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Review of Lipstick Jodi - Well Worth Your Time, Attention and Ears

I was very pleasantly treated by my first live listen to a great sounding, tight GRapids area band last night. Gotta admit, the main reason I went to their show at Lowell Arts! was to show my support for one Ryne Clarke, the opener for the evening. Ryne is a neighbor and a member of my FAVORITE local band, The Preservers, of whom I have written more than once. He is a tireless musician AND a great promoter of other musical talents through his efforts at
Two side notes: First, if you have never seen the new home of Lowell Arts!, you need to visit. The gallery space is fantastic and the place was purpose built to host intimate musical events like an evening with Lipstick Jodi. Hearing music created in the midst of kick ass local and regional art is dessert without the calories. 
Secondly, one more contributing factor to Lipstick Jodi fun was the fact that my wife has become friends with Jamie, keyboards and backing vocals, over the last few months because Jamie engineer…