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86th District Green Candidate Cliff Yankovich Posts Answers To MLive Voter Guide

These are my answers to an MLive Voter Guide.
NOTE: While I appreciated the opportunity with MOST of the questions to provide detailed answers, there was no allowance for anything but a yes or no on the last three questions, one of which was regarding abortion. I believe part of the problem with politics these days is that we want to address complex issues with yes/no answers and as a result we pigeonhole people quickly and dismiss anything they might have to say beyond the first word.

So - I have my "yes" or "no" answers below ALONG WITH the expanded versions I would have liked to include on the MLive Voter Guide. The expanded version is in bold type.

 Here is the MLive Guide
Why are you running for office?

My run was initiated 3 years ago when I found out about pipeline #5 under the Straits. Water is life for all of us - no matter what political party, if any, we belong to. Water is the future. For us to allow a 63 year old set of pipes to move almost a million gallon…

Cliff Yankovich Posts His Answers to the Detroit Free Press Voter Guide

These are the questions and my answers to a Voter Guide that will be published by The Detroit Free Press.Campaign Website

How should the state assist other municipalities and school districts whose solvency is threatened by its financial obligations to current and future retirees?
The emergency manager plan clearly does not work. I would like to see a more cooperative method put in place. One that would allow the State to have oversight while at the same time respecting and empowering the local officials who were put in office by the people of the particular municipality or school district. By this I do not mean creating the illusion of empowerment, but keeping the power intact with assistance from the State official(s) sent to assist the situation. I believe we need to do away with Us vs Them thinking and work together for solutions for the good of all concerned.

Is the …

These Memes Sum Up My Campaign Fairly Well

The video above gives you a glance at the 14 memes pictured below. If you see something you like, please copy and share it!

Phase Two of Cliff Yankovich's Campaign For The 86th District

Phase Two of My Campaign Has Three Key Elements
1. First and foremost, I am looking for one hour of your time to help me get elected. But I am only looking for one minute a day for 60 days. Will you commit to directing positive energy toward my campaign for one minute a day? Call it a prayer if you want. Don't believe in that? Then go Flat Out Scientific - everything is made up of energy. So, direct some POSITIVE energy from you to me and my efforts in the 86th District for one minute a day. This is not a joke - I am totally serious with this request. It will take an Unlikely Army for me to be elected - and I need that Army to surround this effort with all the positive energy we can muster.

2. Share, share, and share. For the next 60 days I am going to put up a series of 15 memes - I will rotate through them 4 time each. They will highlight campaign issues and promises. I will be putting them on Facebook, and Twitter - @cliff486threp. I need UA members to share the heck out of the…