolled a conference high single game score last season with a 276 and is currently leading the conference with a 259. Her concentration helps her keep her average consistently in the 180 to 190 range. Don’t get the impression that Winkelman is off in her own little world when she is bowling – she combines her attention to detail with a great deal of team spirit and is not shy when it comes to cheering on the rest of the Bucs.

Chelsea got involv…