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A Salute to Drummers. No beat, no life. Know Beat - Know Life!

This is written as a response to the cute YouTube vids that portray drummers in a negative light. "Drummer at wrong gig", "mad drummer", etc. As one who drums let me first say to the haters, "I unclog my nose in your general direction."
We are all kept alive by a beat - your heart does NOT produce a melody or a guitar solo - YOU GOTTA HEART BEAT if you are taking air and staying alive.
The world would be a vastly different place without we had no drums.

Consider Christianity - all historical records, or at least the song Bing n David doo-etted on, tell us that Jesus hisself asked for the drummer. "Come, he told me" sings the little drummer boy. He was NOT the little keyboard player or the little DJ - nope, the Son of Man needed some beats.

 All accounts point to Africa being the cradle of civilization. Pretty common knowledge that the first news, carried on the African News Network, went from village to village via DRUMS. When the villagers we…

Stuff that works - d-Con snap traps (mouse trap) - better than Tom Cats.

Are They a BETTER Mouse Trap? I dunno, but they are EFFECTIVE.
Got Mice? We do from time to time. Hey - we live in the country and them dang mices find it preferable to live in our house with water, food bits and warmth provided - than to fend for they own selves in the out of doors. The other morning I was sipping my morning java and watched a 10 pound mouse haul his fat butt across the counter in broad daylight.
"Arrgggh -I had all I can stands and I caint stands no more", said I. 
I should mention that our cat Bill - (see above) - officially gave up mousing about 4 years ago. Ahh, how fondly I remember the day I brought him home and he nailed a mouse under the sink within about 15 minutes. That was before he discovered cable TV, toilet flushing, and getting his lounge on. He did make a brief come back about 6 months ago and laid one out for us in the living room - strutting all around puffed with pride. I gave him seven bucks and his own Personal Pan Pizza - I figured h…

Stuff That Works - a review of Modern Photographics in Lowell.

Because Brandon and Emily Mulnix own a business down the street from ours: Modern Photographics, I have seen many great examples of their work over the years. I have been impressed many times by the unique perspectives and creative images Brandon has captured of people and weddings. So when our daughter needed a photographer for her wedding, Julie and I sent her to Modern.

We knew we would get excellent pictures, but we had no idea of the kind of total package service we would get from Brandon and Emily. Ella's garden wedding was hindered a bit by liquid sunshine and there was the usual wedding craziness from participants, family members, etc etc. Brandon took it all in stride and did a fantastic job of taking pictures and guiding us through the day.

Cannot say enough about the tremendous service these folks provided.

If you want great pictures/memories and a full service, hard working photographer, then Julie and I will highly recommend Brandon at Modern Photographics.

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