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Throat Cancer - Four Things To Help In Your Fight

Throat cancer is striking a lot of us. I was diagnosed and treated in 2013 - if you are so inclined you can read all of my posts on this subject by clicking THIS LINK HERE. I had three 5-6 hour sessions of IV chemo and 7 weeks of daily radiation (35 treatments). Rather than give you a blow by blow of my treatment, (which you can read by clicking the link) I wanted to boil things down to what I think are four things that will give help you lessen the effects of radiation and chemotherapy and help you in your fight. Not trying to sell anything here - just trying to give anyone fighting throat cancer some useful tools in that battle (to hell with the term "cancer journey" - this is an effin street brawl - you want to use anything and everything in reach to help your cause). These are tools that your treatment team might be overlooking or presenting poorly.
1. FEEDING TUBE - get your feeding tube installed as early as your team will allow it. In my mind I saw a feeding tube as …

Stuff That Works - a Review of Big Music by Simple Minds

Gotta confess right off that I have been a fan of Simple Minds for decades and "Big Music" justifies my fandom once again. My first taste of their new one came when I ordered a special edition DVD "Celebrate" which is their live show at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow - recorded in 2013. It was one of those deals you ordered in advance and paid a bunch of money for - but my goodness, it was worth it. Anyway, they played a couple of tunes from what was to become Big Music. I also ordered a live recording from one of their tour stops in Australia on their 5X5 Tour. (My review of same can be seen clicking here: 5x5 Live.) Funny, it just struck home that I have to buy all this Aussie and Euro live stuff because Simple Minds has not come to my part of the world in a while. JIM KERR - if you ever read this - will ya please come over to Michigan? We are the state that looks like a mitten and we need us some Simple Minds. I was a bit put off at first that Simple Minds included a…

The Great Spirit Sent The Message of The Drain - I ignored it for 8 years.

I am the latest in a series of folks being used by The Great Spirit (TGS) to communicate The Message to the inhabitants of Earth. Only some of the Actual History of The Message has been revealed to me - but I will share what I know. I am just a cog in a wheel - the first cog I know about was a silent film star in 1936, then almost two decades later The Message was more fully revealed to a couple of songwriters who convinced a Mega Star to sing it. Skeptical? Read on, please. Most of us have seen the pictures of Jesus on a piece of toast - or we hear about it when someone opens a paint can and are starring at the Virgin Mary. Usually when these things happen, the people to whom they happen take action - they tell the world about how god (aka The Man Upstairs, the Holy Spirit, Allah, etc) has reached out to humanity through their stained ceiling tile or food item. Some of you may recall the 1977 movie Oh, God! in which god appeared to a grocery store manager, played by John Denver, in…