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Drug Testing Welfare and Foodstamp recipients - why stop there?


The Michigan House recently passed a measure to require anyone receiving welfare benefits to be tested for drug use (read about it here). A decade or so ago Governor Engler tried the same thing, but the Courts struck it down.
Okay, so lets go with the premise - folks getting taxpayer money should be certified DRUG FREE. Yeah baby, we do not want our hard earned tax dollars to get folks high.

At first, I was put off by this idea. Seemed a tad invasive.
I have seen the light brothers and sisters. In fact, the light I saw was SO DANG BRIGHT, it made me realize EVERYONE who LIVES ON TAX $$$ should be drug tested - starting with Michigan legislators and their staff.

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According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy (not exactly a bunch of lefties), the m…

Oil and Tar Sand Pipeline Under Lakes Michigan & Huron

A few days ago a friend of mine who used to live in Michigan drew my attention to the video below from the National Wildlife Foundation. They took a camera into the Straits of Mackinac, where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron, to show the condition of a 60 year old pipeline that carries MILLIONS of gallons of tar sands and oil every day.
I must admit I was unaware such a pipeline existed. When I saw the condition of the pipes, I could barely sleep for the next couple of nights. There are areas of the pipeline that are not even on the bottom of the Lake - it is "suspended".  Please take a minute to look at the video - the shots of the pipeline start at the 3:00 minute mark.

What kept me awake was knowing the condition of the pipeline and it's placement and the knowledge that the pipeline is owned and operated by Enbridge - the same company that recently polluted the Kalamazoo River with a similar pipeline. LEARN ABOUT KALAMAZOO RIVER.

It would seem to me that anyone who liv…

Throat Cancer Week What The ^&%$ Ever: Return of Piss n Vinegar

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That's right my homies - this bad boy is (almost) BACK.
This is what I just now told myself. "Yeah Cliffy, you be filling back up with some piss n vinegar." And so it is - on the negative side, my throat is still swollen (read THEY BURNED THE PIZMO BEACH outta it with radiation, brah) and it is mildly painful to swaller. And I gots no taste yet.
PLUS SIDE (way BIGGER than the other side now): Well, where do I start? I started back at the store last week on a part time basis. 3-4 hours and I am about done. And when I run out of energy these days it ain't on a slope trending toward tired boy - nope, its BOOM, lights out - Cliff gotta snooze is what I am talking about. Pretty much off ALL meds. Taking Prilosec once a day and liquid Rush Limbaugh juice if the pain gets too bad. AND - even though my tasties ain't back and it hurts some, I am putting food down my gullet to supplement my best buddy the feeding tube. Fer instance…

Stuff That Works: A review of Toyota Prius C

So, I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Toyota Prius C. After a couple of months and almost 3,000 miles, I am very happy with my decision. Wait - Cliff, how did you end up with a Toyota - aren't you Mister Buy Local? True enough, what I wanted to buy was a Ford C-Max, their version of electric/gas hybrid. First, it was a bit out of my price range. More importantly - I started reading some of the chatter online about it. Seems the milage claims by Ford are a bit optimistic. In fact, there are some lawsuits in process about the C-Max. Not a strong recommend for a car. Listen to this whilst you read. Then I thought, well maybe I should get a Ford Festiva - oops, Julie pointed out they are made in Brazil.  The next Ford was a Focus (built in US) and they are pretty sharp, but to dress one up nicely puts the sticker north of 25k - out of range for my pocket book at this point. My next leap was - if I am buying a car made overseas I might as well get a Prius. My brother is on his second …

No More Detroit Tigers Games for me.

No more watching Tiger baseball games for me.
Owner Mike Ilitch is worth somewhere north of 3 BILLION dollars. He has enough money to pay ONE player on the team 23 million dollars for covering first base for a season. He has a host of players making 10 to 20 MILLION every year.

So what Cliff - why do you care?
Well Mister Ilitch also owns the Red Wings and he wants PUBLIC money to build them a new place to play. FWIW, the new Tiger stadium was built with about 38% of public monies. Tax exempt bonds and such. TAX EXEMPT? They want to auction off art work that people DONATED to pay Detroit's debts, but there is enough money around to make playgrounds for millionaires and billionaires. No problem - well, at least Governor Snyder is behind it - after all, he paid 6 million for a $142,000 a year job so we know his heart is in the right place.

Oh wait - think of the jobs that will be created. Yes, there will be 800 some part time, minimum wage jobs selling beer for $8.75 a glass. Oh, …

Part Next: Cliff is Clubbed by Cancer, but is still on his feets.

The past couple weeks have been overwhelming.
In a positive way, I have been totally overwhelmed by the support/cards/prayers/thoughts/rides/help/ good wishes/white light/positive vibes that have been directed at Julie and I by family, friends, friends of family, customers, and even a couple of folks I would have never thought would give a rats patoot. Wow - amazing. Cards, emails, phone calls, texts messages, rides, gifts, and silliness have descended upon us from all over.

On the other hand, I was in no way prepared for the punishment cancer and the treatment thereof was going to extract from me mentally and physically. "Cancer Lite", says Cliff. "Hardy Effin' Har", says Cancer. "I can handle this," says Cliff. "On yer knees boy, " Cancer replied. "You about to be smacked." I was so bloody naïve - I saw myself riding my KLR to and from radiation and working through…