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Another great Michigan getaway: Interlochen & Mackinaw City.

I have been a fan of Leo Kottke for a long time. Almost got to see him once a couple decades ago, but had never experienced his playing live. When I found out he was going to be playing at the wonderful Interlochen Center for the Arts I knew Julie and I had to be there. If you have never experienced a concert at Interlochen, you should put it on your list - the campus has a great vibe and the setting in the woods of Northern Michigan cannot be beat.

Leo did not disappoint. His skill level on the 6 and 12 string guitars is simply amazing. Personally, I really enjoy it when he sings. His voice is like none other - and the stories he tells between songs are as interesting as he is.

Once the concert was over, we beat feet for Mackinaw City. Julie has a cousin there who has the Mackinaw City Bakery - (we availed ourselves of their great pastries, coffee, and chicken salad sandwiches). They also have a little no-frills motel right across the street from the bakery: The Welcome Motel. You ca…

Don't want a helmet law in Michigan - well then how about no insurance either?

I would like to suggest to all the motorcyclists in MI who want the freedom to ride sans a helmet that they should push further so that they do not have to have ANY type of insurance either. That would be true freedom from the oppresive laws of the government. It would also keep those of us who want to wear helmets whenever we ride our bikes from having to pay for your freedom.
Helmet laws, like seat belt laws, are proven to save lives AND resources. Why the heck would you argue with that?
Go ahead, fight for your freedom, but go whole hog and ride uninsured as well.
Here is a bit of irony: