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The Potential of a Community Pool

One of the consistent subjects that come up when discussing a campground in Lowell is the desire for a Community Pool. I agree 100% - a community pool would be fantastic. It would expand what the YMCA could offer, it would allow swim teams from our schools to have a home base, great family fun, etc. etc.

It just so happens that I was involved in some meetings a few years ago when the possibility of a community pool, or pools, was being explored as a co-operative effort between the YMCA, Lowell Schools and the Peter Wege Foundation. The Foundation had some property and funding, the schools wanted a pool as did the YMCA and the population in general.

I cannot find my notes, but I remember almost falling out of my chair when the annual costs of community pools were put on the table. I say "pools" because the proposal included a 6 or 8 lane Olympic style 50 meter pool, a diving pool (diving boards), and a heated, therapy kind of pool. I do not like to throw around dollar amounts…

Campground vs Sports Park in Lowell CAMPGROUND WINS!

There is a contingent of people in the Lowell area who are proponents of putting a sports complex in the space currently occupied by the Kent County Youth Fair. I strongly disagree.

Before I present my reasons for favoring a campground head and shoulders above a sports complex at the Fairgrounds, let me first mention that I have a lot of respect for those who want to see such a complex in Lowell. I also want to mention that I recently watched an excellent segment on HBO's "Real Sports" in which they detailed how much money parents and athletes spend at such complexes, so I am not ignorant of their economic potential for an area. However, Lowell is NOT such an area.

The reason I can say that with such conviction is simply because we do not have any place for the families who might be attracted to such a complex to spend the night. Imagine a family from Traverse City or Toledo who might travel to Lowell so that their son or daughter can compete in a soccer, softball or bas…

The Economic Sense Of A Campground In Lowell

It is my intention to put forth a strong economic case for putting a campground in Lowell when the KCYF (Kent County Youth Fair) moves to their new location.

1. Minimal start-up investment will be required.
On our facebook page we have a photo album of many of the existing features on the property that would make it possible to "create" a campground with a minimal investment.

We have bathroom and shower facilities in the King building. We have graded roadways in and around the area. We have a building in which food can be prepared and served - which also has a restroom.There is an existing boat launch on the Grand River.There is an existing kayak launch and boat launch on the Flat River.There is electricity running to many of the areas of the proposed campground.Rustic campers camp on grass - we have that!The horse barns could be easily converted to become sheltered campsites and offer the ability for people to camp with their horses.There is a dump station available at the w…