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Who is Cliff Yankovich & Why Is He Running For 86th District Representative?

Please forgive the fuzzy nature of the video -  I am still trying to get the hang of the software.
This short video offers up the reason I feel compelled to run for the 86th District seat in the Michigan House of Representatives as a Green Party candidate.

We Need More Green and/or Independents To Run For Office - Especially Women

QUICK INTRO: My name is Cliff Yankovich and it is my intention to run as the Green Party candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives 86th District. 
For the last several weeks I have been focusing my reading on books that INSPIRE me. They speak to my spirit. Synonyms for "inspire" are stimulate, motivate, encourage, influence, rouse, move, stir, energize, incite. The word has a literal meaning - "to breathe in air; inhale."
Anyway, this morning as I was waiting patiently to see if I was going to be impaneled to sit on a jury I was reading one such book and something hit me.
Many of us believe that conditions in our great state have hit an all time low. Before the events of the last 2-3 years, and especially the Flint water situation, I have never been embarrassed to be a Michigander. When you pile up all the evidence of the last couple of years, it becomes harder to take pride in the Mitten:

The oil pipeline(s).Our state was LISTED AT THE BOTTOM in terms pol…