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Stuff That Works - a review of the Yogasize Bench from Health Mark.

Yoga is one of the things I have incorporated into my daily life post treatment of throat cancer. Dr. White, a psychologist at the Cancer Center, had some very good, practical breathing exercises that she suggested to me as a way to combat the post-cancer anxiety. As I practiced the breathing and mindfulness exercises, I combined them with some simple yoga stretches and patched together a way to face the day. For me, they helped a great deal in calming my anxiety as well as helping me to better control my temper throughout the day. All of this helped me recall some days of my youth when I was doing a yoga class 3 times a week. At that time I could do a tripod - so I dusted off my moves and went for it. I did a bit of research into the advantages of being upside down on a daily basis and went from the tri-pod into a head stand. This was relaxing and helpful, but it put a heck of a lot of stress on my neck. Julie put a picture of me doing a head stand on Facebook and a friend of ou…