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The Myth of Capitalism in the United States.

We just PRETEND we don't like socialism here. Another example of the power of persuasion is in the fact that most Americans act like "socialism" is something one scrapes off the bottom of ones shoe, when the reality is that ALL of us, including mega-corporations, benefit every day from SOCIALISM in AMERICA. Anybody drive on one of them dang FEDERAL highways today? Buy any bread, milk, sugar, or gasoline today?

Speaking of gas - as in fuel for our vehicles - guess why we pay a whole bunch less than our European friends do (you know, the ones in SOCIALIZED countries?!) - we pay less because our TAX dollars go to Exxon, Shell, et al in the form of subsidies and/or tax breaks - millions to these billion dollar corporations. The price of gasoline is NOT dictated by "the free market" by any stretch of the imagination. LINK: BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SUBSIDIES TO OIL.

Throat Cancer - January Update

The theme song for this episode is "Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes. First on our list - Feeding Tube. Gone Daddy Gone.

Next on our list - that distinctive Atom Tan. Gone Daddy Gone.

And the best is last - Julie and I met with Dr. Bott on Monday January 6th and she delivered the happy news that the PET scan I was given on December 28th showed the following: As in "no evidence" of cancer lurking in my throat or any other part of my body - the scanned me from top to toe. Gone Daddy Gone. Well then - hot day-yum. All that fun in the radiation booth and the three doses of chemo and the retching and the weight loss and the fear and the crying and the prayers, white light, positive vibes, cards, emails, texts, and (yes even the) threats - PAID OFF! My strength is coming back - Working with my Body Blade: Playing with Ludwig and Co every day - sometimes twice:
Yeee-Hah! There are only a couple things left to deal with - My version of Blue (green) Tooth seen above is a da…

Stuff That Works: Review of JW Marriott in Grand Rapids, MI

Julie and I got married on New Years Eve and in 2013, after hearing some customers at our shop RAVE about their stay (thanks Bruce & Beth) at the JW Marriott - I decided to book us a room along with dinner reservations at the 616 restaurant located in the hotel.
 One reason we like Marriott hotels is the comfortable beds - even at the Courtyards. With the great view and fluffy pillows, we found it very hard to get out of bed in the morning. No worries - they let everyone have a late check out on New Years Day.

We rode down to the lobby for our 8 pm dinner at 616. We had eaten here with a group when they first opened, but had not been back. It was very, very good. After a discussion with our waiter, Julie had her first ever meal of pheasant and she was extremely happy with her selection. Before the meal, we started with a cheese sampler plate and Julie had one of the best Brussels sprout salads of her career. (616 information here.) The cheese sampler was excellent - in addition t…