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Ladies and Gentlemen - Put Your Phones Away.....please.

Anyone who spends much time with me, knows how riled I get with folks who text and drive. I ride a motorcycle and I do NOT want to do evasive maneuvers just so YOU can keep up with your Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - or news feed from wherever. However, texting while driving is NOT the subject today.

The whole phenomenon of people at an event who are paying more attention to their phones really got my attention at my first MuteMath concert back in March of 2012. Julie and I were among the oldest people in the crowd and we noticed how much more attention the "young people" were paying to their phones even though they were in close proximity to one of the best live bands I have ever seen in concert. (And I have been going to concerts for over 40 years.) At that point I figured the willingness to ignore the world in front of your face in order to pay MORE attention to your cyber world was limited to the aforementioned Young People.
The second event that got my attention in t…

Bums on Welfare - Look to The Top of The Pyramid.

I have gotten a belly full of folks bitching about the bums on welfare - actually, I want to join in the bitch fest, but I want to re-direct the bitching to where it really belongs: the TOP of the pay pyramid and not the bottom.

The single mom with two kids is the EASY target. First off, do you really think YOU could feed, clothe and house two kids on $28,000 a year? That is the maximum amount the Mackinaw Center for Public Policy figures a family can get from Federal and State sources in Michigan. If you could pull that off, do you really think you would be buying cocaine, steak and lobster with all the extra money you had left over? All that might be another post for another day.

Instead of focusing on the little people at the bottom of the pile, how about targeting the families who control the giant corporations who are REALLY making big, big money thanks to our social benefit programs? How about looking at the TOP of the heap - to the families that live on compounds with heated t…