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Jaw Dropping Interweb Truth: Lowell Mayor DeVore Actually Funding Roundabouts

Dear Readers - let me set the scene for you. Ride along with me - here we are enjoying a beautiful Michigan Morning as we weave our way via a wonderful, however indirect, set of roads on the way to and from Horrock's Market for some big bags of Chicago Mix popcorn. 

What do we spy ahead as we leave heading South on Breton? Imagine my smile of delight as I approach one of my favorite traffic control methods: a roundabout. The sign brings joy to my heart as I realize yet one more intersection in West Michigan has thrown off the shackles of 4 Way Stops or traffic lights for the way of the future: A Roundabout.
Seconds later my joy is crushed. My jaw is dropped. My eyes are bleeding in their sockets. WHAT THE HELL? I almost hit a mailbox when the rest of the sign comes into view. Mike DeVore, Mayor of Lowell and ALLEGED opponent of roundabouts has his name on a sign for one in Kentwood? How is it possible that the man who has repeatedly torn my fragile self-image to shreds with his c…

Two Pieces of Misinformation on The Condo Project Cleared Up With Dated Emails

As I have mentioned in prior blog posts, the Unity Investors seem to have a hard time with the sequence of events concerning the southern piece of property they purchased. It is the small piece that has power lines from Lowell Light & Power running across it.

They like to give people the impression that they had no knowledge of the power lines when they bought the property. Here are two emails from Todd Schaal which tell a different story.

He contacted City Manager Mike Burns on October 15, 2018 with the subject line reading: "Mike, who is the guy at Lowell Light and Power I should talk to re their power lines? Thanks, Todd."

The partners closed on the property on November 6th or 7th, 2018 almost 3 weeks after the email. Furthermore, Todd met with Steve Donkersloot and Ryan Teachworth at the Lowell Light and Power offices on October 18th to discuss the power lines.

Here is another email from Todd Schaal about the power lines on November 8, a day or two after the purchase…