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Mark Fisher is an inspiration.

Let me tell you about a really cool guy I know. His name is Mark Fisher. First met Mark a couple of years ago when he was taking his first adaptive water skiing lesson after almost losing his life when he suffered an aneurism and a stroke after being in the hospital for a bacterial infection that spread through his body and went to his heart.

In the picture above you can see Mark being visited by his sister in the ICU. He was there for 4 weeks and was not expected to live. Is it any wonder his mom calls him a miracle?

This is a picture I took of Mark zipping behind a boat at about 20 mph two days ago. The changes in his mobility, flexibility and even speech in the two years since I last saw him were incredible. He works his butt off - he swims, goes to the gym, works with speech therapists two days a week, and generally does not sit still very much. Mark inspires me. He is upbeat and always ready to smile and laugh. We need to think about Mark when some minor hassle comes our way and we…

How about Paul Newman - the guy flat out rocks.

Paul Newman is outstanding IMHO. Very good actor, stuck in it for the long haul. Husband and father - stuck in it for the long haul. Philanthropist of the first water. It seems every couple of weeks or so I read something about Mr. Newman donating a nice sum of money to some worthy cause or another. What a legacy. Fantastic. Creates a line of top notch, organic dressings and sauces and what not and gives the profits away. Don't recall reading any scandals about his life, I am sure he does not walk on water, but he is certainly a top flight example for other actors to follow. Bravo.
God bless you and yours Paul Newman.

I have changed my mind about Al Gore

I was going to write about the fact that I think it would be wise to find someone other than Al Gore to be the poster child for the Global Warming message since he uses something like 20 times the utilities that his neighbors do, but something I read today changed my mind. I was going to suggest that Mr Gore get his house in order before he presumes to tell me what to do with mine, but now......all that has changed. Al and the Gores do practice what they preach.
Al's son was arrested with some drugs and marijuana in his car this morning. He was zooming down some California highway at 100 mph or so when cops pulled him over.
But wait - it's okay - he was driving a hybrid car.