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Stuff That Works - Cliff Drives A Tesla Model S Electric Car

Julie and I were invited to a Barn Party last night courtesy of Kirk and Ceil Wieland - they have several horses and a beautiful barn that makes a great location for an end of summer get together. We had only been there a few minutes when a car that looked like the one above pulled by and parked.

I am NOT the worlds biggest car geek, but I am fairly accurate at identifying at least the BRAND of car most times even if I do not know the specific model. But I was clueless as to the identity of the cool looking red car. I could see the marque, but was not close enough to read it. A little while later the rain quit and Nick gave us a quick tour of the grounds which meant we walked right by the mystery car. DANG! It is a Tesla. After our tour and introduction to the horses, I grabbed Ceil and asked who owned the red Tesla.

I trotted up to the owner, Ed, and introduced myself. Good thing for me that Ed has a lot of experience with people asking he and his wife Susan all about their car. He …

Stuff That Works - Santeen Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Great subject, huh? Well I just wanted you to know that this product works. The toilet we use the most of the two in our home accumulated some serious looking grunge on the bottom. Normal scrubbing with a brush and cleaner did not do the job. Being the type of person that I am I looked for some kind of DIY cleaner. Tried a couple of them that involved vinegar and even tried pouring Pepsi or Coke (one of those brown, fizzy fluids I do not drink) to no avail. We even asked around and no one seemed to have an answer. Julie remembered a cleaner she had used years ago - she could not remember the name, but one day she found it at Bernard's Ace Hardware near our shop. BINGO - there it was. I cannot find Santeen on the Ace Hardware website, so you might want to check with your local store or hit the where to buy link on Santeen's site. (see below) 
When all the others tried and failed - Santeen did the job and did it just as advertised on the bottle. Follow the directions and you …