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A Tale of Two Tickets or Why Did I Buy Early?

My mission here is three fold - a concert report, a fun look at two responses, and a big WTF to the process of buying concert tickets these days.

Julie and I have been fans of Todd Rundgren since 1972 or so. We have seen him many times together and on our own. The day, nay - the very minute - tickets went on sale for his visit to Grand Rapids with some members of Utopia in 2018, I was at my keyboard to buy tickets. FWIW, I prefer to go to the venue for ticket buys in order to avoid paying TicketMaster their silly ass fees, but that is another story.

So I bought two front row seats right away. They were very much stage right - all the stuff in the middle had been snatched up, but we were excited anyway. Front row! I bought these seats on  FEBRUARY 20th - just shy of THREE MONTHS BEFORE THE SHOW. 
Fast forward to May 15th - Utopia is here. Julie and I closed our store early and went to the venue. Imagine our colossal disappointment when we were led to our seats ($118 each with the f…