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Governor Snyder is one crafty dude.

I was pretty fired up about the recent repeal of our consumer pricing law in Michigan that requires retails to have items individually priced. I wasn't upset about the price tagging, but I was very upset that the NEW law contained a provision that made it a law that could not be undone by popular vote i.e. a referendum.
I asked a friend of mine who is an attorney about passing such a law and she told me that the Michigan Constitution guarantees voters the power to change laws passed in Lansing by a referendum. So I went to look it up myself - and she is correct - to a point!

This is Article 2, subsection 9 of the Michigan Constitution
I highlighted the important parts. Please read the whole thing with attention to the words in red.

"§ 9 Initiative and referendum; limitations; appropriations; petitions.

Sec. 9. The people reserve to themselves the power to propose laws and to enact and reject
laws, called the initiative, and the power to approve or reject laws enacted by the le…

"Not Exactly" - I finally made some music with lyrics.

A song about how sometimes the detours are what make life great.

Not Exactly

words n music by Cliff Yankovich aka BigRedDawg

It wasn't exactly what I'd planned,
but I went with it. (repeat)
You see
It wasn't exactly who I am,
but I went with it. (repeat)

It wasn't the way I'd seen it,
And I thought it should be.
Sometimes the big picture,
Ain't all about me.

It wasn't close to the road I'd drive,
if it was left to me,
But sometimes the detours
are where we're supposed to be.

repeat both verses