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Socialism On My Street - Oops, I Mean This Is How Government Is Suppose To Work

As an American baby boomer, the word "socialism" was never presented to me with anything but a negative connotation. Socialism is akin to communism and it means the State is going to control everything and we won't have anything unless those in charge let us. In my 57 years on this planet, the majority of time I heard the word "socialism" used it was not in a positive context.

However, over the last few years I have begun to view socialism in a very positive light. Mind you, I am NOT praising communism or calling for the tearing apart of capitalism. In my life I have owned three micro businesses, no one believes in the freedom to succeed or fail more that I do. My first foray into self-employment was AAFAB - Almost Anything For A Buck. I registered AAFAB when I was 19 or so - I was the sole proprietor who specialized in roofing and painting. I had a pick-up truck, a variety of ladders, some liability insurance and a fair selection of tools. That lasted for a fe…

Thank You Keith Emerson - May You Rest in Peace

Another musical hero has departed. 

Thank you Keith Emerson for the hours and hours of enjoyment your music provided. Thank you especially for opening my eyes to the universality of music -

I have an older brother - Les got to the planet 9 years ahead of me. After our parents divorce, we didn't see much of each other as I lived in Arizona and he remained in Michigan . However, Les managed to introduce me to great music - music that my contemporaries were NOT listening to. In the late 60's and early 70's Les had a couple vans. He ALWAYS had great stereos in them. Lucky me (ooooo, what a lucky kid I was...) I got to hear really cool music in his van.
One of my favorites was the first Emerson, Lake and Palmer album. I returned home to my mom in Tucson with songs from this album firmly embedded in my noodle,  so I saved my lunch money and bought ELP.
 I was excitedly telling my mom about this great ROCK music from these three British guys before I put needle to the vinyl in o…