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Stuff that works - Jack White in concert.

Jack White is the best thing to come out of Michigan since the Ford Mustang.

I cannot say that I enjoy ALL of his music, but good gawd allmighty - he never quits. He has so much music in him that it takes 3-4 bands and some solo work to contain it....never mind his efforts at Third Man Records to help others make music.

Click on this link to see a wonderful show taped on April 27, 2012 in New York. Stuff from all of Jack's musical permutations can be heard. Wow.

The first set of the show is with his all girl band, the second part is with the guys. Steel guitar, violin, upright bass, organ, piano, back up vocals, straight out duets - this ain't the White Stripes. All the musicians hold their own.

An entire Jack White concert - right here.

Try This on. Video is cool, I like the music!